• I would be interested in the trial court’s ruling of the motion to exclude, although I’m not clear why the defense would have subpoened Risen. My take is that he would not testify for anyone, at all. The government’s position that reporters do not have a privilege will eventually be heard by the supreme court, I am sure. There may have been something about this case that made it a poor vehicle for a legal opinion. But very interesting article, and I agree with the commenters, you do a great job for FDL readers.

  • There is NO possibility they thought this was anything but torture. How stupid do they think we are? They did it to gain control over the detainee—because they were nasty little bullies having a good time at the expense of some helpless individual. I agree that we must not flinch from calling out and acting against this utter depravity.

  • Everything and everyone in public office is political. We know this. But immigration reform is still something that all of us should support, albeit it has s political angle. I love Firedoglake but I think sometimes the commenters are a little rigid and rarely acknowledge the middle. I definitely agree with a lot of what is said, just wish we could be a little more open to identifying the good from the not good. This is not a criticism of anyone, just a statement of my preferences in the matter.

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    I know your dad was proud of you. I do not even know you and I am proud of you. I am sorry to hear about his passing.

  • Oregon did pretty well, too. Nationally, of course, it was another story entirely. I agree with Kevin that when you focus on the issues and the ways available to get decent results, you are not as discouraged as you are if you are riding on the back of a party, even a progressive party other than the Democrats. To a great extent the groups reading and responding around a site such as Firedoglake and even friends interacting on Facebook are more informative and inspiring than the parties. Finally, we have to take in on some level that we are living in uncertainty (always have been, too) and rather than be afraid, look at it and deal with it as exciting. Or at least engaging.

  • I’m glad to be able to get on this site. Yesterday it was inaccessible and, of course, I got paranoid.

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    I also tried it with Safari and it is not connected.

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    This is not on topic but any email to Jane crashes on Firefox. I also cannot reach Kevin’s articles on the Dissenter. Does anyone know what is happening?

  • I read an interesting article in the NYT which said that, based on some PEW research, the young voters, although more liberal on social issues than the GOP, were more libertarian on fiscal issues. These youngsters were imbued with the “government is bad” philosophy, if people work hard they will succeed as only their own weaknesses are bringing them hard luck, etc… It predicted that groups like the Chamber of Commerce would gain greater influence as time went along. If this is true, then Hillary might well not be as hard for them to take as she is for older liberals like myself.

  • So discouraging but I agree. Not a penny for the ones really defrauded (or maybe a penny) and the rest into the federal coffers for war. I really do not understand why this point never comes out in the media coverage.

  • Wyden is not progressive. He takes one issue and then everyone identifies him with that issue and he can then pretend he is progressive. He is quite conservative: he loves trade agreements, he wanted tax reform (lower rates and supposedly no loopholes) and was never for, only “open to” the public option. And on. It’s ridiculous in every way that has been pointed out above.

  • It is clear from the opinion that for some of the people getting off the list was being used as a bargaining chip to get the person to be an informant. For others they were given a one time waiver to get here or there. So you know? It could be just kicking people around arbitrarily because they could.

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    I agree with you. For example, Brat said he was against crony capitalism. I am against it as well. To Brat, it is bad because it means there is an impediment to the free market. To me, it is bad because I see it as corruption. We both inherently see it as when government is acting outside its purpose which is reasonable regulation. (I am perfectly aware that this audience is wildly snarky but bear with me a moment.) We absolutely can’t have government run wild anymore. It’s lost it’s legitimacy. So we do agree to that half. On the other hand, we know that the capitalism is not an equitable economic system for the whole population. I don’t think we would have as much trouble working through this with the libertarians as we might think of government was brought to heel. After all these people also have families that are struggling, they have sickness, they live where there is collapsing infrastructure, all the aspects of life that is in the domain of public life. The folks we cannot reach are those who are benefiting from the present oligarchy, living the good life from “the time value of money.” I see some Dems as good, e.g. we have Sen. Merkley and Oregon will work to keep him, believe you me. But as a party, no, I don’t think we will reach either party. Maybe any party, I’m not sure.

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    The Oregonian isn’t a newspaper? Brahahahahahahha!

  • I have no words for this other than we are now free to vote our conscience. I saw a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Obama and they did look pretty sharp, going off to church for Easter. But then all this kind of BS came back to me and I turned away. This is a dangerous man.

  • I agree. I am growing so antagonistic to him that after reading the Princeton Report and then an article in the LA Times regarding the TPP I was actively enraged at him. Nothing smirky about it, full on, get in your face, rage at his unutterable BS. I have determined that I will vote my conscience going forward and nothing on earth—certainly not him or any party—can shake me. First it makes me sick, then it makes me really, really resentful.

  • It IS galling to hear people in authority tell us, the brutish lower class, what they want us to know, when they want us to know it, and doctored and in code as much as they choose. Someone above called what they serve out as propaganda. I would not even give it that much credibility. Moreover, we see this tendency in so many groups: someone in the inner circle wants to be “that guy” who decides on the message, who wants to have all the information flow through him/her and then strains out some obtuse and fairly irrelevant communication to everyone else. When confronted, their eyes glaze over, they do not look at you. We are their prey.

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    It often comes down to mutual antagonism between the cyclist and the motorist. We all know that driving is simply getting worse and worse as a way to get from A to B and the person from Portland knows this. I hear about the continuous illegal behavior of cyclists. I hear about it but I [...]

  • It makes me wonder how on earth the rush to a Syria war was averted. Obviously it wasn’t the people’s protests. Who in power or making money from those in power wasn’t going to profit?

  • I glanced at an article in Forbes and the knock was that Obama was NOT giving this agreement attention even though the author admitted there were some (cough, cough) immmmm, valid disagreements and challenges in what had been leaked.

    Can anyone give me one legitimate reason why on earth this agreement had to be secret? Just for a moment, pretend you were on the other side and you were not a total fraud. What possible argument could you have for none of this being transparent to the public? And the fast track? How could this be justified under the circumstances of total ignorance regarding its contents?

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