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    It often comes down to mutual antagonism between the cyclist and the motorist. We all know that driving is simply getting worse and worse as a way to get from A to B and the person from Portland knows this. I hear about the continuous illegal behavior of cyclists. I hear about it but I [...]

  • It makes me wonder how on earth the rush to a Syria war was averted. Obviously it wasn’t the people’s protests. Who in power or making money from those in power wasn’t going to profit?

  • I glanced at an article in Forbes and the knock was that Obama was NOT giving this agreement attention even though the author admitted there were some (cough, cough) immmmm, valid disagreements and challenges in what had been leaked.

    Can anyone give me one legitimate reason why on earth this agreement had to be secret? Just for a moment, pretend you were on the other side and you were not a total fraud. What possible argument could you have for none of this being transparent to the public? And the fast track? How could this be justified under the circumstances of total ignorance regarding its contents?

  • My sense is that he liked being thought of as that far out liberal but then did very conservative things. I first heard about this during his time as Harvard Law Review head—took the three most conservative guys on but left off a liberal black woman. Maybe he thinks that liberal thought is so strong that we can stand up against any other force or that we need to have our thinking kneaded with conservative thought. Whatever. I totally agree with the writer of this article and with all the people who have actively disputed that Hillary is a done deal or should be. I don’t think Obama is a bad person, just one out of Chicago, Crook County. You could never rise without having made a deal that you wouldn’t want known about. He and I am afraid his wife lack a real core and that has made him a very mediocre to bad president in my view.

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    I would rather that she be speaking than not. As a woman I am desirous of hearing her speak out on behalf of reproductive rights, which are key to a woman’s autonomy and freedom. Everyone knows that if there is one group that the tea partiers hate, next to anyone not white, its women. Uppidty [...]

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    Wouldn’t it better if your taxes were raised to pay it as opposed to taking more from those who have little or nothing? It never fails to amaze me that the idea of raising taxes to pay for services is so threatening.

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    The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. It’s the corporate coup des gras.

  • Oregon has nos from Blumenauer, Schrader and DeFazio. What is up with Bonamici? (Walden is always conservative so I’m sure he’s fulminating about what to do: look like he supports Obama, or bale.) Anybody in Boamici’s district should call or write her: she has a good pro choice record but that will not save her on this. No war in Syria, limited or otherwise. None. Never.

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    I always appreciate your posts and was especially happy to see you give the nod to Portland. Usually people laugh at us and without getting too serious about ourselves, I think you are seeing a move to quality. I have enormous concerns about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which would undercut our ability to promote local but at the end of the day, no one can force you to buy crap. It’s really that simple. Recently Wal Mart put in a lot of “local markets” and I can tell you the parking lots are not filled with desperate shoppers trying to act like they are living the good life for less.

  • Although I fear SanderO is putting me on, I will respond: In both a mortgage and a trust deed, ownership or title is in the buyer. The lender then has a security interest in the property which is first or second or both. Title is not in the lender. (In a land sales contract the seller remains in title and the buyer has an equitable interest.) Further many of the lenders were assigning their interests to other lenders or in schemes whereby the final foreclosing lender was not able to show that it was entitled to foreclose because the intermediate documents were missing or invalid. That’s the point. The whole line of thought about buyers being renters is not apropos. There are totally different procedures and issues when a landlord wants to evict a tenant for non-payment or other reasons. Finally, some but not all the foreclosures were for other reasons than non-payment. I absolutely adored the last line of this article: “Power is a zero sum game, for the public to win the banks must lose.” (I miss Dayan, a lot.)

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    Has anyone heard about the fundraising efforts of Planned Parenthood to build clinics in Texas? I am quite sure that all of us outside of Texas will reach deep to help. Perry has made himself a pariah to all women everywhere. Whatever their politics, all women (OK maybe not Phyllis Schafley and her ilk) see [...]

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    I went to a lecture awhile ago where a fellow had been working with students, the premise of which was if we writing the constitution now, what would we want? It was exciting. I read your comment too quickly and thought you said national convention as opposed to national conversation but I felt excited about [...]

  • Whew! That’s a whole lot of time in the old line Catholic brain, but a lot of truth. If we are made in the image of God, then there is some mysticism going on there.

  • What always gets me is the arrogance and patronizing of people who profess that we should be happy to give up our civil liberties, that we are too immature to not understand our situation, that, in fact, we are the enemies of the state. What? Yes, we are helping the GOP (the enemy) when we bash our leaders (like Obama) who are conducting themselves this way, and all for our benefit. Does that make sense to anyone here?

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    This is all perfectly depressing. I know when we see these things we strike out with accusations of fascism. But now we are not striking out, it is really sinking in on a deep level, the clasp that is already around us.

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    I agree.

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    There seems to be a spate of these Portland descriptions out now. I have lived in and around Portland, off and on for the last fifty years and do not recognize many of the things mentioned in the blog. Portland is quirky but not excessively so.

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    Get just the right guy or gal in our government, pick a branch, and this could be our fate as well. I am without words at how awful and hypocritical this is.

  • See I don’t feel badly if someone decides that they want to let God decide regarding their own lives but I am completely irate when the state decides. The model obviously feels that she is living a life apart from her sisters so she shows no empathy, and of course, is completely stupid about the medical facts. Women die all the time from the complications of pregnancy and birth. No heart, no brain. Yuk!

  • I agree entirely. Every time I read another of these devastating posts, I want to give them more. They seem to be the only group that cares.

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