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    Nice…and to my mind utterly viable in this political climate. I think I may have decided on a career-change…Progressive Jesus Party candidate (with a dash of Gandhi and Thoreau). Who’ll sign my petition to run?

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    I think perhaps it’s important to possibly play the Jesus card in the way that it was actually meant. How do you argue against a candidate who understands and quotes Jesus on every progressive issue–directly quoting the “savior” for every thing will be incontrovertible. You’d likely not even have to do much in the way of interpreting.

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    I think those of you who believe in reading a text and thinking about its application to living in the here and now might actually be decent Yeshuaists. Tom Sheehan has a really interesting book about how Jesus became “the Christ” and it might be useful to read. However, if you believe Christians believe in reading a text and using it as a guide to living now (are you an “originalist” re: Scalia/Thomas or a “revisionist”?) you’re likely very mistaken.

    The Governor’s position is logical regarding salvation…Christians all have to believe non-Christians are irrelevant to them; it’s the very real error at the heart of the idea of heaven as a members-only club. It makes all other theological and social ideas within that frame somewhat, well, insignificant. Also, in some (many? most?) sects Christians are supposed to proselytize/evangelize as a means to “spread the Word” but also as a way to check you off the list as someone who’s had the chance for salvation and if you don’t take it that’s your fault and they can wash their hands of you.

    Jesus, really, is irrelevant too as a “leader” or “wise man”. He is just a bridge to glory and his teaching is meaningless BECAUSE he is this bridge. Believing in “HIM” obviates the need to study his message which is radical and it’s inclusive–not an easy path to tread and so folks choose not to.

    No, this man can’t be fair to non-Christians. It would be a stroke of luck if he can tolerate them.

  • I have never wanted death visited on any of these folks. Frankly, death does them or us no good in this life. They need exposure as monsters. Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more clear that they are simply revealing the inner core of our “values”–they are not outliers, they are not unique, they are now representative and we are now electing the like-minded exactly because this mentality IS representative.

  • This is a truth…people DO indeed hate with no compunction, no sense that it is wrong. This is a fact of history. Why do we think otherwise. It’s horrifying but so common that we forget how true it is.

  • This is what I want too, but everything our government does is a similar kind of bullshit. There is a moral conundrum to want him to say this (and I do) to realizing that he is the commander of our murderous military. Give Loughner a uniform and send him off to be unhinged and immoral in another country.

    The impulse you express is right on…and as a consequence of calling bullshit he would have to explain what he perpetrates on the world. And then explain all other intrusive and destructive policies.

    Basically, calling bullshit on this “meaningless” or senseless slaughter requires an understanding of the immorality of our killing country in general.

    This is clearly not understood. And it is clearly not understood on a basic level if a woman in a mall can be happy that people are being murdered how do we expect any kind of speech to persuade folks?

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    I find this information utterly defeating. There is a part of Leviathan that you want to hold out for being “benign” in its sovereignty. I would prefer a monarchy if it were benign in this way. This reveals the depths that we are in and how little chance there is in getting out of it.

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    I’m thankful you made this point. How ludicrous to protect themselves and leave the rest of us to ward off the onslaught. In fact I am shocked that this shouldn’t be a headline story about the wish to “limit” the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens. Isn’t this how everyone feels though? If I can’t ban your weapons, don’t carry them around me. We are going in the other direction and really these shootings only push more folks to want weapons in a deluded belief that this will protect them.

    Re: bullets. I don’t know–this sounds like it would make some sense but it also seems minuscule and largely useless. “I didn’t feel like reloading so I decided to carry multiple weapons…” Also, I’ve never used a gun, but how long does it take to change clips?

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    You will have to argue long and hard about the necessary lie in politics, or in negotiations that fall outside of the one-on-one scenario where a lie is clearly “managed” to be a negative. Even someone like Hannah Arendt was for the political lie. There was a piece in the London Review of Books reviewing the role of hypocrisy in politics that made some interesting points and attempts to distinguish the lie that is put to work for the greater good and hypocrisy.

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    Is the fix not in? This, I have to say, is the real issue. The fix appears to be in at every turn. That is to say, frequently we read of the “kabuki theater” of government (digby uses this all the time) and if government is ONLY theater–or rather if the government we are allowed to see and participate in is ONLY theater then there is every reason to be a cynic. So, why is a Democratic POTUS enacting and strengthening the GOP POTUS? Is there only a kind of contiguity of “play” within the government? So, as I think Chomsky says constantly…there is a blueprint and all parties play their role so that the blueprint is properly made into the edifice of world dominance. But this world dominance has absolutely nothing to do with “citizens”, with the commoners…only with rulers.

    We “eke” out change in terms of social policy and believe we have achieved victories while the elephant in the room is the monstrous action of this government (and other powerful governments) in terms of the world stage.

    “why bother” is a very real question and I have yet to see a real answer that makes sense outside of the “idea” that you have not given up the fight and so absolving your complicity as an agent-bystander.

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    Hey, let’s chat about Iowa and this Register article instead of our national “leaders”. This is the real battle–the states will make these decisions and the Fed will reinforce them. Kentucky Noah-theme parks and Iowa Mob-Rule and you all already know about Arizona’s totalitarian state.

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    ah, well apologies for stepping into the murk. I grew up on a farm and certainly understand the necessities you speak of regarding combustion and I have relatives in Phoenix and you’d have to be insane to ride a bike there (on the asphalt at least) most of the year!

    I would simply point out that our world and our locomotion will soon be shrinking out of necessity if we stay this course. Best to be looking out for it in as many ways as possible.

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    I’m at a loss for this vitriol. Perhaps it is simply a recurring event–cars bad, bikes good–that has prompted this.

    However, the point is valid and I don’t think anyone is saying–there should be NO MORE CARS…rather that our world is changing drastically and that the status quo in our manufacturing and our thinking will not hold.

    Bicycles are fantastic but no, not everyone can make use of them. Very good public transportation that is supported by our communities and business would make some sense (and this would create a further impetus to refurbish the necessary infrastructure to support it).

    Deal with it…the automobile has hurt us all. Technology is “know-how” without knowledge–without understanding. We are still making the same mistakes in what we choose to produce and use.

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    Ya’ll should spend some time with Arthur Silber. Obama is what he is–this is not a “cave-in” and it wasn’t a disappointing loss. It will ensure continued oligarchy and Wealthy White Male Dominance–the key to Power.

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    I was in DC not that long ago, in a cab, and on the radio there was a talk show discussing crime with the Chief of Police (a woman, I think, not that it matters to this, but it seemed wrong–ie, unexpected). A caller asked if the Chief could foresee using drones to combat street crime and gang violence. The host laughed loudly and answered for the Chief (though she also answered) that that question was crazy and if that were ever to happen the host would certainly be heading to a different land to pursue freedom. The Chief also said that would not happen, though she did take the question seriously.

    Now, I’ll admit that it did sound preposterous (but mostly because it was so specifically a use of force against a single demographic–”gangs”)…but I am absolutely no longer laughing about this possibility. All we need to do is continue the targeting of scary “Americans” overseas (Goldsteins all of them) and slowly move them from Muslim countries to European Xtian lands and we will find drones patrolling the night sky about our heads in Omaha.

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    In other words, I am too awake at present.

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    Thanks. I will admit that I have honestly become somewhat afraid of this. Soma would be preferable…I’d prefer the idyllic genetic manipulations of Huxley to the horrifying war machine of deprivation that is Orwell’s nightmarish dystopian crystal ball.

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    Ah, it is not, it is just creating fresh hell. We (US) once enjoyed the fruits of this Empire…now, the Empire is global and the money is united against the global citizenry–shanty-town USA will be every town.

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    I took this post and ran with it (or rant with it) on my blog, but the text goes something like this:

    AUMF? That means war, right?

    Now, seriously, who among you has NOT read 1984? Why not? You’d better get your hands on a copy from a used bookstore…just in case a new copy is a little bit different: soon enough I expect a revision of 1984 that changes it’s dystopia into a utopia. Winston and Julia live happily ever after when they realize not only is Big Brother a loving overseer but that their chocolate rations have gone up to 20 grams! All copies to be collected and replaced…probably not that hard to do. I think Amazon removed it from Readers not that long ago (in error, so they say).

    I have no fear of Al Qaeda (curious that the gmail dictionary wants me to replace that with Qaddafi): fear of internal terror is real though.

    And really, did you notice–building bases and using drones…how is this not sending off all sorts of warning lights in your head?

    Power ELITES are Authoritarian and there is no such thing as a Democrat or Republican in America. If you BELIEVE them…and that’s what you need, belief (and that’s why, sorry to say it dear lovers of divinities, religion and the totalitarian go hand in hand) then you are simply consigning your future to the memory hole of Minitrue. Folks, that means ALL of THEM…you Rand Paul Libertarians, he’s a part of it too.

    You are manipulated daily once you turn on your tv or read the newspaper.

    Glen Beck is perfect for this world–he rants and raves and rends his garments against the lies of Goldstien and you scream with him. You know Goldstein’s first name? Emmanuel. You know what that means: the child whose birth was foretold by Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14) and who in Christian tradition is identified with Jesus. Brilliant–Orwell creates as an object of hate the conflation of the Jew (the Christ-killer and The Elder of Zion), with the “left”, soft, Jesus. (Heck, you know those nice East Coast boys and girls that went down South to fight for Civil Rights and got beat and disappeared.)

    Yes, yes, Brave New World is “true”–this is the world of Soma; but our soma is laced with hate because we have an angry god running our giant world destroying country. Jesus might give us SOMA; but Yahweh is out to destroy–please actually read the Ten Commandments! This is Big Brother: “Thou shall have no other gods before me…” (not even Jesus!) in thunder! And that’s just the warm-up.

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