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  • “There are, in fact, a bunch of laws that should be undone. I simply don’t understand the criticism of the Republicans for trying to undo one that they didn’t like.”

    It’s the WAY they tried to undo it, not by creating new legislation, but by having a minority of babies hold their breath and stomp their feet and inconvenience everyone to get their way. They didn’t get their way, but they aren’t done being babies I pretty confident~

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    Actually even rape fits the Piece of Poo Posner economic model since the rapist save the money he otherwise would undoubtedly have had to fork over to a prostitute/escort!

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    Why in the Hell would anybody, even the CBC run winNT on a Mac? NT is a MS OS from the last century!

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    It is indeed sad that the Owelympics have become such a poster child for corporate welfare, but still the best outcome would be for gay athletes to pull a Jesse Owens.

    Most likely male figure skaters will do to Putin and his homophobic constituency, what Jesse did to the little guy with the funny mustache and his herd of “good Germans.”

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    George Gently (who operates around Newcastle in the sixties or seventies) is pretty cool – caught an excellent episode last nite on BC Knowledge Network. I assume it is originally BBC. Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect is marvelous. I’m gobsmacked no one has mentioned Jack Webb and Dragnet – “Just the facts ‘mam.” Of course [...]

  • I’ll miss ya too BT, if it wasn’t for a few folks like yerself, Willy, Mr. Hightower and Kinky there’d just be no reason for Texas to be allowed to exist……..and the late Molly Ivins, and isn’t Bill Moyers from Texas too? Actually there’s lotsa cool Texans, it’s just that the A-holes and pretenders, like Perry, Gramm, BugMan Delay and baby Bu$h make it easy to forget and make us non-Texans want to nuke the joint!

    Don’t even get me started about the corrosive effect of the Texas Textbook revisionist committee on the steadily sinking IQ of the average Amurikan.

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    Here in Canada it has often turned out that the so-called “anarchists” dressed in black with masks were UNDERCOVER COPS trying to discredit the genuine protesters and create an excuse to use their batons and tasers. In Montebello a couple years back they were caught dead to rights because of their police issue boots and Sam Browne belts and pretend, brand new “hippie/heavy metal” clothes that most of the demonstrators couldn’t afford.

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    Haven’t said hello for a while Jane, so Hi dere!

    Although I think Boxturtle and some others must have educated HappytoShoutbutdamnDumb, if that is even possible, I have a suggestion. All those who don’t like the ads, or don’t enjoy the irony of Koch types PAYING to have people who hate them ignore their crap, just send lots of money to Jane and the rest of the folks who run the Lake – not so they get rich, but so the lake stays full………..I can’t wait to click on a gooey TarPits ad about a trillion times….it’s just more money they can’t give to Scott Walker……get KKKarlRove (Crossroads/GPS) ads, PLEASE!!!!!

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    There is a lot of stupid shit to worry about, but HerBot Cain being Preznit ain’t one of them. Let’s face it, half of the ReThug base don’t think a black man should be president, much less a astonishingly dumb one.

    Like somebody up above said, Sarah “Tundra Trailer Trash” Palin in blackface, kinda hits the nail on the head – except (eeeek) Cariboo Barbie might actually be smarter!