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  • Oh, it might actually have become one. If the Supreme Court decides to eliminate the subsidies, AND Congress does nothing, I’m thinking that Single Payer could actually happen within the decade. If the Court decides to keep the insurance companies happy… Well listening to Krugman’s support of the boondoggle the other night, I really do [...]

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    And apparently I have no taste, so not only did I think Glory worked. I liked their speech as well. But then I also thought Arquette had a point and she is being trashed on Yahoo today for being a stupid actress who doesn’t know what she is talking about.

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    There is an extended sequence in Birdman where Michael Keaton gets locked out of the theater he is working in with his robe caught in the door and to get back in he has to travel around the block in the Times Square area in his tight whities to get to the front of the theater. He is followed around by the crowd who ask for his autograph and photograph him and even mock him for his superhero character. Harris’ bit was absolutely a reference about that with a brief Whiplash moment thrown in.

    That doesn’t mean it was good, just that there was a reason for it.

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    Missed it.

    Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring it back.

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    I could be wrong, but my first thought on reading this was Germany and France have realized that 1.) this war will be fought on their borders and spill onto them, and 2.) the US is crazy. and finally 3.) they will lose either way, but more if war is allowed to break out.
    I’m pretty sure this is not good cop, bad cop for the US, I’m betting it is about begging Putin for help in making sure the US doesn’t get the war it is hell bent on starting.

  • “Most transparent administration ever.”

    Yeah, the most transparently hostile to whistleblowers and open about illegally targeting journalists and freedom of the press.

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    While I agree that DiE’s fable does not really directly address the government creating jobs idea, it could. It would just need to start earlier. It needed to note how much GE depended on things the government had provided. And I keep saying that one of the things that must be in that desperately needed [...]

  • Call me wild and crazy, but if North Korea really did hack Sony, and frankly I have no reason to believe they did yet, I would bet that the reason why they did nothing was because they didn’t notice. It was just one more in a big old pile of data that these guys get and cannot process. Unless they are focused on something it is going to take years to get their attention, not months.

    But not knowing and/or North Korea having diddly to do with it can not be let go to waste. I say FF of opportunity not design.

  • Well it isn’t as if the Obama administration is going to admit that the last Congress (and he) made sure the banks that were gambling in oil derivatives are going to have their losses covered by the American tax payers (who we found out today was largely working and middle class), and probably in time even their depositors.
    IOW, after years of profiting from commodities speculation and then from backing those small mom and pop operations, the banks covered their asses by pushing those liabilities into the derivative market. Where, like mortgages before them, they got sliced and diced and multiplied over and over – so that it magnifies those losses to X times. And now that they cannot or even will not pay the price for this gambling we are facing a ‘crash’ that will make the bailout of 2008/2009 that is still ongoing even look like a penny ante event.
    Nope, America is not going to be affected at all. Well at least not the America that matters. The rest of us are royally fucked.

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    In simple answers to complicated questions: 1. the support of free speech that doesn’t actually affect the ruling powers is easy and 2. especially when it inflames the ‘we have to fight terrorism’ meme that keeps the public resigned to huge amounts of private grift of their purse (as in national security and military spending.) [...]

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    1. OPEC is only one part of the oil producers. Russia, America, etc are not dropping production in order to raise prices either. 2. Despite the rhetoric this is hurting all the oil producing countries, including Saudi Arabia. And of the three, America’s oil producers are going to crash and burn long before the Russian [...]

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    Hey, it isn’t just Obama that can stop this in its tracks. Unless they immediately change the rules of the Senate, Dems can refuse to vote cloture on it. And they can cite Ruth’s little factoid over and over and that they are standing up for the Americans who have been refusing to let that happen as they vote not to allow the vote.

    I don’t expect them to do that, anymore then I expect Obama to veto it, but NEVER forget that there are actually more Democrats in the Senate right now then there were Republicans during the first two years of Obama’s administration. Hardly anything will get past this Congress without Democratic help. And they need to be held just as responsible as Obama for any failure to stop the atrocities. Especially since they can all run again.

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    I’m actually hoping he will find a way Not just to divorce the American Catholic Church from the evangelicals but from the thrall of what Peterr called their idolatrous acceptance of ‘the market’, Something I’m going to say is ‘greed is good’ for Priests.

    I really do believe something that will help would be to ‘promote’ some of his cardinals and bishops from their cushy slots and put them in the trenches with the poor, with no choice but to live among them and AS them. Call it using their abilities where the need is greatest. I really believe that more then a few of the American Catholic elite need to have their bubbles burst, not only their illusion of what the world is like, but also what is their due.

    But that is just me, and I’m a far less forgiving person then Francis.

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    Top management and anyone serving as Director for companies on Wall Street, a fossil fuel company, Koch Industries, Mining Companies, major banks, Education parasites (testing/for profit charters), Insurance companies, For profit Hospital systems, Big Pharma, Big Ag…, Google and major tech companies, and the big ‘entertainment’ companies that have purchased almost 90% of the press [...]

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    I know you specify ‘god’s work’, but I would recognize that a whole lot of people work at Goldman and in Wall Street companies that are frankly just getting by – secretaries, janitors, security. They may enable the thieves, but in the society created by said thieves, their options are limited. So, I’d make that [...]

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    Forget the link to the White House, the whole thing managed what it was supposed to do. Made it impossible to hold groups on the right to the letter of the law regarding political activity of charitable organizations – both with regards to taxes and disclosure. The IRS was doing EXACTLY what they were supposed to do and it had to be stopped.

    The White House crap is more smoke and mirrors.

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    I love all the pagan aspects of Christmas. Always have. And some commercial ones as well – Santa, and bad romantic Christmas movies. I even love some of the more theatrical Christmas services even when they aren’t on the 25th. Someday I’m getting to a Russian Orthodox one. I am disgusted by the fact the [...]

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    For me there is no question that Obama is a fascist and during his administration America has moved closer to full fledged fascism faster then ever before. If that was him or just increasing velocity I do not know. I do know that when people voted for change, much of it was about reversing that [...]

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    Without also limiting what one can do ‘after’ one leaves office, we are also screwed. Particularly with term limits. I mean if you get lucrative board positions or a promised ‘speaking’ career from Wal-mart or Goldman Sachs after leaving office…

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    My response: Dear idiot, the reason your kids cannot find jobs is because you stupidly think that socialism is the problem and not lack of regulation of capitalism. We are rapidly moving to the point where unregulated capitalism must end – an oppresive and corrupt monopoly. So glad you are pro gun and pro military. You are going to need that someday when Goldman Sachs and or Koch Industries decide they want everything you own, your kids own, and every right you have – including water to drink.

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