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  • As much as I appreciate that Jon is a great news aggregator for ACA, this article and the comments make it clear that he is also severely deluded.

    He thinks all that is needed to fix ACA is an all payer backbone to the system. And I’m getting the impression that he still thinks that some Dems will vote for that.

    To me, this misses two very big items that make the Swiss system at least workable. The fact that the insurance companies are actually required to provide health care at an affordable cost with few if any loop holes. AND that this regulation is strictly enforced. Even if we could get All Payer, if the regulatory agencies are captured those prices will still be too high AND there will be loop holes up the wazoo. AND it will just mean more profit for the insurance companies. Without the very adequate basic policies which are non-profit without the low networks, etc. they will still provide as little healthcare as they can get away with. And with that regulatory capture they will get away with not just the money in the till, but the vault and the walls of the entire bank.

    I know that many here think this will lead us to single payer. I’m just as sure that this means single payer is not going to happen in my lifetime. Not only has this been the government endorsing legalized theft from the majority of the American people it will discredit government health care for decades. Especially since it will be used to make Medicare and the VA less effective.

    I don’t have the answers, but All Payer alone is not going to solve this. Not to mention the Democrats who would consider this are never going to get on the ballot….

  • All done because the rentiers who run this country could refer to it as a ‘free market’ system because people buy their own insurance. All the time ignoring that it is not in the least free market.

  • Yup, I seem to remember typing most of this several times over the last few years.

    I do think you have missed one other important item. I would include a strong regulatory system overseeing both the insurance companies and the providers. Without that the rest would be useless. I am not unaware of the fact that this is helped by a populace who does not think that wholesale fraud and theft is SOP for either group and therefore support and believe in this governance. (Something that the free market ideologues here in America either ignore or gloss over entirely as well).

  • The problem is sorting out what they really intend from what they say they intend.

    And Democrats are the party of the people who really will believe that the guy who can’t get your name right is going to call the next day.

  • I was informed that ALL of US have benefited from ACA.

    My reaction was that was inaccurate, but only time would make them believe it.

    Seriously, the Democrats will NOT be ‘fixing’ this flaming piece of crap unless or until the majority of their voters finally get that they were sold out by every friggin’ Democrat that put this in place and that the only people who have benefited from it are the CEOs of the for profit medical and insurance companies AND their pet politicians. And that even all those uninsured that got Medicaid would have been better helped by actual health reform.

  • And none of this was foreseeable. Gosh, when some of us pointed out that this was a failing of the ACA, we were told we were chicken littles. And now the sky is falling.

    If this was the method you were going to use, there should have been a portion of the law making sure that exchange policies had a network no less then 3/4 the size of company’s largest network. And ALL emergency room visits had to be covered in network or out of it. Because one of the so-called advantages of people having insurance is that they WON’T use the ER as regular medical care. So it should be covered PERIOD.

    That isn’t to say that All Payer also shouldn’t have been part of this as well, of course it should. It isn’t as if someone could go in for an operation and suddenly have an out of network doctor on their team or anything. Oh, wait…

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    I admit I got sidetracked by other things and the actual making will be later this week. it is a recipe from New Mexico State University and uses hatch chili, a relatively mild but tasty chili. I’m pretty sure the person who developed it probably loved Pepper Jelly. I must admit I’m also tempted to [...]

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    Making some with green chili today.

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    As someone who believes we need all the whistleblowers we can get, regardless of who they are blowing the whistle on all I can say is, “God speed, Ray Maxwell, may you survive the avalanche.”

    Do I believe his story? Absolutely. Anyone who does not think that first and foremost for Hillary Rodham Clinton and her closest aides and advisors is making sure she is President has not been paying attention. There is no question in my mind that they would immediately close ranks and step into overdrive trying to make sure nothing touched HRC. And that normal procedures, or even the idea that knowing exactly what happened might be important to prevent this in the future wouldn’t even rate a moment’s consideration.

    Now, whether there is an actual there, there besides the obvious need to protect her, I do not know, and ultimately do not care. I’ve know for over a decade that HRC needs to be kept as far from the Presidency as possible. And everything about the hoopla concerning Benghazi really does seem to be only about that – and not about making sure our actual diplomats are not in needless danger (like banning the use of all embassies or consulates for CIA operations…)

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    I’m very well aware of the Swiss system. However you seem to be working from data I have never seen. For example nothing I have found says that the requirement that the base plans no longer have to be non-profit. And all the figures that I have seen make AMERICA the country that pays the least per person towards their citizen’s health care. Also there are strict regulatory controls on prices, at least according to everything I have read.

    Look I don’t like the Swiss system. Of every western nation with universal coverage it is the one where health care costs the most, because of that added middleman. OTOH, it is still far less then Americans pay. All because of the strict controls on the insurance AND the price regulations. Both of which were ditched for America. Making ACA absolutely unworkable.

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    This is where the medical loss ratio gets even more important.

    Base Health Insurance Plan minimum required by the Swiss government – Must be offered by every Insurance company, must be non-profit, Medical Loss ratio approximately 6%.

    Head of United Health would NOT be paying for the private jet if they had a very rigid basic health plan, legally were not allowed to profit and were held to even 7% administrative costs. (Oh, and had to justify every friggin’ cent of a premium increase not just to one regulator but to two. And if we did that for every type of plan, well he would be getting used to coach.

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    Or this.

    Although I’m pretty sure some enterprising sociopaths running Insurance companies will try to find a way. Oh, we’re not offering health insurance, we’re offering upgrades!

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    I can solve this pretty damn easy. All generic drugs are covered with NO co-pay regardless of what they are. PERIOD.

    But c’mon there are more representatives of Insurance companies and big Pharma in HHS then there are people there interested in making sure Americans have health care. If you didn’t know that, you weren’t paying attention when they put all those administrative costs as MEDICAL care. As if the 20% they got for administrative costs wasn’t already beyond generous and into the corrupt category. It is nice of you to notice that the US dropped one of the two things that makes the Swiss system this atrocity is based on work – a strong regulatory system that is not and cannot be gamed by the private interests. You know one interested in making sure that the Swiss aren’t just paying premiums for diddly but get the health care that is their right.

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    I do have to admit that my favorite moment on the new revamped View I caught this Monday. It was Nicole Wallace looking at Rosie O’Donnell like “you’re making a joke – Right!?!?!”. This as she answered O’Donnell’s question of whether Clinton was running with “Yes, she’s running. Of course.” I was sad she didn’t include the are you stupid “What the hell is she doing in Iowa if she isn’t running” followup.

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    I think the recent actions in Gaza got traction. It was SO over the top, so obviously about punishing millions of civilians for the actions of a few that really endangered NO ONE in Israel that people began to get that Israel was THE problem. I doubt the other punishment of taking over more land they weren’t legally allowed to have in the West Bank, land with the olive trees that the areas’ Palestinians harvest no less made much headway.

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    Feel better.

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    amazing how often the Priests (of almost all religions) would rather burn something then study it.

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    Full single payer would be fantastic.

    But I have to tell you that your list of what Medicare involves sounds like heaven for me. I have several years before I am eligible for Medicare. According to everything I could find my almost four hundred a month premium would have gotten me a plan with a deductible would have between four and six thousand, I would then have been responsible for twenty per cent of everything after that. And not only was my doctor not on any of the networks, neither was the hospital system they work for – which until about two months ago was the hospital closest to me in case of emergency.

    No expanding current Medicare would not be perfect, but it was a far more realistic START of health care reform then forcing Americans to buy insurance from companies determined to make sure you get NO health care for your premiums AND allowing them more access to the rule and regulation part of the law then people actually interested in citizens getting the health care that is their right.

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    Dear God can we get past the political game playing and just admit that the Democrats screwed up royally passing this atrocity. And that the best option they have is to actually run on real health care reform by saying we’ve tried the DoleCare/RomneyCare plan and it is now time for this to stop being about the ‘market’ and protecting insurance companies is time to be about health care. Medicare for all.

    Oh, wait, that would be too liberal and based on reality, not on the stuffed heads on sticks that Obama and Rahm and the Democratic establishment told us were ponies and unicorns.

  • Well you know those votes come back to bite you in the ass later if the people realize they have been led down the garden path and spent a lot of money for nothing. Not to mention lives lost, or broken – sometimes beyond repair.

    I’m pretty damn sure that the Democratic Congress learned its lesson on that one in 2008. Now if only the people had an attention span longer then a gnats they might have learned it too and recognized this for the crap it is. And then they could be telling their representatives that not only must they vote, they must shut this down before it happens. But no, it will take five or six years before that happens.

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