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  • I just had to create a new password. That’s how upset I am and how much I care. I still use the links on your old pre-FDL page. I have never known the net without TBogg. But we all knew this day was coming. That’s why you have a Wish-list. I will console myself by sending tribute. Godspeed, M’Lord. Best to the 2-adjectives Mrs.

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    I still use the links on your old front page. You are the internet. Things change.Nothing lasts forever, but you have stamped your targets forver. Well done.

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    The New York Times. The destruction of Boss Tweed, The Times v. Sullivan, The Times v. The United States, The Pentagon Papers, Watergate, 106 Pulitzers, one hundred and SIX Pulitzers; Paul Krugman, Bill Safire, Russell Baker….and Ross Douthat. This cannot be happening. Just kill me.

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    “…enjoying The West Wing very much…”
    Check out ‘Borgen’ if you can find it. Danish tv show about government in a 21st century civilization.How grownups live and play. Terrific.

  • This guy hates gays, so he goes to a restaurant called “Bistro at the Bijou”? For Brunch? On Gay Street? He’s a regular? I don’t get it.

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    Dick Cheney and George Bush had dozens of people on more than one payroll for four decades whose only function was to spend every minute of every hour of every day cleaning up their mistakes. Along with Condi Rice and Don Rumsfeld, in 8 years they destroyed lower Manhattan, the Pentagon, and Baghdad; they introduced US military weapons-grade Anthrax into the US Postal System and dismantled American flight travel. Billions if not trillions of dollars were not only squandered, they are simply unaccounted for. The economy is in ruins, the American Dream is shattered, and the real estate we have in abundance is now worthless and nobody has a job. Rednecks in Mississippi and Alabama think they are doing better because they are now competitive with Chinese slave labor. Was I the only one here for all that? And we are still here, we are still a country, and the Republicans would like to take a second pass just to make sure they didn’t leave something behind, and I swear-to-God I don’t see anybody that bad waiting in the GOP wings. Seriously, what else can they do? Look at it this way. If the Republicans win again, Obama and Lieberman and everyone in between will be gone. That’s a lot of dead weight. I’m tired of getting stabbed in the back. Grab Thelma’s hand and punch it over the cliff. The worst is behind us.

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    “…reading, writing, or coloring…”
    Once again, Tbogg wades to the top of the slump test and plants the snark flag. I am going to use this in conversation at least once every day. With no attribute. Like Reader’s Digest. The ghost of Oscar Wilde growls.