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    Funny how such a small bank got into this business. Whats also funny is how come they got a plane landing in Iran despite it being illegal for them to do so. I’ll tell you what if the Justice dept does shut down this bank for violating US law then I’ll admit this bank is not a CIA front and above the law.
    Cripes how many small legitimate companies like a regional bank would ever dare risk treason charges or trading with terrorist nation charges unless they had some guarantees that nothing would happen to them, official guarantees.
    If your going to try and provide cover for the CIA please try and be less obvious simply dismissing an idea as crazy after Bush leaked fake WMD stories to the NY Times doesn’t work anymore.
    Research? There is an American plane in Iran despite sanctions only the US government has that kind of clout. By the way I am ok if they are doing a secret peace deal.

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    And people wonder why missionaries, the press and peace corp all get thrown in jail anytime there is a left wing coup.
    Its obvious to anyone but the CIA:)

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    Unless of course Mitt Romney and the Mormons are now making deals with Iran which is what Reagan did with the Iran Hostages he worked out a deal with Iran so the hostages were released after Carter lost the election. Not sure what kind of surprise Mitt or Huntsman who is also Mormon maybe planning.

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    A small bank has that many airplanes? CIA front company

  • Forgot to mention Mary was Kerry’s campaign manager

  • Cahill is seen as an expert on women and politics. She was the Executive Director of EMILY’s List for five years and has trained women on how to run for political office all around the world, including Russia, Macedonia, and Ireland.


    Wonder if she had any connection to

    Prior to her political career, Tymoshenko was a successful but controversial businesswoman in the gas industry, becoming by some estimates one of the richest people in the country. In 2005 she placed third in the Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s most powerful women.[22]


    Remember America wants to frack in the Ukraine. the Ukraine is threading to close Russian gas pipelines and the only way fracked gas could be sold at a profit in the EU would be if Russian natural gas was not on the market.

  • Good News! I don’t have to watch, read the MSM! If O wants to talk tough to save face I’m not going to sweat it.

  • Agree its like when the Syrian government was winning the fight right before peace talks then chemical weapons were fired which hurt the peace talks and almost led to America going to war over the issue.
    We asked then why would Syria use chemical weapons when they were about to get almost everything they wanted wether by force or by peace talks?
    I think the Neo Cons in both cases seem to think that when they are about to lose its time to cheat and blame the other person for starting the fight. This seems to be one of their Tells…a quite obvious one since their lies get exposed so quick and easy.

  • I admit I am not watching the traditional media or reading the newspapers to try and determine what the propaganda is trying to prepare Americans to accept next and I really don’t want to unless there might be a real danger the American government wants a war.

  • Does anyone have a sense of is America going to go to war or is this a waste of time?

  • Lies can be instructive does it seem to you the Times is trying to lie us into another war? Are they trying to save face ( I am ok with that ). Or might they be trying to use this crisis to argue we can’t cut military spending which is what I fear they might do. Does the Times have another agenda or are they just jumping on a stupid story pushed by Neo Cons who after the Iran, Syria pushes for war and now the Ukraine seem desperate to have Obama start a war? If they get what they want and O wins then they lose the WH next election. If O loses then America becomes even more anti war. They might get more military spending or they might get more cuts in military spending from their viewpoint this is not a wise gamble.

  • He did this to himself.

  • Yes but they never expected to be exposed so quick:) This suggests the planers of this Psyops did not realize the Left especially fact checks net rumors. Heck even low information voters now enough not to believe half the stuff they read on the net and that includes the Traditional Media.
    Or after Bush lied us to war with imaginary WMD and al Queida ties to Saddam no American voter trusts our own government about anything that might get us into another war.

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    People switch to oxy from heroin and back heroin funds the CIA and later after a crackdown on mostly Dark colored dealers all those addicts will switch to oxy and make big pharma even more rich.

  • I wonder if Blackwater was involved they have men on the ground who could have passed out these papers, its either them or the local Ukraine Nazi government that did it. But still both are on our payroll $5 billion so far.
    Imagine the scandal America paid for a fake Jews papers please scandal to try and start a war. Kerry would be forced to resign. Hilary would be asked if the Ukraine coup was planned on her watch many big Dem donors who are not Jews don’t like anti semitism and will cut her off if its found her State Dept spent $5 billion backing Ukraine Nazi’s.
    Obama would lose much of his remaining Lefty support but I suspect Fox News would defend him.

  • Also Obama’s recent comments suggesting America could win a fight over the Ukraine those should just be considered Obama trying to save face.

  • This happened in East Ukraine where Pro Russians are trying to leave the Ukraine so if it did happen Russia gets the blame and America then has a Casus belli to invade to protect Jews in East Ukraine.
    If this had happened in West Ukraine then the Ukraine Nazi government would have the blame and Putin would have a Casus belli to invade to protect Jews in the Ukraine.
    The fact Kerry took to this rumor like a duck to water suggests he likely trusts who ever brought this rumor to his attention I blame the State Dept.
    And it also suggests that Kerry wanted this rumor to be true so he did not even bother to get this rumor vetted he has options to do this State Dept, CIA, Army intelligence etc.
    Why would Kerry want this rumor to be true he needs a Casus belli for war at least to use as leverage for diplomacy since he has no military option. I hope at least America won’t attack a nuclear power like Russia that has enough nukes to end the world all by themselves if they want.

  • Who stands to gain? American war mongers they need a Casus belli. However consider this Kerry heard about and responded to this net rumor riki tik/ very fast. Kerry is an older guy what are the odds he surfs the net? A State Dept staffer brought this to his attention is much more likely than Kerry surfing the net and responding to an unproven internet rumor.
    Why did the State Dept not vet the rumor themselves ask the CIA about it, ask their own people in the Ukraine to check it out before they made a fool of Kerry?
    Probably because 1) they started the rumor 2) they never realized there are people especially on the Left who try and vet rumors. 3) the Right is way to used to seeing rumors work on Fox News even if the Left later exposes them

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    I didn’t dismiss the German tv report for no good reasons, I listed a few. Here is a further basis. The initial descriptions were that most of the fatalities were from shots to the chest, neck and head, indicating professional trained snipers. Tise report gives the impression amateurs did it.

    Trained or amateur the question is did the previous Ukraine Pro Commie government do it or did the current Nazi government do it? If you want to claim muddy waters bring up questions that question who did it.

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    Bill makes a buck off bribing judges to put people in prison. He lobbies millions to make sure illegal immigrants stay in his prisons but he is not responsible for how the prisoners are treated once they get to his prison?

    Private Prisons Spend $45 Million On Lobbying, Rake In $5.1 Billion For Immigrant Detention Alone


    Spend $45 million to make $5.1 billion but still charge more than the federal government thus showing your incompetent to run prisons and then running the prisons worse from a scandal point of view abuse, violence, drugs, rape etc than the feds do

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