• This morning’s Portland (Maine) Press Herald listed Rep. Mike Michaud, Rep. Chellie Pingree and Sen. Susan Collins as NO votes. So that’s 3 asterisks!

    Sen. Angus King is still UNDECIDED (must be waiting for a better offer?)

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    Why do you say the Left won? It’s the House Repugs who were mostly against this. Unless there’s actually a vote, I won’t know if my smarmy “Progressive in Name Only” Democrat Rep would actually have voted with the 98% of his constituents who are against another phony war, or if he would have followed our neocon president off a cliff. My Rep is STILL “undecided”. I want a vote!!

  • My thoughts exactly….this has the smell of the Koch Bros. all over it.

    It’s another fabrication, like the “War on Christmas”. Methinks Wall Street hasn’t forgotten Matt Tiabbi’s immortal “vampire squid” remark about Goldman Sachs.

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    I’ve used “Summer Alfalfa” from Johnny’s Selected Seeds here in Maine. It has enormous taproots and is a nitrogen-fixer. It mostly dies over the winter (but it’s still a bear to turn over in the spring). The improvement in soil quality is amazing. It works best for a bed that’s dedicated to be in a [...]

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    Yes, everyone is entitled to his own taste….but for what it’s worth, I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild with a few friends, and we ALL came out of the movie shaking our heads and thinking, “Now there’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back”. The friend who had suggested it (based on Oprah’s recommendation) apologized profusely for ruining our afternoon together.

    On the other hand, everyone I know (including myself) absolutely LOVES “Moonrise Kingdom”. My sister, my Mom, my husband and I have all watched it (at least) twice, and it never fails to make us smile. I hope I’m never so old and cynical that I don’t remember how my “first love” made me feel. Oh, that scene dancing on the beach!! Wes Anderson absolutely nails it!!

  • Sorry for being so techno-dumb….but does anyone know if they can still track you, if your phone is turned off?

  • Who made the decision to allow indefinite detention?

    Who made the decision to allow indefinite war?

  • At least when they want to “disappear” you in Latin America, they have the decency to throw you out of a helicopter. Personally I’d prefer a quick trip to the jungle floor than to be tortured in prison for the rest of my life, by my own government.

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    It’s denying easy access to absentee ballots too….on Friday when I went to pick up my absentee ballot, I was told that our Republican legislature changed the rules this year, requiring you to pick them up more than 5 days ahead (denying me my usual practice of looking it over closely on the weekend before [...]

  • Q: How do you know there’s a drummer at your front door?

    A: The knocking speeds up.

  • I can hardly criticize Perry for wanting Texas to secede, as I fervently wish Vermont would secede! Progressives shouldn’t reflexively dismiss states rights. Think of all the areas the Feds overrule the states….from regulating telecoms and legalizing marijuana, not to mention establishing their own single-payer health insurance.

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    Well if Matt Damon isn’t interested….comedienne Roseanne Barr (who owns a macadamia farm in Hawaii) has already declared her candidacy. Her campaign slogans: “Isn’t it time for a President with some nuts?” and “Finally a politician who can’t get a maid pregnant”.

  • Sorry to be off-topic, but last night on the Tonight Show, Roseanne Barr (yes the comedienne, who’s now an organic macadamia nut grower in Hawaii) announced she’s running for President in 2012. Her slogan is “Isn’t it time we had a president with some nuts?” and “Finally a politician who can’t get a maid pregnant”. When she said she wasn’t running as a Democrat or a Republican because “both parties suck, and they’re all criminals”, my heart melted! So seriously, that’s who I’m voting for in 2012 instead of O-Bummer (assuming Feingold or Sanders won’t challenge in the primary).

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    I told my DINO Rep that in the future I would vote for his Republican opponent….not because I agree with the loathsome creatures, but because at least when the Repugs offer some evil legislation (like privatizing Social Security), the rank-and-file Dem voters scream bloody murder. They only seem to recognize they’re getting screwed when the Repugs are in power….Bush could never have gotten away with what Obama’s done.

    Perhaps in the silence of the voting booth, I may relent and write in “Paul Wellstone”, but seriously, I’m never voting Democrat again.

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    A link please to the vote? I want to know the names

  • Don’t fall for this trick, Dems….don’t cross that border unless the language in the bill has changed.

    Too many times I’ve seen Olympia Snowe coyly suggest she’s voting with the Dems, but when push comes to shove she always sticks with her party.

  • “The really staggering part of this is how the rest of the (WI GOP) DC Dems are following (Walker) Obama down the drain! They are showing nothing but pure ignorance in standing behind him.” (fixed it for you)

    Thank you Wisconsin for showing how real Dems should fight!

  • Thank you Judge Hudson; too bad you’re not on the Supreme Court instead of those other turkeys.

    Obama knows he won’t get re-elected, but so what? The job he was bankrolled to do is to take out Social Security, and the mission is nearly accomplished.

  • I’m used to being pulled out line because of the metal in my knee replacement. The first time I encountered a machine that I suspected might involve radiation, I asked the TSA agent if it was a backscatter machine. He looked confused, then consulted a co-worker, then said to me, “I think it uses sound waves”. WRONG! “Millimeter Wave Machines” use radio-frequency (like a cellphone), and “Backscatter Machines” use X-rays. If you value your health, submit to the pat-down. Yes, it holds up the line, but that’s their problem.