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    Let us at least be honest enough with ourselves to admit that there can’t possibly be any hope for a country this stupid. None whatsoever.

    Nor should there be.

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    These are assassinations. And by my count, the U.S. has been doing this in no fewer than six countries in the past year or so.

    Now consider this. On his desk in the Oval Office Barack Obama has a bust of Martin Luther King. As the saying goes, only in America.

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    What a shame. And what a stupid country we live in. I mean really stupid.

  • Oh yeah? Well just check chucknorrisfacts.com to find out what an amazing person he is. For example, “Chuck Norris has counted to infinity – twice.”

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    Let’s not forget the Iraq Sanctions Regime, the “near-total financial and trade embargo imposed by the United Nations Security Council …” (Wikipedia) on Iraq. This prompted the infamous statement by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright about the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children during this period being worth it.

    Beginning with sanctions,Iraq has suffered what amounts to a holocaust, for which the U.S. ruling elite bares full responsibility.

    Oh, and of course this is all being replayed at this very moment, with Iran now cast in the role of the great threat to the U.S. and the world. And morons like Chris Matthews are all-in when it comes spreading the same mushroom cloud nonsense we heard about Iraq.

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    I have a bad feeling about the 2012 elections. My fear is that either a Republican or a Democrat will be the next president.

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    As long as the Democratic/Republican Party retains its monoply on power, no genuinely progressive change is possible. None whatsoever.

  • During a conversation a while back with my mother’s cardiologist, he started talking about religion and his chances of getting into heaven.

    I didn’t say anything but the only thing I could think of was in line with what you said, TBogg: This highly educated and otherwise mature adult is talking like a child.

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    Wasserman-Schultz is for the bill. Period. Why would you think otherwise?

    And why would anyone need an explanation from Barney Frank? We’re talking about the same Barney Frank, right?

    I’m afraid some of you people are in denial about what the Democratic Party is all about.

    Let me put it to you this way: The Democratic Party, the Wasserman Schultzes and the Barney Franks included, will never be a force for genuinely progressive change in this country. Never. And as long as the left keeps deluding itself with notions to the contrary, they can expect more of the same crap they’re receiving from Obama and company today.

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    Yes! It’s not Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s Democrats and Republicans vs. the rest of us. When will the left in this country get this through their heads?

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    So the Republicans are wringing concessions from Obama? I’m not too sure about that.

    Another way of looking at it is that Obama, A DLC Democrat if ever there was one, ends up signing on to what he pretty had a hankering for in the first place.

    This certainly seemed true of health care reform. He paid lip service to a public option but that was about it. In my mind, this suggest that he never really wanted it to begin with.

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    Obama is on the road today. Could that mean a deal has already been made?

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    An utterly corrupt and rigged political system is incapable of reforming itself. Democrats and Republicans have spent decades ginning the system to ensure their joint monopoly on power continues.

    And the two-party sysem works perfectly for those who truly matter to both parties — the corporations and the rich.

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    The Democratic and Republican ruling elite understand that protecting the two-party system is job one. And if that means absolving past administrations of their crimes, so be it. The next administration can be counted on to do the same for you, thank you very much. When all is said and done, while Democrats and Republicans [...]

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    Regarding my post 3 at the beginning of this thread, apparently some people took my comments the wrong way. I criticize Obama from the left, not from the right. After four decades of voting I’ve probably cast more ballots for Democrats than most of you, while never once voting for a Republican. Again, just sayin’.

    owlbear1, there’s no reason to believe Obama is a sellout. In fact, he’s doing just about what anyone who knew of his “progressive” Democratic Leadership Council politics might have expected him to do.

    TBogg, I made no statement implying a preference for Paul Ryan. In fact, if you review my comment, I called Obama out for his apparent willingness “to cut a deal that hacks away at, of all things, Medicare and Social Security!” I think it unlikely that someone who made that critcism of Obama would have any use for Ryan whose plan would privitize Medicare. And be assured I do not. As for having my heart broken by Obama, see parargraph two.

    GWPDA, I read a number of articles concerning Hollywood elites paying $4000 to dine with Prince Willam and Kate-whatever-her-name-is. None of them mentioned that the money went to the charities you referenced.

    And in a Google search today I am unable to find any mention of those charities. In fact, the CBC reported, “The black-tie dinner at the historic Belasco Theatre in downtown L.A. later in the evening was in support of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.


    Your charge of my having drawn “a weird equivalence” is false.

    Oh, and calling someone you’ve never met “son” sounds a bit condescending.

    Lastly, it was Prince William who married Kate-whatever-her-name-is, not, as I incorrectly wrote in post 3, Prince Harry.

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    A three hundred dollar bottle of wine! Hey, the Hollywood liberal elites, including Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lopez, paid up to four thousand dollars to dine with Prince Harry and his wife Kate-whatever-and-the-fuck-her-name is-after-marrying-that-asshole.

    And these are some of the biggest supporters of a president who by accounts is ready to cut a deal that hacks away at, of all things, Medicare and Social Security!

    Just sayin’.

  • Nothing good can come as long as the Democratic/Republican ruling elite’s monopoly on power continues. Both parties are complicit in the decades-long creation of a profoundly corrupt and rigged political system designed not to facilitate any sort of genuinely progressive change, but to thwart it.

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    Pelosi’s net worth is at least $35 million. Need I say more?

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    I may not have made myself clear. There is no credible evidence that any U.S. prisoners of war were held by the Vietnamese after 1973.

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    What can one possibly say about an organization, Rolling Thunder, that named itself after the noise B-52 bombers made during carpet bombing runs during the Vietnam War, a war of naked aggressive by the U.S , which constituted one of the supreme crimes of the twentieth century.

    Also, the organization’s founding was based on a hoax — the notion that the Vietnamese were holding U.S. soldiers captive after the Paris Peace Accords were signed, which required that all American POWs be released. Which they most certainly were.

    The United States has now entered a state of perpetual war. Instead of their empty commemorations of the dead, the U.S ruling elite should be hiding their heads in shame.

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