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    When I first saw the headline, my reaction was, “other than morally, you mean?”

  • The new UPS alignment also means that the Boy Scouts, even should they adopt a less homophobic policy, should be denied funding for their anti-atheist discrimination as well, since religion is another of the categories in the UPS non-discrimination policy. I think this is important to note because so many of the stories I’ve read in the LGBT media and in the national media as well have focused only on the Scouts’ anti-gay discrimination; in some cases I’ve seen opinions and positions that to me have read as though the writer either were unconcerned about anti-atheist discrimination or in some cases believed that anti-atheist discrimination is understandable and should be permissible, and I want to be sure that we hold the BSA’s feet to the fire on account of all aspects of its discriminatory policies, not just the one.

  • I get so disgusted when these conservative and Republicans pull that “we believe in civil unions” crap, when they are not actively working to secure civil unions but, in fact, actively oppose them whenever they’re on the table. If civil unions are in fact an acceptable alternative to these conservatives, then why haven’t they already worked to secure civil unions in more than 1/5 of the states, or at the federal level? Liars.

  • Not only does Ms. Prudhomme say she intends to ignore the lawsuit and complaint and continue to offer the discount, on the restaurant’s Facebook page she personally mocks, to the delight and support of the page’s commenters, this complaint and the atheist who filed it (and at least one commenter said that the atheist should “go back to his country of origin,” as though atheists aren’t Americans). Ms Prudhomme also mocked a disabled woman who has complained about her restaurant as not being accessible, and said that all these people lodging complaints are “over 100. Don’t people have better hobbies any more [than, apparently, suing for their rights],” showing that she’s ageist and ableist, too.

  • When I first saw the photo, and the tagline “The Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good,” what immediately popped into my head was “… and to Institute Our Spending for Evil!”

  • Pam, I totally hear you. I’m one of the Californians who was numb with despair and disbelief after Prop 8 passed, and still remember friends telling me I had no right to mourn given that Obama had just made history. Yesterday, I didn’t forget that feeling, and I mourned along with North Carolinians and Coloradans, and found little comfort in Obama’s symbolic gesture; and again I’ve taken heat from friends about my unwillingness to unreservedly celebrate any crumbs the president throws our way. I strongly support your right to feel what you feel and for as long as you feel it.

  • If you use this tool, though, please please please personalize the letter so that it doesn’t seem like a form letter. Editors hate form letters. There was even an article a few days ago in which editors were grousing about form letters (from NOM members, in fact), and that when they see obvious form letters many editors just won’t print any of them.

  • Clickable link to MEUSA press advisory: http://ow.ly/8UmyY

  • There also are events scheduled all across California by local chapters of MEUSA (Marriage Equality USA). See this PDF press advisory for more details on where and when: http://www.kidnappedforchrist.com/#!about

  • Rev. Hutcherson’s blog is somewhat, if unintentionally, hilarious, at least. He’s not just a nutjob regarding LGBT people. Last month, for example, he railed about how unfair it was that the HOV lanes near Seattle require three people, and incited his readers to contact the “Nazis” (yes, his word) at the Washington State Department of Transportation to complain. And he actually then went on to parody Dr. King’s famous speech with: “The HOV lanes had a dream that between 10 am and 3 pm they would be free! Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, says the HOV lane, I’m free at last!”

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