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    Cameron and Obama will ‘defeat radical Islam’. In other news, we will be aiding the Syrian ‘rebels’ most of whom are radical Islamists.

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    After reading Mike Lofgren’s article on the deep state, I read the Douglass book on JFK. Really interesting book.

    I now agree with those who believe that the event in Dallas was a coup.

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    Excellent essay


  • Obama can ‘comprise’ with the Zionist deep state and impose a ‘no-fly’ zone on Syria. That would mean the complete destruction of the Syrian air force and associated infrastructure and personnel, allowing the ‘moderate rebels’ to overrun Damascus. The Zionist deep state has deep pockets and is determined to go for it – roll up [...]

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    People who actually know something about the Ukraine (Stephen Cohen) have been predicting this since early on. The neo-fascists were never interested in the EU and joining the ‘Western’ neo-liberal system.

    If Yatseniuk, Poroshenko, Tymoshenko get strung up in the Maiden, they will be getting their just desserts.

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    True, the math says that the probability of someone here catching the ebola virus is vanishingly small – even for health care professionals.

    However, I suspect that many people just assume that the government is lying – about everything – and I have to admit, that is usually a reasonable assumption.

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    Yep, it is all pravada all the time now. And I agree that in the last year or so, the lying by the media, the white house indeed ‘the West’ has gone off the scale. That Netanyahu can stand before congress and tell one lie or false equivalence after another to standing ovations from our [...]

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    Thank you. IMOP the hysteria about ISIS is a smokescreen – the real target is Assad. The talk of a ‘no-fly and buffer zones’ is the giveaway. And Russia has skin in this game – not only do they support Assad they have a naval base in Syria as well. The neo-cons are really pushing [...]

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    - It seems Russia is providing military gear and equipment for Iraqi soldiers against the Islamic State

    I thought Obama said that no one calls Moscow or Beijing for help.

    Thanks for the round up.

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    And right now going after Russia and Iran involves removing Assad – and completing the project of turning what was Syria into a new Libya.

    The talk of imposing a ‘no-fly zone’ on Syria gives the game away. Sound innocent enough – please don’t fly your planes.

    From the World Socialist Website:

    Retired General Carter Ham, who headed the Pentagon’s Africa Command, explained the implications of a no-fly zone in an interview Sunday on the CBS program “Face the Nation.” Ham oversaw the no-fly zone imposed during the 2011 US-NATO war on Libya.

    “We should make no bones about it,” he said. “It first entails killing a lot of people and destroying the Syrian air defenses and those people who are manning those systems. And then it entails destroying the Syrian air force, preferably on the ground, in the air if necessary. This is a violent combat action that results in lots of casualties…”

    Couldn’t be clearer, right?

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    I wish them well to the extent that this is not another student revolution orchestrated and funded by Washington.

    Washington is quite adept at taking genuine discontent and manipulating it to its nefarious ends.

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    Do these beheading videos of Americans, British and now a Frenchman strike anyone else as coming almost on cue? For the ‘western powers’ who have wanted regime change in Syria and a new foothold in Iraq, these videos are like a gift from the gods. I honestly can’t help but think that the appearance of [...]

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    Ray McGovern is a true patriot. In an interview recently, he recommended the book JFK and the Unspeakable. I am reading it now and recommend it for the insights that it gives into America’s deep state.

  • We are currently bombing the guys we were/are? arming. My understanding is that the Saudi’s have agreed to bomb ISIS – a Saudi, Turkish, US creation – in return for our getting rid of Assad.

    CNN and BBC got the message and were talking excitedly the other night about our ‘moderate Sunni allies’. What a f*cking joke. We are now at the point where everything that comes out of the mouths of our leaders and the media are lies and obfuscations – not even plausible ones. They talk about cutting off ISIS’ funding without talking about who funds them (CNN seems to favor the view that ISIS just robbed a lot of banks – one’s where American weapons are stored apparently.

    Our government is now totally out of control.

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    It was amusing in a demented sort of way to hear commentators on BBC and CNN describe our Arab partners (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.,) as ‘moderate Sunni states’.

    We are way down the rabbit hole at this point -

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    My understanding is that the ‘immediate threat’ of ‘The Khorasan’ is the justification the O administration offered to the UN for bombing Syria without security council authorization. How convenient that they suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

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    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says more than 50 countries have joined the coalition to fight the Islamic State extremist group.

    Which 50 countries? The Guardian piece doesn’t say. And what does he mean by ‘join’? Militarily? Financially? Moral support? Mere approval?

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    Meanwhile, back in reality, there is only one thing the American public should know with the lead pipe certainty: we are never, ever, ever told the truth.

    Correct. But the lies are truly getting progressively more fantastic.

  • tgs1952 commented on the diary post MH-17 still exactly where it fell – two months after crash – with no investigation of wreckage by operationmindcrime.

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    There was a report released recently by an association of Russian Engineers.

    You can find it here.

    They conclude that it was an air-to-air incident.

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