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    6) and 1) and a half-dozen of the other.

    Or, what do these two comments have in common, one about Saudi Arabia and a slight image, I mean, public relations problem and the other about the CIA (i.e. Tenet, i.e. the Saudi-friendly Saudi-connected Bush/Cheney administration) stonewalling investigators checking into the 9/11 religious terrorist attacks on the “Great Satan” infidel United States of America?

    Saudi Arabia: an oil-rich country, one ruled by the Saudi royal family AND by Saudi Muslim clerics who guard and worship the very ground on which their prophet Muhammed walked, almost as if the very ground itself is an idol to be worshiped and defended, one to kill for even. Some members of the Saudi royal family reportedly flee to the south of France to be free from the suffocating Saudi clerics, the “morality police” of Saudi Arabia, but other members of the Saudi royal family worship the Saudi clerics as much as they do Muhammed and Allah. The Saudi clerics head-up Saudi charities, which through the financial help of certain Saudi royals, have spread Islam around the world, setting up madrassas, raising children on the Koran, teaching them to memorize it, while also teaching them to hate all infidels and anything that offends the Saudi clerics, er, the prophet Muhammed, especially if the Muslim in charge of a madrassas is a hardcore orthodox jihadist intent on ramming Islam down the throats of children, who they hope will grow up to be hardcore orthodox jihadists, too.

    Who needs science when the Koran is the final authority? Who needs democracy when the Koran is the final authority? People are literally “losing their heads” over this hardcore orthodox brand of Islam, with Saudi clerics ordering people beheaded and the Islamic State (financially backed by the Saudi clerics) beheading people. AND some of these same “untouchable” “unaccountable” Saudi clerics, through their Saudi charities during the 1990s and early aughts, funneled money to al Qaeda, to Osama bin Laden, money that helped train the 9/11 hijackers (15 of the 19 were Saudi nationals, with their leader, Osama bin Laden, being a Saudi national).

    The question is, did the Saudi clerics, and some members of the Saudi royal family as well as other Saudi nationals, KNOW of the planned 9/11 attacks inside the United States beforehand? And a related question is (if they did know beforehand), why did these Saudis plot with Osama bin Laden to kill Americans on 9/11 inside the U.S.?

    George Tenet knew, thus the top-down order for the CIA to stonewall 9/11 investigators, to even lie if necessary. George W. Bush knew, thus his ordering U.S. military personnel out of Saudi Arabia just months after the 9/11 attacks, a little-publicized event, and his ordering via “states secrets” the redaction of dozens of pages in the final 9/11 investigatory report relating to the pre-9/11 money trail, with most of al Qaeda’s funding being traced back to Saudi clerics through their jihadist-financing Saudi charities, and even some members of the Saudi royal family chipping in to fund al Qaeda. (I doubt if the Saudi king knew of bin Laden’s and al Qaeda’s plans on 9/11, at least not the specifics, but he probably did know that most Saudi clerics were incensed that foreign infidel military boots were on sacred Saudi soil, so incensed that they wanted them removed, no matter that the Saudi king had approved their presence since shortly after the first Gulf War).

    And yes, the presence of U.S. military forces (pilots and support personnel enforcing the southern Iraq no-fly zone) based at Saudi airbases in proximity to Mecca and Medina WAS the reason behind the 9/11 attacks. This is why George W. Bush quietly ordered them restationed out of Saudi Arabia months after the 9/11 attacks. And recently I read of air-strikes against ISIS targets, by both U.S. warplanes and Saudi-piloted planes, but all the U.S. warplanes were stationed anywhere but inside Saudi Arabia, reportedly flying out of Dubai and Qatar airbases and probably from U.S. aircraft carriers. Get the picture?

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    So, Saudi clerics complicit in the 9/11 attacks that murdered 3,000 American citizens are still on the loose and murdering/flogging their own citizens in the name of “justice”?

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    Is this world great, or what? And to think, almost all humans in one religion after another, now and throughout human history, believe that their God (by whatever name), or Gods, created the world and humans (and all other animals, minerals and vegetables), and thus laid the foundation for whatever appears to be happening in [...]

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    Maybe Toto’s new release will mark the beginning of a resurgence of real Rock n’ Roll and the demise of all that “Christian” right Battle Cry Concert crap which right-wingers have been trying to pass off as rock n’ roll for over a decade. Just as right-wingers decades ago established hardcore right-wing Koch-funded (and others) “think tanks” and neo-fascist groups to pollute the political process, and just as right-wingers established hardcore Fox News and right-wing rant radio to pollute information (news?) that gullible conservative sheep will believe, right-wing financiers established hardcore right-wing “Christian” right music studios that cater to the Battle Cry Concert crowd. But setting up Christian “rock” music studio wouldn’t necessarily lead to radio stations airing any of that crap, so right-wingers (Clear Channel and Sinclair) started buyng up all the radio stations they could around the country, which led in 2004 to these stations dumping their oldie and goldie play lists for what they called “old school and contemporary” with the “contemporary” referring to all the Christian right’s music studio products. Whoopee!!! So, I don’t listen to right-wing rant radio (neo-fascist propaganda media) and I stopped listening to almost all radio stations in 2004, but especially any affiliated with Clear Channel or Sinclair because I didn’t want to be evangelized, proselytized by the deception they had pulled (with hardly anyone else even registering what had been done). So, I’ll be curious to hear Toto’s new release. Hopefully they won’t pander to the right-wingers and right-wing controlled music outlets in an attempt to get airtime, but remain true to their Classic Rock roots.

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    What Jesus was teaching was basically a contnuation of what the Buddha had been teaching about 600 years earlier, except in the case of Jesus, what he was teaching was in the context of his Jewish upbringing and Jewish tradition. For instance, Buddhist meditational practices look like a means to reach “the kingdom of heaven is within” that Jesus talked about, with heaven referring to utter, total peace of mind, a realm of light (enlightenment) in our own mind, no opposite, no conflicts, no contrast, the still, quiet mind, resting in the light.

    In the context of his Jewish upbringing, though, Jesus gave a more personal touch to this light, a familial touch, like in a prayer he suggested that begins “our Father who art in heaven,” like in his two new commandments (replacing the old ten ones) that refer to “loving God” and “loving thy neighbor as thyself” because the light in your neighbors mind is God’s light and is the light in your own mind, per the Buddha, per Jesus. And in recognizing and knowing the light in your own mind and in your neighbor’s mind rests the recognition and knowing of God, in light, in peace. In other words, heaven is no further than your (or my) next thought, or maybe the next one, or maybe this one…LIGHT!!!.

    This is what Jesus was teaching. This is what the Buddha was teaching. In the case of Jesus, he taught that true prayer, for it to be true, must be practiced in private, like a Buddhist monk sitting privately, seeking enlightenment in their own mind. Seeking outside one’s self, outside one’s own mind, therefore, for peace (or salvation, or heaven, or God, or the light) will never work…it never has. Our mind is the touchstone, a part of which is radiant as a sun, a part linked in this light with one another and God (or whatever name one wants to give the source of all light). And this light is perfect, and pure, and innocent, and holy, and eternal. This is the treasure that Jesus (and the Buddha) kept alluding to, a treasure more valuable than anything offered by this transitory world.

    Thus, the parallels between Jesus’ and the Buddha’s life stories, how each renounced the things of the flesh, worldly “trappings” and attachments, choosing inner peace of mind. In the case of Jesus, he went so far as to arrange his own passing, choosing the time and the place and way his physical life would end, not defending his flesh identity, going to his physical death like a lamb to slaughter, unfazed, laughing and joking with the crowd on the way to the cross, even comforting those around him while on the cross. What a guy. What a brother.

    And then the impossible happened, the unbelievable, the fantastic, word started spreading among Jesus’ disciples that he had reappeared, comforting them, women and men, a Spirit manisfestation of light, and peace, giving credence to what he’d said about God and Spirit, proving to them (at least) that while the flesh shall surely die the Spirit cannot, that though the world will pass away, the Word will not. Thus, Christianity began. No, not at the crucifixion, but when Jesus’ disciples excitedly started telling others of their encounters with him afterward, days after, weeks after.

    So, the story of Jesus adds a chapter to the story of the Buddha. More recent additions have been all the Gnostic gospels and letters, fragments and such, that have been unearthed and pieced together over the past two hundred years, discoveries indicating that God-fearing orthodox types sought to suppress what Jesus really was teaching, ultra-conservatives often defending to the death what Jesus wouldn’t defend, ones afraid of The Light and teaching others to be afraid of The Light, even though Jesus spoke often of The Light and the Buddha taught enlightenment, the freeing of the mind. And then there’s “A Course in Miracles,” which appeared about 40 years ago and what I call the definitive guide to understanding what Jesus was teaching so long ago, a tome focused on inner enlightenment and freeing the mind to the light, in The Light, finding peace among the turmoil of this world. Peace, to one and all, and a very merry Christmas.

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    And to think, Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and Operation Desert Storm in response started the chain of events that led to the 9/11 attacks happening.

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    LOL. After Pope Francis was chosen, I looked up the story of Francis of Assisi on Wikepedia. The pope at the time of Francis of Assisi had a slight problem with a devout Catholic actually following what Jesus reportedly said to the young and wealthy man who came to Jesus asking Jesus how he could [...]

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    It’s obvious that Ramsay (and Robertson) as well as all the “Prosperity Gospel” preachers are Judeo-Christian (or should I say Judeo-Protestant?), who spend a whole lot of time perusing the Old Testament in an attempt to somehow fit what Jesus, that Jewish guy from Nazareth, was teaching into their narrative about their version of “The [...]

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    7) Billions and billions of dollars, gained through inheriting it or by buying a bunch of politicians (and a political party) so that the economy, markets, supreme court, the media can be rigged to make even more money beyond the billions and billions of dollars already accumulated by the few over the many.

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    “The IRS scandal.” Yep, that Tricky Dick Nixon did use the IRS as a way to go after those on his “enemies list, targeting liberals and Democrats, individuals and groups. Nixon used the IRS to tie-up Democratic money in hiring lawyers to contend with the IRS targeting them. Oh wait, were you referring to the [...]

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    Think of the recent ruling by the five male Papist justices on the U.S. Supreme Court as their version of the “Missionary Position,” which pretty well sums up the right-wing meaning of the quote you cited from Alito’s ruling. Thus, these five male Papist justices, no matter else they say, view themselves as nothing more [...]

  • The inception of the planning, coordination and execution of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, by mainly Saudi nationals, occurred in the early 1990s, when the first boots of U.S. troops hit Saudi soil and stayed. Sure, these U.S. troops were on Saudi soil with the blessing of the Saudi king, foreign pilots and support personnel who were enforcing the no-fly zone in Southern Iraq, but other Saudis were really, really pissed about foreign boots being stationed on sacred Saudi soil. Osama bin Laden was one of these pissed-off Saudi nationals, along with some of the lesser members of the Saudi royal family and definitely the mullahs of the ruling Saudi religious sect.

    To understand why foreign boots on Saudi soil pissed off so many Saudi and non-Saudi Muslims, one would have to know the history of shoes and dirty soles in Muslim tradition. Anyone traveling to Muslim countries is warned about sitting with their legs crossed, with the bottom of their shoe facing a devout Muslim…they’ll be offended. They consider this an insult. It’s like someone shooting the finger at someone here in the U.S.. Thus, having the dirty boots of infidel foreign troops on sacred Saudi soil following the first Gulf War amounted, in the minds of certain Muslims, to the U.S. and westerners shooting the finger at Allah, at Mohammed, at their religion.

    In 1998 after al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden had bombed two U.S. embassies in Africa, bin Laden issued one of his tapes in which he threatened further attacks if foreign troops (and their dirty infidel boots) weren’t removed from Saudi Arabian soil. Two years later in October 2000, al Qaeda attacked the U.S.S. Cole in a Yemeni harbor. Just under a year later, the 9/11 attacks on U.S. soil happened. A couple of months after the 9/11 attacks, President George W. Bush quietly ordered all U.S. troops (and their filthy infidel boots) out of Saudi Arabia.

    Therefore, I personally believe that the 1998 African embassy attacks, the 2000 Cole attack and the attacks on 9/11/2001 wouldn’t have happened if George H.W. Bush hadn’t stationed U.S. troops (and their boots) on Saudi soil in the first place (what, there wasn’t anywhere in the liberated Kuwait to place them?), if President Bill Clinton had heeded bin Laden’s threat and removed them, or if George W. Bush had heeded bin Laden’s threat, sometime between his inauguration in January 2001 and the date of the attacks.

    Saudi nationals, thus, were the primary financiers and operational force behind the 9/11 attacks. Osama bin Laden was their designated terrorist mouthpiece warning of the consequences if foreign boots weren’t removed from Saudi soil. These incensed/insulted Saudis viewed these foreign troops on sacred Saudi soil (as if Saudi Arabia were one big Muslim mosque) as an assault on their religion, so they planned and executed an attack on U.S. soil, killing thousands of American citizens in retaliation on 9/11 (the attacks overseas in the years prior were just “warning shots”).

    Conclusion: Saudi Arabians were the ones primarily responsible for the 9/11 attacks (some of the 9/11 hijackers, 4 of the 19, were of other nationalities, but all were angry Muslims). Everything since 9/11 has been a cover-up meant to hide just how involved Saudi nationals were in 9/11. The 9/11 Commission report has 30 pages blacked out that document who financed the attacks (Saudi royals through Saudi clerics through Saudi charities). George W. Bush (pushed by Saudi Prince Bandar) rushed Saudi nationals out of the U.S. within days of 9/11, while most flights were still grounded). One of the reasons George W. Bush invaded Iraq (after implying that Saddam Hussein was somehow linked to al Qaeda and thus culpable in the 9/11 attacks) was to deflect attention away from Saudi Arabian royals (good buddies of the Bush family) while also removing one of the sworn enemies of Saudi Arabia on the north side of the Persian Gulf. Before the attacks, Saudi nationals established safe houses for the 9/11 hijackers, providing logistical support and money and cover.

    Anyway, Saudi nationals continue to be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, sponsors of religious terrorism around the world, with their oil money going toward even training future Muslim terrorists at Saudi-funded madrassas (gotta educate those suicide bombers somewhere). And what irks me to no end is that I’m supporting this terrorist activity every time I put gas into my vehicle, because you just know that Saudi oil oligarchs, and other right-wing oil oligarchs, are pocketing some of the money I spend on gas at the pump, and then spending some of my hard-earned money on fanatic-fueled religious terrorism (whether Saudi, or Russian, or Iranian, or American oil oligarchs doesn’t matter).

    (Note: one way to cut heavily into this terrorist oil funding would be to heavily restrict the oil futures market, even more stringent than in the 1990s. Unfortunately, terrorist oligarch-kissing Republicans here in the U.S. keep blocking any attempt to rein-in the oil futures speculators/gamblers, thus keeping energy costs artificially inflated, both per barrel of oil and at the pump. Food costs, therefore, have also been artificially inflated, as well as other consumer products due to higher shipping/fuel costs).

    (Note 2: I’ve never believed the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. By the time they emerged, it was quite evident that Saudi nationals were behind the 9/11 attacks. Further substantial evidence keeps solidifying Saudi culpability in the 9/11 attacks. In my view, the “9/11 truthers” are all part of the cover-up, the attempt to deflect attention from those really behind the attacks, with the “truthers” acting as de facto agents for the Saudi nationals, and thus agents for the ongoing worldwide terrorism activities of these religious fanatics. I’m not interested).

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    Judith Miller was one of the first U.S. journalists, if not the first, to cross from Kuwait into Iraq with U.S. forces in March 2003. She was embedded with the U.S. military task force charged with uncovering Iraq’s WMD. I read her pre-war cheerleading NY Times articles (as well as on-line articles debunking the claims [...]

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    Great post. Witty. Insightful. Dead on. But in other news: General Custer and Little Big Horn. Naw, this doesn’t come close to rising to the same level as insane, arrogant PNAC neo-con Republicans having the U.S. invade Iraq in March 2003, costing in American lives and those injured tens of thousands, costing Iraqis hundreds of [...]

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    The U.S. War College got it right. You know, that liberal bastion and pop establishment U.S. War College. People forget that someone requested in the months before the nincompoop neo-con invasion of Iraq in March 2003, an ill-conceived, ill-executed, ill-fated venture by any stretch, that the U.S. War College predict what post-invasion Iraq would look like (that someone was probably was former U.S. general and then Secretary of State Colin Powell). The U.S. War College conducted its study and issued a thick report, predicting exactly the outcome of any invasion of Iraq, but few paid attention, especially none of the nincompoop poopy-head neo-cons like Bill Kristol. IOW, there may be pop sociology and psychology and such, but on the right there is poop sociology and psychology, espoused and practiced by right-wingers with poop for brains and the same level of morality and integrity as a pile of poop.

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    The NSA is just a tool, as everything (and everyone) in this world is essentially a tool in one way or another (like a printer/computer is a tool or a gun is a tool or a nuke is a tool), tools that work well or malfunction, tools that do what they are meant to do [...]

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    I was first introduced to Bill Mauldin’s cartoons while serving in the USAF in the early 1970s when Stars and Stripes would occasionally reprint one of his cartoons. Later in journalism school, I saw his work again. So, I’ve always admired his work and cartoons in general, political or otherwise, ironic, acerbic, politically incorrect, funny, [...]

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    Obama Derangement Syndrome strikes Republicans again. The crazy members of our society have made the Republican Party their home, or should I say, asylum. I mean, look at how some ODS Republicans have gone after Bowe Bergdahl’s dad for growing a beard. They say, he looks Taliban. Yeah, and the Duck Dynasty guys look Taliban, [...]

  • Exactly. An increased case load involving U.S. military veterans (Vietnam vets, Iraq vets, Afghanistan vets) requires an increase in VA caseworkers handling their cases…unless one lives in Republican La-La-Land, shrink the government, cut the number of public employees (i.e. caseworkers), underfund/defund the federal government while cutting taxes/revenue to the point it can be drowned in a bathtub (infamous Karl Rove statement, the insane anti-American architect behind much of what crackpot Republicans have done to our government and government services over the last several decades).

    This is an ongoing (and much repeated) pattern by corrupt and criminal Republicans: cutting funding of federal agencies, watching gleefully as a growing U.S. population (and a growing number of veterans) look to a shrinking/overwhelmed public employee work force for help, gleefully filibustering/blocking any attempt to adequately fund the public realm of our society, gleefully calling for more tax cuts and loopholes which severely cuts government revenues, and then blaming Democrats for the very problems that these corrupt and criminally-insane Republicans caused to happen. Rinse and spit. Repeat often on Faux News, right-wing rant radio, rabid right-wing blogs.

    I will never vote for a corrupt and criminal Republican for public office…EVER. They’re nuts. They’re dangerous. They lie with every other breath. They serve only the wealthy one percent, their corporate billionaire masters, whose toilets they lick clean with their forked tongues. They claim they are “pro-life,” while at the same time their anti-American policies have cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their lives, men, women and children (lied into wars, not expanding Medicaid in states, cutting food assistance programs for America’s poorest, and on and on and on, without going into the millions of Americans who will die once the most adverse affects of global warming hit in upcoming decades). Republicans are members of a Death Cult, the Real Death Panel, who believe that their “survival” depends on everyone else dying or being culled from American society.

    Note: while Republicans are ranting about veterans in Arizona dying because of delays in medical aid, we’ve seen reports over the past ten years of an huge increase in veterans committing suicide (or during the Bush/Cheney years, being homeless, although that number has dropped since President Obama has been in office and Gen. Shinseki has headed the VA). These deaths of veterans are part of the same problem, as are the deaths of any American citizen turned away or ill-served by government agencies (often underfunded with cuts in staffing) because insane Republicans have set as their ultimate goal the dismantling and destruction of all things public in our society.

    I’m not fooled. I’m a U.S. military veteran (USAFSS 1971-1975). What President Obama and Gen. Shinseki (as well as all members of Obama’s administration) have been facing the past five years is GREAT EVIL, an evil that attacks relentlessly, lies ceaselessly and then claims that climate change is a hoax, that Benghazi could have been avoided (or our citizens in a high-risk assignment could have been saved…though dozens were), that IRS only targeted right-wing groups (Nope, liberal groups were also scrutinized) and that problems at the VA are all Obama’s and Shinseki’s fault (Nope, we’re seeing the deadly effects of years of Republican tax cutting and service evisceration). A great evil has descended on America, and Death Cult Republicans can’t seem to stop themselves from promoting that evil, daily, hourly, on the federal level, on state levels. And most Republicans still claim that they are Christian, that they are following the teachings of Jesus. Really? I’m not fooled.

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    Dese Death Panel Republicans got Benghazi on da brain. And when is Rep. Boehner going to announce a select committee looking into what Rep. Issa and his staff did after receiving classified CIA reports on what the CIA agents, based out of the Benghazi consulate annex, two of whom were killed, had been doing to [...]

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