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    Coupled with the fact that most of the jobs created during the “recovery” (quotation marks intentional) are crappy low paying jobs, the news is even worse but not unexpected.

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    After devastating Ebay, “Hurricane Meg” ravages another company again! Meg Whitman is the prototypical Ivy League graduate who doesn’t know shit but is able to advance herself using the connections that her alumni network provides. (Corporate America, academia, the leadership of both parties, and government at all levels are full of these types hence look [...]

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    Dream on, bro! This “election” could quickly be spun into a debate about which ticket is “more serious” about cutting the deficit and “dealing with (i.e. cutting) Social Security and Medicare”. As an aside, I happened to catch the last ten minutes of that entertainment/news program called the PBS Newshour and saw a couple of [...]

  • Whether Obama or Romney wins, I’m fucked either way. The only difference is how fast I am going to get fucked over – fast if Romney wins & slower (not exactly slow!) if Obama wins. Thus, I don’t give a shit about either Obama or Romney or about the Dems or Republicans. I’m voting third party (Green not Libertarian!) or leaving the ballot blank because the problems facing this country are NOT going to be solved at the voting booths and are NOT going to be solved by reverting back to the same old, stale, futile rationalizations that “Obama and the Democrats suck less than Romney and the Republicans”. I’m too damn fucking stressed and near destitution to have any time for that old garbage thinking and I don’t think I am the only one harboring such sentiments. If you want to wait 40 years for your progress, you go wait 40 years. The rest of us are going dumpster-diving.

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    Walker won? What’s Wisconsin going to do next? Maybe Wisconsin will next decide to join the European Union and adopt the Euro.

  • I am sure that Helicopter Ben is fully prepared to act unconstitutionally by sending more dollars to Europe without Congressional approval. Offhand, I heard a rumor from unconfirmed sources that Ben Bernanke just ordered several spare keyboards in case the zero buttons on the Fed keyboard he is using right now wears out from all of the pressing it’s about to endure.

  • Let me know when you all give up on the Democratic Party and then we can all talk about how we’re going to shut down the economy with a strike or some form of nonviolent resistance. It is clear that there is no recourse left to us in the ballot box. The only action that will force needed change and reform is shutting down the entire economy. However, it seems that the majority of Americans are not ready for this yet even though they are royally getting screwed by this economy. There really is no other choice. Pretending that there is another choice will only prolong the misery enough such that the crazy fascists (who will be worse than the current group of crazy fascists – Ryan, Walker, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, the Koch Brothers, etc.) may one day be given power.

  • I’m sure that Pelosi, Obama, and Reid will make a deal with the Republicans and agree to extend the Bush Tax cuts in exchange for cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits.

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    It seems that some unions like the AFL-CIO are more concerned with electing and re-electing corrupt corporate Democrats to political office than advocating for the rights and well-being of workers and union members.

    Don’t get me wrong. I support unions and am myself a member of a union even though I am completely disappointed with the performance and the assertiveness of the union to which I belong aw well as its leadership and some of my fellow union members. Nevertheless, I remain a member because I believe that unions are vital to a democratic society and to a well-functioning economy. As history clearly demonstrates, tt’s better to have a shitty union than to have no union at all because, with a shitty union, at least there is still SOME hope left. However, when union leaders such as Trumka pledge unwavering support for an anti-worker and anti-middle class president like Obama while so many workers employed or unemployed are suffering, one should not wonder why union membership in the US is falling.

    I feel that Unions, if they were really serious about representing worker interests, should start running their own rank-and-file members as candidates for political office instead of supporting the Democratic Party and its elitist, arrogant, technocratic, self-promoting, and out-of-touch politicians who have time and again sold out American workers (i.e. 1) What happened to EFCA? 2) Recall the Korea and Columbia Free Trade Agreements which will lead to more outsourcing of American jobs. 3) Recall the Obamacare Tax on Union health insurance plans. 4) Recall the unwavering support by Obama for Wall Street which continues to STEAL with impunity from 401K’s and employee pension plans. 5) Why is there no discussion from either major political party of the endless outsourcing of American jobs especially manufacturing jobs? The fucking list of atrocities goes on and on that I often wonder when people are going to stop tolerating this shit from both parties and not just the Democrats. As long as people tolerate this crap, it’s going to continue indefinitely. That’s a guarantee).

    I realize that some diehard Democrats may object arguing that fixing the current problem will take 40 years and ending support for the corporatist Democratic Party will only hurt workers as Republicans will most likely win the elections. These diehard Democrats are too smug and I wish that they and their families lose their jobs, homes, and futures soon. Why? Forty fucking years is too damn long to wait for people who are suffering and MISERABLE RIGHT NOW! Diehard democratic party rank-and-file members who still pledge allegiance to their Fuhrer/Messiah/(whatever the hell you want to call him) Obama really need to experience the pain that others are going through in order to understand the shitty reality that many angry Americans are facing RIGHT NOW.

    What choice do you really have if you are not a member of the richest 0.5% of Americans? Neither party is representing you. Republican politicians and Democratic politicians are only going to tell you what you want to hear when they need your votes and, then, once they are in office, they will sell you out to their campaign donors every single chance they get. The fact of the matter is that, if you are not a member of the richest 0.5% of Americans, YOU ARE FUCKED!

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    The mayor of St. Louis, the city council members, and any police official who were in favor of ending the Occupy encampment should be forced to resign and step down from office immediately. The people should not wait for the next election because, at this point, elections are pointless. Any politician who is against the occupy movement is simply occupying political office and is representing, protecting, and serving the top richest 0.5% of Americans at the expense of the bottom 99.5% of Americans. That politician does not belong in office, has effectively lost the consent of the people to govern, and should be forced out immediately. A general strike in each city could achieve this effect.

  • The people should demand the immediate resignation of any State AG that signs onto this piece of sh*t settlement.

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    Hey, Asshole. You’re a moron! Is she to blame for the fact that CEOs have been deciding to outsource law jobs and middle class jobs to Europe and Asia in order to chase exploited and underpaid labor in unofficial colonies of the the banks while impoverishing and flooring the wages of people over here in the U.S.? Is she to blame for the fact that the Federal Reserve threw 20 trillion dollars at the banks with NO STRINGS attached while the elite of this country force cuts in pay, benefits, and social programs for people who are not members of the top 0.5%? Is she the one who has been writing economic and public policies at the overrated Bullshit Ivy League University economics departments in the U.S.? I am sure that some one as stupid and vacuous as you would probably answer yes to all of these questions and then argue that every single American in this country regardless of class, wealth, and connections to power has equal voice and equal power in crafting public, social, and economic policy!

    The fucking fact of the matter is that people do not have an equal say in writing policy which is the COMPLETE ANTITHESIS of democracy, liberty, and justice.

    In any case, no one is forcing you to give a shit about this woman or people like her and any of us. It is YOUR CHOICE to look down your nose at people like her who have been victimized by the system and this speaks volumes about YOUR CHARACTER. I am warning you and other smug people like you who think you are totally invincible in this economy and think that you as an individual can always “get your’s and then turn around and say ‘to hell with other people’ even though other people (like the woman in this photo) partially subsidized your ability to get whatever you have right now”. UNLESS YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE TOP 1% or UNLESS YOUR DAD is/was the POTUS or Member of Congress, YOU’RE FUCKING NEXT! You will be the next one to be victimized when the next guaranteed banking crisis befalls the world. You have absolutely ZERO CLUE about how finance, business, government, and the economy are working against ordinary people like you at the present moment. It will take a while but don’t worry it will happen. In fact, you are already getting screwed by the economy in ways that brain dead and brain damaged psychopathic individuals like you cannot readily sense or perceive. Instead of looking down on you when the bullshit hits your face, I’ll be sure to drop a dime in your coffee cup when I see you homeless and panhandling on the sidewalk.

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    It is totally pointless to be questioning the decision-making of people who are nothing more than victims of this economic crisis which was caused by corrupt politicians, greedy, crooked CEOs, and elite bankers on crack. The fact of the matter is that any single person could make all of the right decisions, major in fields that people think are worthwhile, and work hard throughout their lives and still get royally screwed over in this economy. Just ten years ago people said that engineering was a great field in which to pursue study and a career. Now look at the field. So many engineers are unemployed because greedy CEOs are shipping away good American engineering jobs that Americans are more than capable of executing so that CEO compensation and shareholder profits can be maximized at everyone else’s expense. Look at the law profession which was a great and rewarding profession just 5 years ago. But now so many entry level law jobs are also being outsourced that law grads have to babysit after graduation.

    Anyone who questions the decision-making of some victimized individual who is unemployed really does not understand one simple fact. It does not matter AT ALL what you do or what decisions you make in your life, IN THIS ECONOMY, as long as you are NOT a MEMBER of the TOP ONE-HALF OF 1%, YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!

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    No, you’re the priceless one because you are stupid, ignorant, and dumb enough to think that economic, public, government, and fiscal policies have ZERO effect on people. Bullshit policies indeed have a huge effect on everyone’s destiny – your’s included. If you want to find out, tell me who you work for so I can call your boss and have you fired on Monday so you can hit the unemployment line and find out first hand how hard it is to find a fucking job out there, asshole. In any case, even if you are secure in your job (for now!), you are still affected by the crisis, you are just probably too brain dead and brain damaged to perceive it.

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    Hey, asshole, do you honestly believe that the public education system can function effectively without any money of funding? If the public education system seems like a human warehouse to you, it’s only because of bullshit economic and business ideology to which jerks like you subscribe.

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    What makes these idiot corrupt politicians think that evicting rioters and their families and cutting off their access to welfare will prevent more riots? The UK politicians are all dumb and should be subjected to no-confidence votes and immediate elections. By taking away everything that the disaffected and angry have left, the disaffected and the [...]

  • The politicians who are aiding and abetting financial fraud and terrorism by deregulating the banking system and imposing austerity on the country are the ones who belong in jail.

    The complicit mainstream media and the politicians are full of $hit. Violence and looting on the streets is considered “criminality” and punishable with jail time while violence and looting through financial means is considered legal and rewarded with profits, dividends, and bonuses.

    The UK banking system is inflicting far more damage on the UK and the world than the looters on the streets.

  • S&P’s actions should be considered treason. Their key employees and senior managers who are behind this false downgrade should be arrest, tried for treason, and (fill in the blank here with appropriate punishment).

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    This deal among the top 1% to avoid a default and an actual default will gravely harm us -the middle class, poor, unemployed, and seniors. If I had to choose between a default and this shitty deal, I CHOOSE DEFAULT! With a default at least we can take the richest 1% of this country down [...]

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    What do you mean by “we”? You mistakenly conflate the top 0.5% of Americans with the bottom 99.5% of America. You are correct that the top 0.5% which consists of wealthy speculators, corporate CEOs, and Wall Street executives have indeed been living beyond their means committing legalized corporate embezzlement and bankrupting their company and country by firing middle class employees, shipping jobs overseas, maximizing dividends and stock price appreciation for large shareholders, paying themselves outrageous, excessive, and unjustified multi-$10,000,000 bonuses and pay packages, using corporate funds to buy several mansions, jets, and luxury cars, and crying to those same middle class taxpayers that they victimized for a bailout, subsidies, tax breaks, and salvation from free market discipline after they ran their companies and the economy into the ground.

    Yes, the top 0.5% of Americans have been living beyond their means which is why the top 0.5% should be taxed, fined, jailed for corruption, sabotage, and treason, and exiled to a deserted island in the Pacific.

    The bottom 99.5% have been victims of this racket perpetrated by the rich. They have NOT lived beyond their means. They have suffered stagnant wages, reduced job prospects, higher consumer prices, and fraud by bankers, credit card companies, lenders, and politicians they elected to office. There are two Americas. The top 0.5% of America caused this crisis and were REWARDED for causing the crisis while the bottom 99.5% of America have been victimized for the past 40 years.

    Only someone as stupid and uneducated as you, donbacon, could naively lump everyone into the word “we”. Maybe you are part of the top 0.5% and, if that is the case, then I don’t blame you for resorting to spin right-wing pro-bank, pro-rich talking points, and distortion of history to preserve the states quo. But, if you are a member of the bottom 99.5%, you are a MORON and you are victimizing YOURSELF by advocating for cuts because, if the economy, the poor, and seniors go down, YOU WILL GO DOWN TOO.

    Oh, BTW, tell your friends at that I said “hi”.

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