• Honestly, I think it’s going to be hard for most Americans to get worked up over an affair between consenting adults, regardless of their marital status. Most folks will shrug and regret more that it became public. Did this bit of adultery really affect his job? That’s all that matters.

  • If they closed Penn State tomorrow, let alone shut down their lucrative football program, I wouldn’t care one bit.

    The whole stinking community reeks, especially considering that the locals hounded one of the victims into witness protection trying to vindicated their sainted Joe Pa.

    Sometimes there are consequences for your actions in the broader community that have nothing to do with the law. The NCAA could have, and should have, suspended the whole program. If Penn State had any decency, they would do it themselves.

  • But accessing any sites from work, other than work related, is unethical in my view. You get paid to do the work, not update your status. But I’m old school when it comes to that kind of thing. I think one should work at work and play somewhere else.

    I just started my job and folks are still getting to know me. We were talking about our families and pets. Guess where are my pictures of my daughter and my dog are? My boss was standing there as I logged into Facebook to share the pics. No biggie.

    I guess since my boss was standing there and it was just one time and for something pretty bening, I suppose you think that makes it ok. But Facebook is pretty much how I keep up with a lot of things. Being logged into it or checking it, doesn’t take anything away from my employer as long as I get my work done.

    There is no way in hell I would ever give my boss my Facebook password. Why not just give them my ATM Card and pin? Why not just hand over my personal email account? Why not just give my employer access to my entire life? Why not let my employer decide whether I can take birth control or not….oh wait….

    Do you see why this is a bad idea? This idea that employers own us for the duration we work for them is some old school BS that it’s long past time we got over. Civil liberties apply to employers and what goes on in my or your personal life is none of their concern. They don’t own me – I merely exchange my labor for pay. Beyond our legal obligations to each other, that is where the relationship begins and ends.

  • I think it’s long past time we not only recognized but also accepted that, for many people, Christianity and homosexuality are not compatible. Christianity is not the only religion where homosexuality is not tolerated either.

    I think it would be different if she were saying “I hate gays. Period.” But that’s not what she’s saying at all. She is saying that according to her version of religion, being gay is sinful and honestly, this is nothing new.

    The definition of a bigot is “somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views.” So that definition is spot on.

    The question is – there are many people who fit this bill. These people will never accept homosexuality as anything less than a sinful lifestyle. Unless and until she is ever caught being sexually involved with another female – like so many fundies, Republicans and moral majority types do – I think it is unfair to call her homophobic.

    I think we have to accept that people like her will never change. But if this is what she truly believes, and lives it, does she have a right to express it – even if it hurts our feelings or angers us?

  • Anyone think that it’s no coincidence that they keep mentioning that Manning supposedly aided Al Queda and that Obama’s indefinite detention bill specifically names Al Queda as one of the terrorist factions that such aid becomes grounds for indefinite detention.

    Even if he is found innocent they’re going to hold him indefinitely because he is a danger, just like the ones at Guantanamo. They may not be terrorists but it doesn’t matter. Guilt by association is enough.

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    Teenagers under 17 will just find somebody’s older brother/sister who is 17 to buy it. That’s what I would have done.

  • I guess Manning is getting the trial Karl Rove and Dick Cheney never got for outing Valerie Plame. Talk about treason – these two bastards deserve to shovel shit at Guantanomo Bay for all eternity and then some.

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    We need to start deciding who our write in candidate for President will be. Which liberal blogger do we trust the most? I am not joking. If elections are truly about the will of the people then let’s see how far a write-in candidate can get. I will not vote for Barack Obama or any [...]

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    One bright sunny morning, well, in the shadow of a steeple;
    Down by the welfare office, I saw my people.
    You know, now they stood hungry; I stood wondering,
    I was wondering if this land made was for you and me?

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