• This sort of thing no longer surprises me. Obama isn’t just ignoring every precept of good government. He is doing what he can to destroy the basis on which good government rests. This isn’t neo-liberalism. This is nihilism.

  • By the way … wasn’t this guy supposed to be retiring?

  • The Attorney General is being much too modest. He doesn’t need Congressional cover and he and the President do not lack broad authority in this matter. He has, for example, chosen to prosecute California clinics when he could easily have chosen to investigate and prosecute other crimes more inimical to the well-being of the United State, crimes like massive Wall Street fraud, for example.

    And I am still waiting for the first fiscally-responsible East Coast Democratic Governor – it obviously won’t be Maryland’s O’Malley – to push through legalization and reap the bounteous tax harvest. This will be like legalized gambling – it will only be a bonanza at the very start when there is limited competition.

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    The transfer of raw intelligence on US citizens to Israel sank beneath the waves almost immediately. Two quick points: 1) As to the toothless mandate for Israel destroy any illegally collected intel: it is not Israel’s responsibility to interpret and enforce US law. Indeed, there is no way for it to do so. 2) Letting [...]

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    I don’t know if she gets paid for it, but RevBev (and as officious as s/he is, I hope s/he is not an actual Rev) is the busybody who gets to tell everyone how they can and can’t comport themselves at Firedoglake.

  • The actual design, programming, testing and debugging of the web sites is just standard engineering project management. If legislators and administrators made final definitions of what they wanted by a reasonable date certain (i.e. stopped messing around with the specifications), this project should not have been too difficult to complete on time.

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    Gosh, Bev, thanks. Without a little condescension and failure to understand what a rant is, you might have gotten my point.

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    You are right. If the site that used to carry David Dayen now thinks rallying to defend an awful right wing president against a washed up actor is a good use of electrons, I’m in the wrong location.

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    So, is it FDL’s conclusion that soggy conventional pseudo-liberal Hollywood wisdom such as Lisa Derrick offers is not available in enough places? Or is this now just a minor league site for the Huffington Post? Or is this going to be the new HuffPo now that the old one is giving Niall Ferguson many column inches to attack Krugman?

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    In one of the ads on tv Assange has the word “traitor” across his head. Can anyone tell me what he did to betray Australia? Or is it simply an indication that the film makers assume everyone owes the US fealty?

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    Defund Obamacare? We’ve been off that for days now. We are working toward something everyone can agree on – cutting Social Security and Medicare. Well, everyone who matters.

  • Exposing “waste, fraud and abuse” is considered to be whistle-blowing. But exposing questionable government policies and actions, even if they could be illegal or unconstitutional, is often considered to be leaking that must be stopped and punished. This greatly reduces the potential for the press to help hold the government accountable to citizens.

    Our Constitutional law scholar is busy destroying the Constitution. This becomes more difficult if citizen/suspects are permitted to witness the destruction.

  • The British have long suffered from a confounding of the interests of the nation, the interests of the British ruling class and the responsibilities of various civil institutions. But at least they have not yet suffered the rapid decline of empiricism we have seen here in the States. Arguments there still need to be at least somewhat fact-based. Here our press gives barking at the moon equal credence with facts, as long as those barking are in a “received” institution.

  • Too crazy far right for clerico-fascist Kenny Kooch to even be seen with: that’s impressive.

  • The Democrats “disrespected” poor Marlin and friends, so now they have to get something back? What? These statesmen are channeling Marlo Stanfield from The Wire now?

  • So, the government “knew” that Mr. Levison has been in touch with industry attorneys who litigate matters like these. How did it know this?

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    The real purpose of the shutdown is to discredit democracy. Our Betters are bored with democracy.

  • I see this as a fairly old fashioned morality tale. Walter and family were unable to join the 1% owing to the need for $5,000 to plug a budget gap by selling his part of Gray Matter. When the medical emergency that sinks families with or without health insurance appears, he is faced with either recognition and acceptance that no one really values a high school teacher and his family, or the excuse to use his criminal skills to get what he needs.

    How many smart people in the US today face a choice like this? Most smart people are not amoral or more than episodically immoral, but there’s no reward for good behavior in our society. Rewards and simple stability and predictability in family financial affairs all accrue to the wealthy without any exploration of how they acquired their wealth. It doesn’t take strong powers of observation to see that the 1%, after committing massive criminal fraud in the ’00′s, are very busy sucking every last bit of life out of the American economy with the aid and protection of a class of incumbent political criminals.

    At what point do smart people not in the 1% see the chances for themselves and their families to live lives in which their contributions to society have any social value and in which their children will have any chance of maintaining the modest prosperity and security they used to enjoy themselves becoming completely unattainable and choose to use their intelligence and their time remaining on earth to try to get something for themselves and their families by whatever means they can?

    This is Walter’s motivation for choosing to “break bad.” Having made the decision to cook meth – a method of acquiring sudden wealth not sanctioned by society – Walter sinks himself into the drug demi-monde, and discovers that he has a talent and liking for criminality, not just for cooking meth, but also for the kind of amoral, it’s-just-business, decisions and actions that criminal success entails.

    But he’s not acting in a vacuum. He is willing to sink himself in shit and accept responsibility for it. But of course, he doesn’t only sink himself, he also sinks his family and everyone around him deeper into the shit with every episode. He eventually sees it, but by then, it’s too late to back out.

    Note that, like the Enron traders who laughed about Grandma Millie paying $250 a kWh for power, Walter doesn’t have to observe much of the results of his high criminal quality work: he sees – we see – a few skinny methheads, but not many. No, the part that visibly sinks everybody in the shit is eliminating witnesses and competitors. The real distinction here between Walter on the one hand and the Enron traders and Jamie Dimon on the other is very clear: financial criminals have not only the benefit of being invisible when Grandma Millie freezes to death and Walter White succumbs quietly to cancer on a teacher’s salary and benefits, but the toleration of law enforcement, and indeed its positive encouragement. The Gray Matter couple remain, as Walter calls them, “beautiful people.” Walter is just a high level street criminal, perpetually hunted by law enforcement.

    Look for many, many Walter Whites to appear in real life America as our beautiful financial criminals close off all remaining avenues to a non-criminal life.

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    Oh, goody: another race where I can choose between a corrupt corporate Democrat, a clerico-fascist Republican and someone who never grew out of an adolescent crush on Ayn Rand.

  • Since no one in leadership

    was willing to take the small political hit earlier, the whole party is taking a big hit now.

    Are the Republicans “taking a big hit now?” Yesterday CNN had it as mere partisan “bickering.” It’s important for those of us who follow Congress fairly closely to remember that we are a tiny minority. Most people have real lives and depend on the “responsible mainstream media” to follow for them.

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