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    Mandatory membership fee’s .. I hope your paying taxes on all this profit. Seems the truly non profit groups would take donations but not exclude people on ability to pay. Sorry count me out on principle.

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    We need a VOCAL candidate who is not on the corporate dole. Without representation in govt or riots.. i cant see change happening .. not the good kind of change anyway..

    i ask again.. who do i vote for..

    i will NOT vote for obama again. nor any OTHER corporate puppet.

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    This war is not about protecting lives.. not about freedom or liberty.. because we still prop up our favorite dictatorships else where to murder and loot their own citizens for the dictator and our corporations profits.

    so since we actually support more dictators than we oppose.. any claims for moral reasons are outright lies to manipulate the public (another crime).

    the liberation i want to see .. is the fall of the saudi, kuwatii etc dicatorships.. and thus the end of the oil monopoly our oil companys have been propping up since it’s inception.. to rape the people at the pump.

    i want to see the greatest generator of human hate ever devised.. the CIA disbanded..

    i want to see hte us govt restored to the people. Politicians who see 80+ percent in public polls.. to LISTEN AND OBEY.. their constituents. Instead of laughing.. and calling them lunatic fringe elements. I want to see the courts and government serve the people.. instead of the corporations.

    damn i think i have pretty much ruled out America.. France perhaps?

  • Obama is no different than bush. He was selected to run from the left to effectively squash the left. To lead the left to the right.. to lead the nation to the right.. something impossible for the republicans to do after bush. Obama mission accomplished.. he destroyed the bush recovery almost single handidly. ran us in a circle right back to where we started.. in the ditch.. Why hasnt the patriot act been repealed?, why arent the troops home.. and yes he could do this with the stroke of a pen. as quickly as we were in.. we could be out. Why issnt gitmo closed. Why are there fema prison camps? Obama is much much worse than the tea party states. Obama is a manchurian candidate.. no different than the puppet bush was. The HORROR is.. the next president (after obama’s 2nd term) will just be bush IV .. like obama was bush III.

  • poor people cant afford cable.. and fox owns most of the local channels.

  • so i’m not surprised when some entity like BART tells the public to F/O. to me it’s just a sign of things to come. (if it hasn’t already)

  • It’s not hard to see why govt agency’s forget whom they work for. Their bosses stick it to the public all the time. Many agency’s especially law enforcement view the public as the enemy. These public officials view their jobs more as a welfare entitlement, their just due for putting up with crap in their jobs for so long, rather than a position of public trust/service. This all starts to go bad at the top.. like when presidents ignore the will of the people.. over whelming majority’s.. to stuff cash in the elites pockets or to carry out trash for elites. Many elements of this government hasn’t served the people of this country for quite a while now, starting with congress and the white house.

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    Some more people might die.. but the matter is settled. Ghadafi’s sons are captured or dead.. his official bodyguard surrendered. Abandoned uniforms where his guards used to be.

    yep it’s over.. cept the residual killing that is common after the fact.

    only question i have now is how many tractor trailers full of cash he took with him when he left.

    one thing all dictators having in common is their national banks are their personal bank accounts.

    probably why the fed chose to have them over thrown in the first place.

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    If you cant afford to eat safe food.. the idea is to get rid of you to lower the earths population to more earth friendly levels.. that’s the plan!

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    Your wasting your time with Obama.. everything was already decided.. when they selected him to replace the last Manchurian candidate. Obama does not care about public opinion.. They have already tapped him for his second term.. and thus sent in the clowns to run against him. Nothing you say or do.. will alter the fact he’s the next president, and he’s gonna do exactly what his employers tell him to do. Exactly what he’s been doing so far.

  • If obama is as far left as the choices go.. there is no choice at all. Vote neocon.. or vote neocon. Only thing that changes is how quick the rest of the constitution/middle class is destroyed. At least if it’s a republican there will be an outcry. Obama sticks the knife in from the back.

  • The one party.. that brought us bush and obama.. is going to bring us obama again.. this is ensured by only allowing clowns and fools to run against obama. there is NO choice this election.. especially when the guy on the left is actually the most effective pusher of republican agenda to ever hold the office.. It matters NOT

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    They are lauging all the way to the election. Who are you going to vote for.. the most effective person ever to dismantle the hopes dreams and accomplishments of the democratic party? (obama) or a republican running on the destruction of the democratic party/ideals?

    we have no choice. Dispite the theoretical differences between bush and obama.. far right and far left.. we got exactly the same thing in obama we had in bush.. and guess what.. the next guy.. regardless of his or her name.. will be bush IV. .. just like obama has been bush III.

    there is only ONE party in the usa.. the war/bank/wallstreet/corporate party. There has only been one party in the usa since regan or JFK.

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    Since these revolutions are only happening to non USA installed dictatorships.. I fear this is just the CIA expanding our empire. I think the world would be safer and better off with Iraq’s, Syria’s and Libya’s original dictators than with more CIA installed puppets. The USA is getting so out of hand I’m even starting to think the world would be safer with the soviet’s around. It’s not terrorists passing nafta’s and patriot acts, building FEMA prison camps and stealing the nations wealth. The USA is collapsing from within. As more and more country’s around us collapse under the CIA’s agenda there are fewer and fewer places to find haven when fascism eventually rules America. Think there are two parties in america? think again.. explain to me how bush and obama are different .. tax breaks wars health care corporate welfare govt accountability, obama is just bush III.. the right and left just a sham to fool us into thinking there is a choice when every candidate is pre selected adn chosen to serve the puppet masters. electronic voting and corporate media tooks keeping it so. I think america as we knew it. is in deep shit.

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    ron paul would bring the troops home.. and end the fed.. if he disbanded the cia and america’s empire as well .. he might be worth all the negative things he does to the american people socially.

    At this point i think the greatest danger to this country is the new world order people passing the nafta’s and waging the wars (every president since JFK). Those people trying to destroy the constitution. I can take a ron paul.. because our common enemy IS the new world order. Ron might set the country back a century or two.. but he wont destroy it like bush and obama are doing.

    I will NOT vote for obama again.. he’s more destructive and effective passing right wing corporate welfare legislation than any professed republican president has ever been. Obama is simply bush III in all substance.

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    It’s clear this president is no progressive, no democrat. This president is just another republican, groomed in the shadows and brought forward to give us a false perception of having had a choice at the polls. We the people have lost our government, all three branches, our media and our right to vote (electronic voting). [...]

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    Enough is enough! .. will the darn govt QUIT persecuting Americans! From sexuality to drugs STOP WAGING WAR ON AMERICANS!

    Land of the free is a joke.

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    who do we vote for?

    obama or romney? OMG .. who do we vote for? those guys are the SAME!

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    Who do we vote for? .. what’s the choice.. obama or romney? OMG.. who do we VOTE FOR? WHY is no democrat/progressive running?

    silver or lead?

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    Since when has a president gave a crap about the world, united states law or the constitution? Where have you been?

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