• Well, if I were the blackmailing type during any negotiating, I would get Johnny-boy in and tell him that he either sends up a clean Debt Ceiling bill or he could really take that vacation he’s always wanted to work on his putting at one of those Club Fed prisons. Then, if I were a real a*****e, after I got my debt ceiling bill, I would just keep holding it over his head until the election. Guaranteed to squash the Tea Party vote with disgruntlement and give ActBlue a real chance to recapture the Democratic Party’s heart and soul. Don’t need MasterCard! Priceless!

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    “Bin Laden did not face justice last night; he faced death.

    There is a difference.”

    And your point would be….?

    A lot of parsing of words and convoluted logic to come up with an unnecessary criticism of a job that needed doing to preserve the social contract, as I see it.

    I am a pacifist. I don’t believe in killing any animal, human or otherwise, on my behalf.

    If, however, someone wants extra-judicial lethal violence done to protect their life, then and only then, does the social contract, of necessity, demands that the death be accomplished. If extra-judicial killing is the only manner possible to accomplish that then that is wholly justifiable if the social contract is to be maintained. That is justice. Not some farcical reliance on an arcane system of a particular social contractual/moral system that produces the same end result.

    It appears to me that the accused has been given ample opportunity to contact an attorney and arrange a surrender. He and his family certainly had/have the money to afford the finest representation within the social contractual community system of moral and legal retribution. The accused chose to put himself in the position outside the reach of the that system, thereby forcing a reliance on extra-judicial killing. Period.

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    Your comment presumes that, despite any presumed endorsement, members of the SEIU will blindly vote the union endorsement. That hasn’t happened in many years, but is less likely to happen with a candidate who has betrayed the voting union worker as badly as this one.
    I am a union man who is disabled and retired. My pension is small (Social Security) and my insurance has big holes in it (Medicare). Despite that, I managed to squeeze together money to contribute to this lying sack of s**t by skipping meals and doses of medications. I worked phone banks for hours despite the searing pain in my feet, legs and lower back of sitting in those uncomfortable chairs so common to these boiler rooms. Not this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
    If someone runs against him in the primary, I will do the same things that I did for him, in spite of anything that the leadership of the AFL-CIO or the leadership of my specific union, which is a member of the AFL-CIO, about say about endorsing this person. I will do my best to defeat him for a true moderate or liberal Democratic candidate who will not betray the principles of the once proud Democratic Party for a few corporate dollars.
    If no one runs against him or he is the nominee of the Democratic Party, I will do what I have not done since I was 18 years old in 1968. I will not vote for a Democratic nominee for President. I will vote for a Green Party candidate or some other similar additional party nominee and do the campaigning and donating that I did of President Obama. I will not be ‘throwing away my vote.’ Voting for a corporatist, lying, immoral person such as President Obama would be ‘throwing away my vote.’ Because it would be a vote directly against my economic, moral, legal and constitutional interests.

  • A Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Panama will guarantee the repression of the people who have been repressed for 500+ years by the people pushing the Free Trade Agreements for the respective countries. The ‘rabbiblancos’ as they are called (white tails), are those of Spanish descent who are descended from the conquerors and have worked VERY, VERY hard at keeping their bloodlines pure. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t rape the indigenous women at will, it only means that they simply didn’t acknowledge those children, even when the child had all the appearance of being spit out of the mouth of Daddy. Only a child of the pure bloodline was acknowledged and was only allowed to marry into certain families who had also kept their bloodlines pure.
    That is what drives the rabbiblancos crazy about Hugo Chavez, who is Afro-Indigenous descent. They also despise Evo Morales because he is a pure Indigenous bloodline. They despise Rafael Correa because he is Mestizo (one of those children produced by the sexual encounter between a rabbiblanco man and an indigenous woman. It almost never occurs the other way around).
    The reason that the US works so hard to overthrow all of them is that the Media is controlled by the rabbiblancos. And our MSM gets all of its bulls**t lies about Hugo Chavez from a media controlled by people who despise him while the people who love him are in the overwhelming majority. Hugo Chavez allows these certifiably insane rabbiblancos to toss out lies and slanders night after night on the TV and morning after morning in the newspapers. There is no media censorship in Venezuela, contrary to what certifiably mentally challenged Simon Romero at the NY Times, or certifiably double bats**t crazy Mary Anastasia O’Grady at the Wall Street Journal or bats**T Cuban ex-pat Andres Oppenheimer at the Miami Herald would have you believe. Wanna know why? Because they are all rabbiblancos. And Simon Romero even has his office in Caracas in the building with the main opposition newspaper and gets all his Venezuelan and the other Latin American “socialist” news from them.
    So Obama’s Cold War State Department has decided that they need to prop up the neo-fascists in Colombia and Panama before those two fascist countries become subject to the same successful overthrows and finally get truly democratic elections which will undoubtedly result in socialist or near socialist governments. So we will have 2 other Free Trade Agreements, even though the governments of Panama and Colombia are the parties provably responsible for the murders of all those union leaders. An NGO of law professors held a trial in both countries concerning these events. Both governments were found guilty of the murders of every one of the union activists in each country. Yeah, this checklist will do some real good. Anybody can keep their finger off the trigger for 6 months or 9 months if it gets them what they want. You are so full of s**t Mr. President, it really smells around the White House today.

  • Is this like “The China Syndrome” only really “The Haiti Syndrome”? When the IAEC gets off its a** and begins to make TEPCO really come clean (well there’s an non sequitur if I ever heard one) with how bad things REALLY are, the TEPCO officials and the senior Japanese government officials who participated in this fraud should be hauled to the Hague for a ‘crimes against humanity’ trial. Wait until more people than the 150 TEPCO employees who are working to stop this abortion created by their senior management start to die. When the civilian death toll passes 100 or so, the TEPCO and Japanese officials better start wearing open neck shirts, because closed with a tie will be too uncomfortable to deal with. Can you imaging the courage of those 150 TEPCO technicians? They know they are going to die, but they keep plugging along around the clock trying to fix something that is not fixable.

  • When do you get your praise? When you change one little itty bitty thing. Change the taxes on the rich back to the pre-1961 level…90%. That was the tax rate on the wealthiest Americans from the end of the war to 1961. The longest sustained, largest sustained period of growth in US history.

  • It is really heart-warming to see a governmental agency with some backbone. This is bound to infuriate the governor and his cronies in the state legislature, but it does my heart good to see someone who is willing to stand up the Repugnantcans and say, “No!” The Repugnants are so used to steamrolling everyone into jellyfish obeisance that the U of W deserves a resounding hurrah for its “This far and no farther.” stance.

  • Yet the Pentagon’s budget is a sacred cow. Maybe these psy-ops guys are really effective. They’ve got Congress convinced we need another $150.00 toilet seat.

  • Now THERE is a classic case of reductio ad absurdum. It’s illegal, but who care? You still can’t know about it. And we all used to think that the denial of habeas corpus after the Civil War by Andrew Johnson was an outrage. Now, not only is habeas corpus denied, but event if the government is doing things illegally to the people denied habeas corpus, we still aren’t allowed to know about it. George Orwell was right and we are living it. As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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    To my wife of 35 soon to be 36 years you still take my breath away just as you did the first time I saw you. And Unchained Melody can still bring tears to our eyes.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  • This witch, Debra Saunders, is frequently published in my hometown wingnut newspaper. Is it any wonder that I have to get most of my news from the Internet and MSNBC? I wonder how she would react if someone did a hit piece on her, distorting, misrepresenting and outright lying about her life and loves with [...]

  • to kroyal@41:
    Obviously you are a Fox News watcher. You know, one of those people who are intellectually inferior to those who don’t watch Fox News.
    The video was sliced at a very ‘cutesy’ moment to present it in a false light. Brietbart has played coy about it ever since. Fox News has played coyer about it ever since, even to the point of continuing to run the ‘cut’ video long after the entire video was released.
    Have fun sorting that out while your boy and Fox News (who will eventually be the ‘deep pockets’ in the case) get their a***s handed to them.

  • The part I love best is that “unknown” defendant. That shows me that this attorney is one Hell of a good lawyer. He is waiting for the discovery to put Randy Andy under the bright light and pistol whip him for hours on end until he finds the connection to Fox News. You can bet you a*s that there will be an amended complaint faster than you can say ‘damages’ when Andy finally slips up and gives a peek at the tie to Fox. Rupert is going to have to pay big time for his support to his little weasel.
    And as to the question of why this is brought in the District of Columbia, if it were brought anywhere in Georgia, particularly where there is a high likelihood of a large African-American voter population (jury roll) the defendants would move to have it moved to one of the bedroom counties of Atlanta that are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly racially bigoted.

  • Game, set, match, Newt! Bravo, Howard Dean! This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, even though I am a LEGAL Hispanic citizen. The immigration laws of this country have their origin in racism. They were passed because the racist, capitalist robber barons of the time were more than happy to work the Chinese laborers to death to build transcontinental railroads, but didn’t want them to become citizens. This “anti-immigrant” blather is just the latest incarnation of Jim Crow and bas all of the earmarks that were hallmarks of that horror to blacks. Hispanics are barred from living in certain areas, barred from eating in certain restaurants, barred from marrying who they want, terrorized with lynchings in the night, cold blooded murders with cars (yes, intentionally run over and then dragging them), guns or hangings. And the police stand by and scratch their privates and do nothing. Jim Crow in all but name and Jim Crow de facto if not Jim Crow de jure as in Arizona.

  • A lesson to Wikileaks. In the future, scratch the NYT off your list of distributors of your forthcoming leaks. The NYT has become a whore of the Federal Government and that has been widely known for a very long time among progressives in the US. There is really not a good retail outlet for your stories in the US except perhaps McClatchy News and that is recommended with great caution. After all, they continue to employ that wingnut Andres Oppenheimer who regular consults with the CIA, every other cloak and dagger agency around and every wingnut Cuban ex-pat in Miami. You’re getting careless in your success, Julian.

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    Some fancy and very erudite newspeak answer from Tim Kaine, an amazing non-answer answer to the question. Andrea Mitchell keeps rising in my respect for her as a journalist with her pointed questions. Now if she could just stop letting snakes like Tim Kaine off the hook when they don’t answer her questions.
    Does anyone have any questions that the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration have thrown working America under the bus to hobnob with the greenbacks. Big Labor needs to own this decision and join the effort to set up an new party that will represent its membership and progressive ideas.

  • @Jim

    Yeah, don’t you just love it when those unarmed aide workers in international waters were shot in the back of the head at point blank range 4-5 times with no guns ever found on the ship. If the Israelis had found guns on the ship they would have had every news outlet in the world down at the dock where the Mari Marvara was to hold a Monty Python’s Flying Circus act.

    When you defend the indefensible, you merely show: a. your bias making you blind to the truth; and b. your willingness to suspend analytical thinking to attempt justification of an indefensible act with false equivalents.