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    I’d do something about that if my TARDIS was working, but since it isn’t, there’s not a hell of a lot to do.

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    Why does it make me sad? If the people of Wisconsin are that level of stupid, they deserve every dollar of what they get.

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    My personal feeling is that these ISIS freaks should be wiped off the face of the Earth — no quarter. The situation outlined above is now at the level of FUBAR.

    My answer is to back off and let them all fight it out. If the people of the region are such delicate flowers that they can’t fight to preserve their own lives then fuck ‘em. Lift a damn finger to help yourselves. If not, then bye-bye. I’m sorry that a lot of innocent people will get killed but that’s the way it’s been since Og was bashing Grishnak over the head with a club. Letting aid fall into their hands is suicidal.

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    Donaldson has spent years having a bad rep because of “that scene” in Lord Foul’s Bane. Thomas Covenant is an incredibly flawed man and a lot of what happens in the first series reflects that. I’m amazed that no one judges other authors for writing characters who do bad things. I guess coming off the [...]

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    And if I had the powers of Superman, I could do a lot. What you offer might work if it were politically feasible. It is not in the current climate, particularly because the American public does not find it palatable.

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    Look, I’m as liberal as the next guy but why is it necessary to snarkily dismiss real threats to innocent people? What should people do? Ignore them and hope they go away?

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    After reading all of that, I realize that the common person in America has no real way of fighting back on a level playing field. The only thing left is to fight back in a non-conventional way. Sheldon Adelson and his ilk don’t make their own food and serve it to themselves. Not for nothing [...]

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    The risk is that no matter the negotiation, the end result looks like something like this:

    Everyone: Yay! We agree!

    Putin: No, I meant THIS agreement.

    Everyone: Yay! We agree!

    Putin: …and these conditions.


  • The U.S. cannot lose this opportunity to make peace (or, at least, achieve detente) with some of the players in the region. Iran, for sure. Both sides need to let go of the butthurts especially now that Israel has decided flip Obama the bird. I think some agreement is even possible with al Qaeda considering the fact that they despise this ISIS crowd so much. Maybe broker something permanent between the Kurds and Turks.

    As for ISIS, they and Boko Haram are going to have to go bye-bye. One way or another, they should cease to exist.

  • As someone who is in a poly relationship, I simply don’t understand why people care if more than two people are in a marriage.

  • Idiots? Perhaps a large number of people are ignorant or trained to accept the corporate media message as the truth. But there is a big divide between the ruling class and the vast majority of people who are irrelevant. Their opinions mean nothing. Their ire is laughable. The American people are like an abused spouse that knows the current abuse is all there is and all there will ever be.

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    The people who don’t show up are those who want to be chronic complainers yet not even attempt to burn a calorie doing anything about it. If people voted, they could actually change things. If voters used their votes as actual bludgeons against politicians, those puppets would do as they’re told.

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    And where are the kind and decent liberals to offer an alternative? They’re busy talking like professors gone horribly wrong. They don’t speak to the angry person quoted above because too many liberals are busy looking down their noses at this man. You see that sentiment? That’s called reality. It says, “What the fuck do I care about that guy over there if I’m over here watching my family starve? Help me?” It does him no good to have ideas that won’t come to fruition until 25 years from now. It does him no good to be a “lost generation” — he doesn’t want to be lost. He wants food on the table and a life where he doesn’t go to bed at night worried with heart palpitations. Do any of the liberal thinkers and politicians get that?

    The problem with liberal thinkers and bloggers (and I include the author of the piece above) is that their view of what it means to be on the left is on the other side of a wall from average people. I’m a liberal but while you’re at an Upper West Side party hobnobbing with Janeane Garofalo and discussing the latest Pynchon novel, I’m still looking through my mail for the invitation that isn’t there. I voted for Obama. I voted for Di Blasio. I’m still waiting for the benefits of those votes. While liberals stand around comparing Ivy League degrees, the people who put their pals in office are being gentrified out of their neighborhoods while looking for jobs that aren’t being created.

    The poor bastard who can no longer afford to live is looking for answers in a language he can easily understand. If a politician reciting a doctoral thesis is not helping him, then he’s going to take his anger and look to someone who is speaking words he understands. You may shake your head at the kinds of right wing sentiment that easily come off the tongues of the angry but don’t you dare pretend you don’t understand why.

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    Forget it, Jake. It’s Europe.

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    My father had a Corvair — until it caught fire after he parked it outside our apartment building one summer day when I was one years old. Then he bought the tank of tanks, a 1966 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. One of the greatest cars ever sold. Would do a hundred in a fingersnap and you couldn’t even feel it. My common sense lacking mother drove it to her job in the bad old days of Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. They eventually found what was left of the car.

    But nowadays? What is wrong with this company? What is wrong with American manufacturers in general? If they tied product performance to the lives of the CEOs at the time a particular car was introduced, we’d see changes.

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    Maybe customers should also be calling the manufacturers of the items coming from any country outside the U.S. to ask if there is a secret backdoor included.

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    The deniers will still deny because to to otherwise upsets their view of the world.

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    Absolutely right but what is the answer? It’s to put pressure on the Democrats using primary challenges and direct pressure by constituents. What the answer isn’t is for some people to go off and think that some third party is going to be the answer. It isn’t. Not in the U.S. People are not going [...]

  • As usual, the right wingers on the ground are not what the people pulling the strings thought they were. What a shocking and terrible surprise.

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