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    Indeed; it’s a bitch trying to get laid at a purity ball — eventually, you’re going to have to put up or go home mighty frustrated. We all compromise somewhere, even the finger wagging vegan pacifists. Your cell carrier does the dirty sanchez with the NSA and the manufacturer of your phone uses conflict minerals to make your phone; your landlord is a tea-bagging gun nut, and the CEO of Whole Foods is a union busting whack job — but he has the tasty organic crack that you crave, so… we cave and cave and cave some more. If it takes PayPal to get Greenwald his well-deserved $$$, then I’m more than willing to go down on Elon Musk and rest of the libertarians who run the evil, evil PayPal/eBay empire.

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    Maybe rural Vermont is just too far removed from the cool reality of Hollywood for me to “get it,” but can someone please explain to me why the supposedly savvy and moneygrubbing elite of tinseltown insists on letting Shyamalamalame-o squander their money on one failed project after another?

    I can see a loser getting hired at Mcdonald’s, even though his resume shows that he was fired from Wendy’s and from Burger King and Applebee’s — because, heck, they need the dumb, cheap labor and at $7 an hour it’s not like he constitutes much of an investment. But when you’re planning a $20M+ movie, why would you even consider hiring a guy whose only real accomplishment seems to be impressively consistent failure on a massive scale?

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    Tl;dr. — Something about the nice frat boy with the hangover and the mismatched shorts being your next choice for Preznit because his blatant lies appeal to the voices in your head?

    Well, that’s nice, dear.

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    Would that be the same IRS which continues to show little or no interest in examining more closely the fundie Xtian churches with a political message front-and-center from the pew Sunday after Sunday? Yeah, thought it was.

    Of course, GG (above) is quite correct: the knee-jerk reaction from the administration will most likely be to forthwith prohibit the IRS from investigating any organization known to fraternize with the GOP — not that this will solve the problem at all (the whiny little GOP’ers will have no problem turning their attention to this non-issue once they’re done with their current faux-outrage over Benghazi), but it will for a moment at least give Obama’s bunch of stellar warriors that same tingly warm feeling like when you pee your pants to keep warm… Remember back when Homeland Security made the mistake of suggesting that there might be right-wing terrorists in the US? Everybody from Glenn Beck to Michelle Bachmann and Malkin had a hissy-fit, and the report was quickly withdrawn with many apologies to the upstanding citizens in ‘Murcan Militas across this great nation. Srsly…

  • If his talk had gone a little longer, he could have given them a few dating tips — like, that time early on when he strapped Anne to the roof of his car while he and his dog were making out in the back seat… no, wait, that was later…

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    Oh, yeah, she’s definitely a “linguistics minor.” Very, very minor. Given how she writes, what “editorial assistance” could she possibly have to offer the erudite and eloquent intellectuals at What’s that? She’s still a better writer than the rest of them combined? Well, allright-y, then.

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    What’s of course not at all clear at this time is whether this will be a minor setback or a huge leap forward for Savader’s nascent career as a right wing pundit.

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    Amen to all of that. Armchair quarterbacking gets a little scarier when the keyboard commandos double guessing the experts suddenly pull out an assault rifle to show “how it’s really done” based on whatever they’ve gleaned from watching Rambo and reading

    It’s as if they read the 2nd Amendment as a voodoo mantra that magically bestows upon them the brains and skills that evolution and a sorry-ass life in the murkier end of the gene pool did not. Which would be merely lamentable and laughable if it weren’t for the fact that these people have shockingly easy access to armor-piercing bullets and continue to their sad delusions backed up and encouraged by a painfully large number of elected officials both locally and nationally…

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    That’s why they invented masturbation…

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    Poor Dylan. “ignorance is tortuous”, he says — and he clearly has first hand expertise in all things ignorant.

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    Love. That. Picture. “REUTERS – DC: GOP douchebag-in-chief Paul Ryan congratulates Adam Savader, Winner of this year’s coveted Sticky Cumsock award.

    “His ode to Ann Coulter was nothing short of amazing,” declared Ryan, “and his consistently snarky comments on made him the clear winner in an impressive field of young keyboard commandos. I look forward to working with Adam in the years ahead.”

  • What, ho? Such news: Shapiro lost/dropped/relinquished/abandoned/sold his virginity? When? How? To whom?

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    I seem to recall she was looking to move to some custom built crack den in Arizona or something once she hit teh big times and got her own TV show. Some blingy thing with a ten-car garage where Todd could park his sled and the kids could store all their kiddie-toys for when the next little Oops came along… But now that the grifting is gettin’ kinda marginal, perhaps it’s back to the homestead on the tundra?

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    You beat me to it. Ann Romney is trying to scrape together change for the April grocery shopping. Poppin’ tags and stealin’ shit — can’t trust those 1 percenters when they move into your ‘hood. Next you’ll have Rafalca spooking the dogs when he rummages through your trash for scraps.

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    Wait… so Mr. Joshpe, Esq. couldn’t figure out that complicated “click on the damn thing to find out more” procedure before he, you know, made a complete ass of himself in public? Makes me worry about anyone he might be trying to defend in court. Meanwhile, this as an apropos hispanic outreach commentary.

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    Damn, but Peggy Swenson is a hot nom-de-dyke. It’s all “wet Lutherans in corderoy and no make-up.” She was <a href=""quite prolific, too.

    Thanks for this; I was just wondering what to read this weekend while we wait for the Supreme Court to conclude the epic debate on teh gays with a grand “icky but equal” decision. With the case over and the gays busy getting married, Judge Scalia can harrumph that the end-times are clearly near, while at the same time availing himself of some of the goodies from the evidence locker — like maybe a nice Peggy Swenson novel or two.

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    Gay Wader… that was Darth Vader’s older brother, right? The Black sheep in the family, what with the limp wrist, the lisp, and the fabulous outfits… Hence, he never got any parts in the movies. Shame that, really.

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    Hell, yeah. We are the 99%.

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    Well, she’s asking for it: you’re welcome, Sarah.

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