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  • Actually, this is just the end result of never slapping Israel on the wrist for being bullies and terrorists. Seriously. Oh, I get the never again aspect of the formation of Israel. And sometimes they really have something to complain about. But frankly they treat the Palestinians as they were treated by the Russians, and it wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere deep in the heart of many of their leaders and fundamentalist whackos they don’t regret there isn’t a “final solution” regarding that group.

    Yes, I am saying that the people running Israel are hideous war criminals. Not every Israeli or Jew, but this group who gets to decide what Israel does or doesn’t do. Think of the hideous war criminals who run this country currently and the bunch before them, that those Americans should be imprisoned away from humanity does not mean all Americans are incapable of decent human behavior.

    But here’s the thing, IF America had also treated Israel with enough respect to say “you are full of crap and making terrorists – stop it” long ago and reined in their attempt to supposedly protect themselves by treating an entire population like criminals, there is every likelihood that the Palestinians might not have elected Hamas. But I guess pointing out that every one of the survivors of this and every other Israeli offensive of the last several decades are being taught that they will NEVER be treated as humans by Israel, and the only thing that will save them and their children is to eradicate it. And that most Americans would be EXACTLY the same way under the circumstances.

    So here’s my solution – every weapon that America gives Israel, every defense, they provide the same to the Palestinians. Iron Dome on one side, Iron Dome on the other. Nuclear weaponry on one, same on the other. Oh, and they stop enforcing Israels ban on everything and its brother into gaza and actually make sure that they have everything they need to build homes AND tunnels. IOW, you make the fight equal and see if Israel will FINALLY negotiate in good faith. Because when it won’t just be 1 arab Israeli for every 400 or 500 Palestinians….well

  • I’m fully expecting for there to be lots of WTF, I just got screwed moments with ACA. Mr. and Mrs. Tiger got it early. The people who get hit with a big tax bill in January because their subsidy calculation was wrong will have it then. Then there are the people who don’t know about Medicaid claw back. Now there is this one.

  • Really? Really?

    I’m sorry but the exchanges were supposed to make shopping for insurance easier and less subject to gaming the system by the insurance companies by codifying the system. At least that was the rational behind the selling of them. I know that was never supposed to be the reality. But now the hope is that it teaches people that shopping for insurance is a pain. The problem with that excuse is that the people who didn’t have insurance through their
    employers pretty much already knew that besides being too expensive, shopping for it was a humiliating and confusing experience and a pain. Most of the people who didn’t know this, still don’t because they have it through their employers.

    I’m sorry but the big learning experience through this is that the subsidy system is too complicated. People cannot calculate their own subsidies, and so cannot confirm that their subsidy is accurate, and therefore cannot take steps necessary to correct that. And frankly I’m pretty damn sure that is by design and not just that our insurance lobbyists that wrote the bill are idiots.

  • Nah, the Republicans only have to wait for the lastest ALEC or Koch Brothers written bill to come in, and the Dems have all their sorry excuses for bills not going to pass written and their excuses memorized for not actually fighting for anything so it is back to World of Warcraft battles and Walking Dead marathons.

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    Yeah, I think we would see more action toward peace if the US funded an Iron Dome for Gaza. Oh, and insisted that EVERYTHING THEY GIVE TO ISRAEL THEY GIVE TO GAZA. IOW, if they treated the people of gaza with the same respect of their need to defend themselves and to rule themselves as they give to Israel, I’m thinking that Bibi would soon be replaced or destroyed.

    Continued support to Israel is NOT productive.

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    Once again, sir, two of us have provided a very real option currently open to you that does not include changing your basic biology – adoption.

    That you do not recognize that an adopted child is YOURS, not his or hers is your option is your failure not ours.

  • And yes, I realize that none of that would have gotten past the House, but all of it would have pushed the discussion closer to center from the batshit ultra right conservative bullshit our media now calls ‘moderate’.

  • The House has taken multiple actions to either repeal or defund ACA.
    This was the list as of March of this year:

    Where I agree with you is that while the House was doing that, the Senate should have been taking vote after vote on issues fixing or improving funding for ACA. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Or better yet, voting on Medicare for All. Not to mention making the Post Office a bank and making their requirement to fund their pension obligations 75 years out the requirement for every corporation in America, oh and repealing all the tax credits for 401ks for employers and increasing any for pension funds. But then that would mean standing up and being counted for your base. Something Democrats feel no need to do.

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    Well, I’m glad you took the time to attempt to educate me on the evils of various reproductive rights groups. Now tell me again what that has to do with pointing out that if you want children and not some genetic legacy adoption is a pathway to that. IOW, your response had little to do with what I was talking about.

    Which is ironic, since you jumped all over the person who pointed out that your post essentially indicated that this history should render any thought of reproductive rights moot since you didn’t say that.

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    Okay, I’m all for your unequal pay!

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    I’m actually quite fond of the idea of Argentina declaring the hedge fund owners terrorists and putting out trading cards naming and identifying them. Along with letting everyone in Argentina know what these vultures want to take from them.

    Even without a direct bounty, I’m pretty sure the response would temper their avarice.

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    I’ll never understand people who think they want children, but are fixated on the genetics. You want a child adopt one, but then it would be about being a parent. Not some ego trip about immortality, which is crap anyway.

    It would be great if it were about equal pay and opportunity, but just as the whines about children are so often not about having children, the fight about reproductive rights is not about abortion or children either, it is about making sure the women are some subservient creatures with less opportunity because they can be made to interrupt their lives and their plan with a pregnancy.

    When men have to accept being questioned about who will care for their children, and who they expect to cover their workload during their pregnancy, and they know they will have to work eight hours a day on top of their paid job to care for those children, not to mention retire with 40% less money then women because they have children….well then I’ll take their whining for reproductive rights as something more then another ass backward means of pretending women have more rights then they do.

  • Hey, this is all about a corrupted system deciding which corrupted system remains in place.
    I despise ACA, I hated it when Dole suggested it, I thought it was mess when Romney enacted it in Massachusetts.
    But this is about its future being deciding by a Court that has shown in the last few years it has little or no conscience, humanity, legal ethics, or even commonsense. To recognize that the final decision on this comes down to whom they are the puppets of that day is not a support of the bill. It is just a recognition of the reality of the situation, same as knowing that most of the people behind this turd have NO interest in actual health care and designed a system to make sure that America continues to pay a lot of money for very little.

  • Doesn’t matter what the lawyers say, or the courts say until the final act. And we all know what that is. And we also know it doesn’t even matter what the law says, precedence, etc. Because anymore that final act is no more about law and common sense then the average Limbaugh rant.

    I cannot wait until John Roberts has to twist himself into knots to make the Chamber and Insurance companies happy again. I’m sure he was hoping the last couple were it.

    Mind you, if for some reason the Chamber abandons the insurance companies on this, Obama will lose the one item on his rather questionable legacy. But I’m thinking we can count on them, as the subsidies is their way of passing any responsibility for their employees onto the public.

    Nope the only real question is whether this comes up in October or next spring.

  • Jon, please, just say straight out what I’ve said all along. ACA is the Swiss plan with everything that makes the Swiss plan work stripped out of it. That includes precise government regulation regarding what is in plans, network control and the one that is going to hit big this fall premium increase controls. (And that doesn’t even consider the price controls that we do not have.)

    Only people who aren’t really paying attention think this turkey is ever going to fly, or that Congress will fix it enough to get it off the ground even by putting on a plane of government subsidies for 9/10ths of the population. Because the goal of this thing was never to actually provide health care, it was to support insurance companies and big pharma and private medical and give Barack Obama a win that the Clintons didn’t have. The fact that it is a huge theft of public money and a mandated legalized fleecing of the public itself is pretty much just icing on the cake.

  • I’m sure the insurance companies who wrote the law allowed that ONLY because it is a net win for them. Childbirth is much more expensive then birth control.

    Most other drugs are not so clear cut the cheaper option.

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    Julia was one of my first thoughts as well.

    I’d probably go with Julia, Dorothy Parker, David Niven, Molly Ivins, Lorenz Hart, Oscar Levant, Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence, Will Rogers, with the last three slots TBD.

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    We have ill used our military for a very long time. And not just the Dick Cheney’s of our political system who directly benefit. Think also the hacks who worry more about their reelection campaigns and the back door benefits that come from supporting the moneyed interests who want these things. I will thank you [...]

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    Hey, Cuomo is right there with them. it isn’t just the state, it is the area and the money to be made here.

    And I’m betting the blackmail material on him is a mile wide and just as high.

  • Oh and seeing peterboy’s comment please add to my first paragraph, require all exchange plans to have a network that is minimum 3/4 the size of their largest non-exchange network. In order to make sure that ALL insured parties can find a doctor.

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