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  • Private schools want to pay teachers low wages. Teachers work long long hours. The time in the classroom represents about one half to a third of the time teachers work. Grading papers is a never ending very time consuming task. Consider you have 30 papers to grade for one assignment. If you spend more than two minutes per paper it will take over one hour to grade one assignment. Two minutes is not really doable most of the time. Good teachers need to analyze why mistakes are happening and how prevalent certain mistakes are for a single example. Long story short, the paperwork, not just grading assignments, takes literally hundreds and hundreds of hours per month.

    Teaching requires five years of college and continuing education. A teacher’s credential must always be kept up. Anyone that thinks teachers have summers off knows nothing about the profession or they want people that know nothing to vote against paying teachers professional salaries.

    No one with real high level skills is going to do this work for low pay. You will get what you pay for. That’s all I care to say about this but there is much much more.

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    Oil Pipelines are not just a big ole pipe. Oil Pipelines include giant tank farms all along the route. These giant tank farms put off plumes nightly in my town and there are giant tanks in numerous tank farms and tanks all along the river. They create Superfund sites poisoned with heavy metals and yes [...]

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    Amen. Im never voting for a dem or Repub again. Never. I don’t care what they’re selling

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    Exactly. Loved this post

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    you can vote for one of the two parties of the one percent or you can vote third party and send the message that you are not a brainwashed zombie. If you fall for their game that you only have one of two choices controlled by the same people because you don’t believe a third party can be viable, they told ya so, we’ll never escape this never ending loop of control by misfits and inbred killers holding power.

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    The Dems are true to form offering only a fraction better than the Rebubs then blowing it up like this fraction is a huge big deal. ObamaCare is a right wing Heritage Foundation plan in the first place and giving the for profit health care insurance behemoth more power over our lives is impossible as Obamacare is the full Monty on that.

    I won’t be voting for any Dems or any Repubs. Not that it matters as the elections are all controlled and all fixed. However, it will send the message that I am not a mind control zombie who can be forced to choose between minuscule fractions of abuse like some poor torture victim begging for relief.

    Im done with the two parties of the one percent and I know my vote will not influence who they decide won outside of who the One Percent thinks is the best pied piper. After the lie that is Obama promising everything we needed to happen and then serving us up like wide eyed teenagers in a horror movie I don’t even care what these players say any more. Nothing they say means a damn thing. I will never get over Obama’s bragging he is a constitutional lawyer while removing as many rights and protections as he can granted by the Constitution.

    I’m voting third party all the way and absolutely for no incumbents.

  • Telling people the truth means nothing to Obama. The ruling elite have injected a completely absorbed hypnotic suggestion to the weak minded readers/watchers of MSM dribble that teaches people that no truth is ever necessary. This hypnotic suggestion assimilated by millions implants that lying all you want, and at the drop of hat is about redefining reality any time one wants as long as you have some paid off journalwhore to say it’s okay and invent absurd rhetoric using big words in circular logic to do it.

    I don’t know what they have put in these tv broadcasts that have damaged the brains of so many but I suggest never watch MSM. And NO, Im not joking.

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    The for-profit healthcare insurance middleman is like a mean and nasty developmentally disabled cousin we are forced to entertain. We don’t want them, we don’t need them, they bring nothing to the table but our parents/US gov force us to put up with them.

    Then to add insult to injury these people set up scam after scam to rob us blind then have the media they own, cuz the insurance corps belong to wall Street, talk about us like we are unskilled, lazy, unfortunate losers who they are forced to deal with. The whole thing is bullshizz.

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    The whole thing is one big fat lie. Israel is an offshore tumor where political control of America is levied by people we don’t elect or really know much about. It’s a scam and it’s a tax cheat and it’s a parasite’s suck funnel and its a moral and Constitutional go around scheme hiding behind [...]

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    “How Many Times Will Kerry Let Netanyahu Kick Him in the Nuts?” Answer: As many times as he wants. Israel controls the US. America is not a sovereign country. HELLO. They aren’t going to be passing a Memo, they just expect you to understand as you genuflect and send your money and kids to die [...]

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    Yea Workers!!! You work hard. You bring in billions . You deserve a living wage and a UNION.

    So proud of your efforts

    Don’t accept a lousy $10. MINIMUM WAGE.


    God Bless us all and may we all see better days.

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    Another blow hard paid off arm chair know nothing proving once again that the Nobel Peace Prize is a compromised corrupted now tool of propagandist Global elite. When you have a magic money machine and a gun held to people’s head you can declare what the definition of good is. Really sad and ridiculous that [...]

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    More great info about Walmart abuses and lots of stats.

    Occupied Territory America: The Obscene Wealth of Walmart and the Waltons

    (Radio presentation)

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    Dem base won’t go along with it. They will be made to believe it was the big bad crazy Repubs or Tea Party. Meanwhile, the Dems have nothing on either the Repubs or Tea Party for serving the One Percent and don’t blink an eye at taking it from everyone else. The biggest percentage of wealth ever has been gained by the One Percent under Obama.

    Dem Voters are officially the biggest marks in the history of humanity. At least Repubs stand for what they really are but Dems are all about deception and blaming the big bad Repubs and TP while they profit profit profit and sell out this country like no other. Dems are the bankers and the bankers are the Dems. Voting for them in the interest of working people is like voting to build more prisons to help the poor.

    I will never vote for a Dem again. I have never voted Repub nor will I. Independent or nothing. Ventura is right. Dems are thugs, Repubs are thugs and they all work for the same people.

    Want to really waste your vote. Vote Dem or Repub

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    Kabuki Theater. You have just been screwed by the Duopoly. How many times has the phony Obama dangled SS and Medicare for his paymasters, the privately owned Fed reserve who took that money for private spending, investing, and profit. Oh poor poor Obama. He just has do do exactly what Goldman Sachs wants cuz the big bad Repubs just control everything.

    Treason is the word Im looking for and this whole drama is a giant sack of crap to placate simpletons and give more to the One Percent.

    Wake me up when humanity grows a brain

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    Just wait. Too sick to work, can’t pay your premium. That’s okay, banks running welfare, which is the model of ObamaCare, will be there to lien you home and property. Computers do the work for them. They just sit back and let the liens roll off the presses and get mailed with a government frank. Just wait.

    Good thing people don’t read the bills, just like their congressmen and senators. Well, good thing for the elite that own your ass. Now get back to work in your dirty toxic world. Got cancer yet. Oh you will.

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    Tea Party was taken over by Kochs and low ranking fringe Repubs, The TP was originally formed to fight the bailouts but Dems don’t want you to remember that and High powered Repubs don’t want you to remember that or see their party split so both sides ruthlessly attacked them. In waltz the Koch to adopt them. Now we have the Truthers who have cast off the TP name due to all the well poisoning and Koch adoption.

    Pay attention to who you are taught to hate.

  • Well, I did actually watch or read everything Obama said In O8. Im an educated person. I can read an article in a few mins. Not that big a deal. As for needing to get a life, I take healthcare seriously. In O8 I was very ill from exposure to toxins and barely made it. When I was too sick to work because I was working unknowingly in a Superfund site, I lost all access to health care. I had some old shoulder injuries that were swelling and twisting from advance swelling and it hurt so bad I became an invalid for many years.

    My children were small and things couldn’t have been worse. I know about every aspect of the abusive Healthcare system up close and personal. The American healthcare Insurance system is a sham on all fronts and gatekeepers make living in America seriously risky business esp because we are not protected from exposure to much of anything. Selling old Superfund sites for schools and public buildings is something good ole Uncle Sam is happy to do for his “friends”.

    A friend of mine just fell off of a roof this weekend and shattered his hip, shoulder, and broke his arm in four places. Because he is over 50 and on state medical they are not going to operate or do anything. They have decided to let him try to heal up and be in a wheel chair or bed. They are not even putting casts on him.

    People like you that haven’t tasted the real bite of this horrendous for profit health care that cares not a whit for Americans may find it something to be mildly interested in. Many people have no idea the level of indifference the insurance companies really have. While some people may not be this concerned with every aspect of the problem, some of us are more than concerned with all of it.

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