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    If we’re getting a Romney Agenda from Obama, we might as well send Romney to the White House in 12. I’ll take a vacillating, flip-flopping stand-for-nothing over a man who told us he could give us the moon and the stars and all we got was a cheap cardboard cutout. Vote split ticket; Romney up [...]

  • You might be right, but honestly, when your options are “Not nearly as progressive as we like” or “Most likely to completely annihilate the country”, most young voters are going to pick option A.

    I know a lot of you around here are over Barack Obama, and frankly, I wish he’d get (gotten?) a from-the-left primary challenge too.

    But bleak economy aside, when the only options against Obama will be a Frothy Mix of Crazy, Corrupt, Dangerous, and Stupid, well…picking the less-than-we-hoped-for Obama will still seem like a no-brainer.

  • How about Alan Grayson?

    Loud, brash, in your face.

    Nothing against Warren, but I think Grayson’s speeches would be barnburners that would make Obama’s look insufficiently Presidential.

  • While I would certainly add to the list of failures that makes me want someone other than Obama…there seem to be no end to the list of people who are willing to ignore all of them because he’s Obama.

    Don’t get me wrong I think that a TeaPublican President would be terrible for this country.

    But I cannot understand the number of times some people are willing to get kicked in the gonads or slapped in the face to justify Obama being President.

    He’s more or less been a failure. Yet people are gleefully saying they’re “In” for 2012?

    The sooner Grayson or Kucinich or even Eric Fucking Massa step in to challenge him, all the better.

    The fake liberals need a system shock, now.