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    Before anyone thinks that the jihadists in Mali are just a bunch of misunderstood guys out of work, maybe you should check out al Jazeera.com They have people on the ground in Mali, and their reports of executions and mutilations are horrifying.

    Another point that they made is that the president who was deposed in the coup had been collaborating with the jihadists and taking his cut out of every ransom for a kidnapped European that he negotiated. He needed to go, one way or another.

  • May I suggest that the person who asks for the cops in the first place should be the one to pay for them. In the case of Wisconsin, there was never any need, and as for clean up costs, there were none because the protestors had set up their own clean up committee. Walker’s statements to the contrary were pure unadulterated biologically processed bull feed.

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    If Brownback doesn’t want to come out of this looking really bad, he needs to apologize to Emma for reading her mail, and then give the principal a good chewing out for not observing her 1st amendment rights. It would also be a good idea to “accept the resignation” of Sherienne Jones-Sontag, but since she’s [...]

  • Your argument cleverly forgets to mention that it includes the years starting with 1980 long before Bush did his “magic” with his tax cuts for the wealthy, so that using your numbers to talk about the present situation is dishonest at best.

  • Romney has already lost it. Goodhair is so far ahead in the primary voter section that Romney doesn’t stand a chance. That may be a good idea because on one hand, Romney is the only repub candidate that isn’t totally misswired mentally, but he has a better chance of beating Obama than Goodhair does. On the other hand, Goodhair is so screwed up mentally that he would finish off the country before the end of his term if he got his hands on the White House, and there is a chance that he would beat Obama.

  • To add insult to injury, God has sent buckets of rain to northern and eastern Mexico which hadn’t had any significant rain since last year about this time. Guess He’s trying to tell Texans something about their behavior.

    Speaking of the problem in Texas with its wildfires and all, there’s a song I was just listening to on youtube by The Seekers called “Well, Well, Well”. The pertinent line is “God said a fire, not a flood next time…. You’re going to reap just what you sow.” Maybe if the good people of Texas had gotten their act together years ago there would have been time to do something to prevent the oncoming global change disaster. Now it may just be too late.

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    Social programs are already cut to the bone. We need to cut defense, especially the privatization of our defense and other paramilitary operations like intelligence gathering. Go back to preClinton tax rates with a couple of extra brackets at the top. Since there are now people making a heck of a lot more than in those days, a couple of brackets added above with increasing tax rates is more than justifiable.

    Social Security is still good for as long as recent retirees will be collecting. Medicare could be if they were allowed to do things like bargain for things like medications and medical hardware.

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    I was under the impression that the tipping point was when he started making fun of the republican candidates, particularly Bachmann.

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    Gates thinks that NATO lacks the political will to do what exactly? After all, NATO was set up to defend Europe from invasion. Since none of the recent military activities had anything to do with Europe with the possible exception of the Yugoslav breakdown, and since there is no invasion threat anywhere looming, maybe there [...]

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    What it does do is make al Qaeda look ridiculous. That in itself is worthwhile. And putting in cupcake recipes is just icing on the cake, so to speak, in putting a human face on anti al Qaeda efforts. A bit of humor rather than being some sort of serious pissant is bound to have positive repercussions. After all, the best way to take down a too serious threat is to make fun of it rather than buy into their game and take yourself down to their level. Ask the Donald what happens when people laugh at you, or the Newt (apologies to amphibians for connecting them with that sorry excuse for a living organism.)

  • Why do you think that the arbitrary restrictions that you mention in any way improve democracy?

  • Because they can be manipulated a lot easier than a hard copy. Just look at how criminal gangs are using fake ATM’s to access people’s identities.

  • How can you state with a straight face that the party that brought voter caging to a fine art, that distributes voting machines to precincts based on their past voting records rather than the number of voters registered, that arbitrarily removes people from the voter rolls based on their addresses, and that sends out robocalls and flyers with false poll information is somehow opposed to voter suppression?

  • Because when you have someone for whom power outweighs all other factors, and for whom rules and laws are for wimps who don’t understand the reality of politics (Tom Delay comes to mind as does Karl Rove), then they have absolutely no qualms about screwing with elections they would otherwise lose.

  • I don’t think you understood kitty’s response at all. She never mentioned registration fraud. The only identified voter fraud has been by republican administrations, primarily in Florida and Ohio.

  • The only requirements for voting are age (18) and citizenship (US). Other than that, how can you claim that further restrictions somehow make democracy better. Your comment makes no sense except in an autocracy, not a democracy.

  • Of course not. When you register to vote you are given a card with your address that you sign. When you vote, you present your card and the registrar checks your signature with what you sign on the register at the voting site and whether your address is within the precinct. It has worked well for years.

  • I’m not sure if you’re serious about your statement because the answer is so obvious, but assuming that you really don’t understand the reasoning behind the requirement, here goes.

    The people who don’t have government photo id’s, which means driver’s licenses, are those too poor to own a car, the elderly, minorities, and in general, groups that tend to vote for the Democratic party. The idea is to reduce Democratic turnout. That this is the deliberate strategy is obvious because the rationale for requiring photo ID’s, that they prevent voter fraud, has never been shown to occur. The actual voting fraud that DOES occur is caused by those in power through arbitrarily removing people from the voter rolls without informing them (Florida under Jeb Bush), allocating the number of voting machines according to likely voting patterns of the precinct (Ohio in 2004), and fiddling with the software running the voting machines (Florida in 2004).

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    Good on them! Now if some of the same spirit could spread to other countries.

  • One thing that stood out in this story is that Bush, who was trying to make a name for himself for spreading democracy in the Middle East, had cut funds for spreading democracy in the Middle East. It kind of takes the air out of Bolton’s sails when he tries to give Bush credit for this uprising.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that Idi Amin and his family went into exile in Saudi Arabia where he was housed in a luxurious compound and told he would die if he even thought of leaving it. Something similar could be arranged for Mubarak and his family in one of the monarchies on the Arabian peninsula. Heck, we could even set one up in Arizona for him ourselves.

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