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    As I have commented elsewhere: The Democratic Party is effectively dead. The only effective action is a series of 60′s type funerals with pomp, circumstance, humor, and genuine mourning of the party of FDR, the Kennedy’s, and even LBJ, with a working philosophy, and may I even say “balls” to promote the welfare of all [...]

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    Having been suspicious of and disappointed in the Democratic Party since their complicity of the theft of the presidency by GWB, I now have a vision:

    Whereas the Party no longer represents anyone at all, having sold out the poor, working and otherwise, the unions, the teachers, nurses, minorities (when asked why they did not contest the Florida vote, and the disenfranchisement of minorities, they stated “Gore didn’t want to,” well, ahem, I guess the disenfranchisement of minorities and Democratic voters doesn’t count for much), children, the elderly, the disabled, the middle class; and are and have been jumping to make concessions to the right, even before negotiations begin; and the chances that the right will come forward to support them in the electoral and political process are slim to none; and whereas the remaining population of ill informed “independents” who cannot see the writing of their own obituary on the wall is small enough to be insignificant; I propose that the only meaningful action is a series of funerals, memorial services for the Democratic Party and the ideals it once embodied – indeed, a series of funerals throughout the land, complete with emotional speeches, and the ubiquitous funny, heartwarming anecdotes of better days, perhaps with official mourners, stately coffins, and flowers. In addition to the total impotency of political action in the face of the reign of corporate onterests that is both paries, the Democratic Party is uniquely dead. Our best bet is to place our energies in economic actions, boycotts and support of those economic entities outside the established powers that be, and perhaps in building a new party, maybe Green, from the ground up, that will be more difficult to subvert, along with changes to the structure that eliminate the power of money on our government processes. To believe that the Democratic Party will ever serve the interests of Americans, is to believe that the dead will get up and walk.

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    Has anybody else had the idea that the influx of Rand Paul and others of the far right might allow another stab at a full audit, and perhaps even more contstraints on the Fed? The coming together of the right and left allowed for a compromised audit spanning a brief period, but there should be [...]

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    As to the Kilpatrick – Hansen Clarke race: While Congress person Kilpatrick’s son has been ousted and jailed for various and sundry atrocities while Mayor of Detroit, the Congress Person was never involved in this or any other scandal that I know of. Rather, Hansen Clarke has earned the trust and respect of his constituents as a State Representative, and then as a State Senator, but had to leave due to term limits. To write off this election as a response to scandal is to do all of us here in Detroit a great disservice. Mr. Clarke is refreshingly responsible to all of his constiuents, advocating for the broad interests of this community.