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    Thanks for the post. I confess that while I initially believed the downing of MH17 to be a tragic accident I am no longer sure. The Russians have been forthcoming with evidence – Washington and Kiev have not. Where is the ‘mountain of evidence’ Kerry talks about. Surely if they had convincing evidence of the [...]

  • Because Putin is the adult in the room. The Russians have been forthcoming with data while our bombastic claims about mountains of evidence are just that – bombastic claims. Until a few days ago, I believed the MH17 incident was an accident – now I think Kiev is probably responsible. Why are they trying to [...]

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    The Obama administration and the EU are, in my book, 100% responsible for what is happening in the Ukraine. Kerry is not only breathtakingly arrogant – he is a buffoon. Not a very attractive combination.

    And the so-called mountain of evidence of Russian involvement has not yet be produced. Remember Grayson’t account of the ‘evidence’ Kerry has of Assad gassing his own people? Remember Bushes certainty about Saddam’s WMD?

    These people are liars – and unlike in the case with Iraq – they are now going after a nuclear power. They are insane – as is the entertainers masquerading as journalists who are feeding us lies.

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    I have gradually come to believe that Kiev was responsible for the shoot down. The ‘West’ has shown almost no interest at all in the investigation – it is as if the propaganda campaign, which began immediately was pre-planned. Then there is the intelligence that Parry mentioned – which was followed by a pretty big [...]

  • One more thing – I wouldn’t count on the leadership in the EU to defuse the situation.

  • As it happens, I watched the new documentary on TWA 800 last night and agree with you completely. Either McGovern or Parry at also described the political manipulation that occurred when the Soviets shot down the Korean flight back in the 80′s. They with held information that made it clear that it was an [...]

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    Thanks for the link to Paul Mason’s apocalyptic article in the Guardian. Here’s what amazes me – the OECD report makes clear the dire straits we are in as the result of neo-liberal capitalism. And then recommends that we double down on those same policies:

    The OECD’s prescription – more globalisation, more privatisation, more austerity, more migration and a wealth tax if you can pull it off

  • Unbelievable. Correct me if I am wrong, but Maliki was elected, right? For sure he is as corrupt as the day is long, but that is, after all, the norm for governance world over. And for sure he could use some diversity training. But Obama says he has to go! Just like that – regime change.

    And what about ISIS? Does anyone seriously believe that they are willing to be a part of an inclusive government? This is a disaster – and Obama plans to double down in Syria empowering Sunni fanatics. That things would end up this way was a foreseeable consequence of Bush’s invasion.

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    Terrorism is ‘what the other guy does’ – Bush senior.

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    Nothing to see here – the Whitehouse informed the world the other day that the only people harmed in east Ukraine are Russian interlopers. Let’s move on.

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    And there’s this:

    US Demands Russia Force Separatists to Surrender in Ukraine
    State Dept ‘Not Aware’ of Complaints of Excessive Force in Invasion

    The lies and misrepresentation continue – don’t our leaders remember that Putin asked the easterners not to hold the referendum to no avail. Apparently the current Washington fantasy is that those being killed are not Ukranians – merely Russian trouble makers under the thumb of Putin.

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    Russia had indicated that after the elections it would be willing to talk to the new president if he ceased the military option in the east. But the chocolate king has made it clear with this assault and his words – ‘we do not talk to terrorists’ – that the powers that be have not yet given up on getting the whole enchilada. He has even said that Crimea must return to the Ukraine.
    Let’s just say he is not showing an interest in deescalating the situation.

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    According to some reports, Mr. Poroshenko has said he will NOT accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea. If he is serious, then things could get real interesting – and real scary.

    By the way, I recommend an interesting pre-election discussion of this event by Stephen Cohen at the Nation.

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    President Obama: I praise the voters in Ukraine who go out to choose their president

    Of course the Ukrainians had already chosen and elected a president – one whose undemocratic overthrow was financed and at least in part engineered by Washington and Brussels.

    The degree of lying and misrepresentation coming from the mouths of our leaders is truly staggering.

  • The election is not about ending hostilities, IMOP. It is about finalizing the coup – it will be the kind of show election that the EU and Washington believe legitimizes their power grab. If anything, more hostilities will be the result – but that is what Washington wants – it is a feature not a bug. I recently read that if the current front-runner wins, Julia Tymoshenko will lead a new round of protests in the Maidan. Political chaos and economic disaster will reign in the Ukraine for the foreseeable future.

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    Probably the best thing that could happen for Obama is for eastern Ukraine to go the way of Crimea, with little bloodshed, and for him to just shut up about it. Somehow, I don’t think he’s that smart. Maybe the Kiev government is. Amen. However, I think the neo-liberal pro-EU-US-Imf people in Kiev are a much [...]

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    This is who the neoconservatives want the US to get in bed with?

    Not at all surprising – they will ‘get in bed’ with anyone who can, at least in the short term, advance their aims. In the present case, their aim is to create at much chaos around and within Russia as possible – so as to weaken the Kremlin’s support for Iran and Syria.

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    Thanks for the round-up. I just want to take issue with:

    gas war may start between Ukraine and Russia as the former declined to purchase gas with the inflated price of the latter

    Ukraine was receiving discounted gas from Russia. Ukraine has defaulted on its March gas payments – therefore, subsidy ends. Another subsidy was based on the lease agreement on the naval base in Crimea. That’s history as well.

    Yet another easily foreseeable consequence of a coup and installation of an illegal government.

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    Yeah, I’m looking forward to.

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    I really appreciate your keeping this issue alive. The continuing hysteria is absolutely amazing – but with recent headlines like, ‘Poland wants 10,000 Nato troops’ for protection. Lithuania and the Baltics also calling for Nato protection. Ukraine has apparently agreed to host Nato war games. Obama telling Europe it must increase ‘defense spending’ (‘freedom isn’t [...]

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