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  • So the Obama administration continues being the most opaque, least responsive and most punitive administration of my lifetime regarding the public’s right to know AND have a corruption free government.

    And that is saying a lot because I’ve been alive since Eisenhower and so have Nixon, Ford, Reagan, both Bushes and Clinton in my experience.

  • Except that does not take insurance company failure into account. Friend lost his coverage because the company didn’t bill him, wouldn’t let him pay without a bill and did not correct the situation. Because he was busy, his failure was never to put it in writing, only dealing with them over the phone. So when they cancelled his policy for “non-payment” THEIR failure to bill him or allow him to pay without one left him without insurance and no means to enroll except during open enrollment.

    But it does point out once again that basing our entire health care system on a third party for profit payment system eliminates the desire to make sure our citizenry has adequate health care. Especially when you strip away almost ALL controls and regulations from the system AND choose to make sure the policing of even the small regulations are done by the weakest entity possible. Oh, and when you make sure that ‘affordable’ is only applicable if you are thrown into the actual government health care system and they pay for you OR you make upwards of five times the median income.

  • I think it was meant to end employer insurance (mission accomplished) without single payer as it was also meant to discourage any interest in government health care. However the disconnect that many people have between Medicare and government health care, the fact that older Americans vote, AND that Obamacare is making those over 50 long for Medicare means that I’m pretty sure the final item on the conservative wish list will NOT happen. And that privatizing it further will also become a no go. It really will be “Hands off my Medicare!”.

    And while I have two winning bets going about ACA’s reduction of Medical Bankruptcy (it is NOT going to reduce it significantly), I really wished I had a couple of moneymakers going about the employer mandate. Please note how many companies are making sure that as few employees as possible have employer health care, and I’m pretty damn sure the ONLY mandate that will never be put in force will be the employer mandate. But watch that cadillac tax go into effect – driving employer coverage to be either reduced radically or eliminated entirely. And since there are no aspects of the law requiring any savings from benefit changes to revert to the employee’s wages, it is going to be a windfall corporations and a huge pay cut for workers.

    Heckuva job, Barack!

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    On those old tanks, the government doesn’t always pay. It depends on where those tanks are, my family has paid out a ton to try to clean up the ones on my what was my grandparents’ land outside their Trading Post. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that the regulations have changed a couple [...]

  • Too bad that Francis is probably too old to find a way to eliminate the corrupt asses and deadwood in his organization. But he is actually fighting them. Which is more then I can say for the people we expected to do that here.

    On the other hand after Krugman decided to kick the hippies for not whole heartedly supporting the trojan horse in the White House, he talks about either whether we want to go back to a time when the robber barons ran everything apparently failing to notice that the Trojan Horse’s DoJ actually sided with Amazon against the workers trying to sue for equitable treatment from the newest Robber Baron on the block. Something that answers his own question of where the White House stands on that question.

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    I’m not sure this would be my particular cup of tea, but there is a recipe for chicken and rice soup with lemon and ginger that has bok choy in this month’s cooking light I’m dying to try. Okay, I won’t do pouched brown rice, but…

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    Oh, I don’t think the Church has any credibility. I do know, however, it has influence. And right now Francis is a damn sight better influence then his predecessor or Dolan. Dolan is a particular thorn in my side, as his influence in this city extends far beyond Catholics. Watching him scramble makes me happy. [...]

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    I do have to admit that watching Dolan twist himself in knots trying to make that declaration about homosexuality no big deal was amusing in the immediate aftermath. Unfortunately I’m sure he got his talking points down in the last few days. And I’m sure the lie at the end of the shambling mess I [...]

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    You want to see what drives politicians to suicide….Find a way to make elections mandatory, but also mandate a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” line. Want to bet that a whole lot of Congress would be out of a job. Because I’m pretty sure our do nothing Congress would be because so much of it was empty. Where the Democrats can no longer seek to be the lesser of two evils, because people have the option of neither evil is less enough.

    Oh, I know I’m a dreamer, and that it is also not a workable system. But frankly I would love to watch Steve Israel and the DLC assholes pull their hair out over a couple of election cycles because the base has somewhere else to go and they actually have to appeal to all of us they have driven off in the last thirty years to get a candidate elected.

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    Well to be fair, Obama pretty much pushed through the Congressional approval of the bailout. It might have been show, but the same for Bush. It was really Paulsen. But as Elizabeth Warren keeps reminding us, there was much that could have been done after the initial bailout, but what was done was to keep funneling money to them through backdoor means that will never be repaid.

    And frankly, as far as I can see Obama has been working for the 1% a long time. He was a trojan horse, in case corporate whore sock puppet #1 Hillary Clinton was not going to make it.

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    The next time somebody says to me that Obama has not been a friggin’ bloody disaster to me, I’m going to respond with this little tidbit.

    After 2008, the question of how to deal with a bank failure of a big bank should have stopped being a question as the too big to fail banks should have been broken up as too great a risk to the economy and the country. That we are having meetings of how to deal with propping them up INTERNATIONALLY six years later is frankly not just disgusting. It is criminally treasonous in a sane and rational world, you know the one where the government works for the PEOPLE.

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    Not only would taxing the rich benefit the nation by increasing its revenues. Taxing them and reinstating a few corporate taxes about that employer tax liabilities for that income for their executives would actually benefit business in America. It has been shown that higher tax rates not only increase corporations reinvestment in their companies, it [...]

  • Our esteemed media are bought and paid for PR pushers spewing propaganda for the 0.01% on a regular basis. The NY Times hasn’t been the “paper of record” for at least a decade. And I’m going to echo Big Al. The only people who should be seeing lower benefits for higher contributions are the people [...]

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    I must admit as someone who has spent far too much on pumpkin spice lattes, eaten a ton of pumpkin bread, loves me a pumpkin pie (one of my favorite recipes includes a thinish layer of chocolate nestled between the crust and the pumpkin), and would probably like a pumpkin cake that one just doesn’t [...]

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    While I agree with your other comment, something must be pointed out here about this one. Only one small portion of the investment company bailout was a loan that was repaid with any real interest and it cost the American people far more then they made. Tarp was but one small piece of the their [...]

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    Unfortunately, I also believe that is true. And the results of 2008 proved to me that they have made sure that no matter how much we vote for change it will not happen unless we vote for total change. Considering that the party of the working man now thinks 7, 8, 9 percent unemployment is not a crisis, and a recovery made up of minimum wage jobs is A recovery the LOTE vote is not working. Mind you even if the electorate wakes up, the corporate overlords will actively work to buy third party politicians. But even with that inevitability, unless there is a significant third party movement in this country voting is NOT going to derail this.

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    Considering they pretty much own both parties, with very few exceptions, it is unlikely that we are going to see the corporatists lose anytime soon.

    I mean they have recovered. The rest of the country not so much. And do not think for a moment that the Democrats didn’t help with that.

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    So no one knows the deficit has dropped, big deal. Unless Krugman is making a big stink about the fact that all the means taken to cut the deficit have actually stalled real recovery in America AND that the only deficit that really matters is the trade deficit, I do NOT care. We all know how this goes, as soon as the means are there to cut taxes the fact that the deficit has dropped and dropped too much will be everywhere. And the people who do not know this aren’t reading Krugman.

  • I’m expecting a windfall of forty whole dollars next year. It doesn’t sound like much, but I have bets with two online ‘friends’ about ACA and medical bankruptcy. Yup, they swallowed the kool-aid in its entirety and didn’t even bother to note that Romneycare already proved this system did NOT reduce medical bankruptcy significantly. (Or that Romneycare was actually a stronger more consumer friendly version of ACA, the insurers learned from it, and made sure to eliminate the protections from the federal version).

    More and more ACA is becoming conservatism. ACA cannot fail, only the public can fail ACA (by noting the numerous ways it does not provide medical care and how little you get for your premiums.)

  • Please. Does anything about ACA work as it was sold. Beginning with the term ‘affordable’.

    Of course, the only real numbers involved with lessening the uninsured was the Medicaid expansion. Anyone who really looked at it understood that. Oh, sure there would have been some upward trending if the employer mandate had actually been enacted AND it was really a mandate to cover all your employees, but that bit was only there to fool the rubes. Please note how the numbers of how many the act would insure consistently dropped, and dropped and dropped in the lead up to first open enrollment period. It was all because 1.) those numbers were inflated to begin with, 2.) most of them had to do with the Medicaid expansion which was derailed by SCOTUS, and 3.) the employer mandate was put off (probably forever).

    As someone points out the estimate of uninsured getting coverage because of ACA dropped to 6 million prior to the exchanges opening. (And I’d love to run that number, and the actual number they say it dropped and compare them to the number of people who have lost insurance in the five years leading up to ACA’s passage from unemployment AND from the numbers of employers who dropped coverage. Because I’m pretty damn sure that similar to the jobs situation we are still functioning at a net loss). If accuracy was at any point part of the PR package of ACA, people would have rioted in the streets, because that would have meant having to admit that all this did was enslave the American citizen to the private insurance corporations with little or no guarantee of actual medical care attached.

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