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    Dr. King provides answers.

    ….to build and to bind.
    ….to bring into being a real order of justice.

    Marcy does a great job of exposing the plots and the aftermath of plots. One could only wish for a 100 or 1000 more of her or her like.

    We need to break the strangle hold that the moneyed and powerful have over our elected representatives or tear down the system that perpetuates the unjust status quo and re-build it with something more democratic.

    So that only leaves the question of working within the system or working without the system. With all the wars we have going on, I’m not sure which one leads to the lesser amount of human carnage.

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    When are people going to wake up and realize that if they can do this to Gulet Mohamed, they can do this to anyone.

    I tell people the same thing all the time. The people with a brain cringe, shuffle their feet, shrug and eventually say “yeah but what can we do about it?”

    The people without a brain…well, I usually don’t hang around to much longer after that conversation.

    In my opinion, the system is so obviously corrupt and unresponsive to the actual needs of the people that there is a malaise of apathy over the populace. Not to mention the web of falsehoods and distractions spun by “the media” to keep the citizens confused, complacent, in-the-dark, or even on-board with whatever the powerful have done, would like to do, or are planning on doing.

    No one is going to scream until the bad stuff arrives on their doorstep and of course then it is too late.

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    OT, but you can vote for Time’s 2010 person of they year and Julian Assange is currently leading the pack (h/t Glenn Greenwald),29569,2028734,00.html

    Odd voting system. You select the person’s name and then you have to move a slider from 0-100 and then click submit and then it will require you to type in some oddball words (trying to prevent robo submissions).