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    al-Qaeda – now with lemony-fresh scent

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    When Obama says he has no intention of skimming your social security, it’s time to start counting your spoons.

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    I see nothing wrong with congressmen sleeping in their offices. Given the cost of living in DC and the workload on the Hill (to those who take it seriously), it’s the sensible thing to do. I’m more concerned with the way the vote than where they hang their hats.

  • Bernie spoke for 8 hours and GE wouldn’t even air a brief sound bite.

    GE was one of his targets today.

  • Bernie Sanders you may be a socialist but at least you are trying to help people.

    How could anyone say that and not realize what they just said? That’s what socialism IS. The irony…the irony.

    Bernie has just become my favorite American. I keep expecting the lobbyists in the background to move in with a blunt instrument and overpower him. Go, man, go! Mah boy Luke can eat fifty aiggs!!!

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    I won’t know if the dems are actually serious until Obama berates them for being purists.

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    I’m curious about something these days: at what point is your president more of a liability to your party than an asset? Because I would have no problem tossing this loser over the side for the inevitable republican if we can just get that next swing of the crazy eddie pendulum out of the way that much sooner. If we’re thinking long-term, Obama is nothing but wasted opportunity and needs to be voted out.

    Talk of primary challenges is nice, and I fully support that, but the real purpose of a primary challenge is not to change the behavior of the current president: it’s to change the behavior of the next democratic presidential candidate after him.

    By it’s very nature, a primary challenge against Obama will not dislodge him, but it will teach him to fear his base, as he should, and it will show the next guy that the base is not going to sanction this hypocrisy. That alone makes it worthwhile, but it’s important to realize that as it effects the current idiot, it will only curb his worst impulses and will not dislodge him from power. As long as everyone sees that clearly going into it, there will be no disappointment. It’s a worthy goal, and the message will be loud and unmistakable.

    At this point, it seems like the very best we can hope for.