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    Forget the link to the White House, the whole thing managed what it was supposed to do. Made it impossible to hold groups on the right to the letter of the law regarding political activity of charitable organizations – both with regards to taxes and disclosure. The IRS was doing EXACTLY what they were supposed to do and it had to be stopped.

    The White House crap is more smoke and mirrors.

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    I love all the pagan aspects of Christmas. Always have. And some commercial ones as well – Santa, and bad romantic Christmas movies. I even love some of the more theatrical Christmas services even when they aren’t on the 25th. Someday I’m getting to a Russian Orthodox one. I am disgusted by the fact the [...]

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    For me there is no question that Obama is a fascist and during his administration America has moved closer to full fledged fascism faster then ever before. If that was him or just increasing velocity I do not know. I do know that when people voted for change, much of it was about reversing that [...]

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    Without also limiting what one can do ‘after’ one leaves office, we are also screwed. Particularly with term limits. I mean if you get lucrative board positions or a promised ‘speaking’ career from Wal-mart or Goldman Sachs after leaving office…

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    My response: Dear idiot, the reason your kids cannot find jobs is because you stupidly think that socialism is the problem and not lack of regulation of capitalism. We are rapidly moving to the point where unregulated capitalism must end – an oppresive and corrupt monopoly. So glad you are pro gun and pro military. You are going to need that someday when Goldman Sachs and or Koch Industries decide they want everything you own, your kids own, and every right you have – including water to drink.

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    The oligarchs want to be able to buy our political system. And they have done so.

    This is why there has been no real attempt to remove the money from campaigns AND in fact the recent omnicrap bill amid its other atrocities lifted the amounts that could be spent on national organizations to the point of absurdity. It is also why after campaigning on limiting lobbying that was one of the first things thrown out by the elected Obama along with transparency. And little or nothing has been done ever since, most particularly on the revolving door aspect of government for appointees and for ‘retired’ elected officials and military brass.

    Short of using the resolution process to make sure that money in campaigns is limited, and that severe limits are placed on post governmental employment being passed, with laws that elected officials from states with said resolutions must support these under threat of fine and/or incarceration on a national level but to vote for them I see no relief.

    Well that or revolution that includes tar, feathers and perhaps even quillotines…

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    So it is all about the shopping.

    Your detractors are right, you are a part of the problem.

    Here’s the thing, Jon, if your ‘study’ doesn’t just ask what is the cheapest plan for the rubes, but which one actually supplies the most healthcare that they can afford without scrimping on rent or savings, have adequate access to primary and specialty care, AND includes coverage without possible medical bankruptcy because of ongoing illness (where unreasonable deductibles hit EVERY YEAR) or an emergency out of their network say on vacation, then your study is USELESS. But that study will never happen because any one who has looked at the details of this plans know that you can do all the ‘shopping’ you want and you will still not be able to find that plan because then the insurance companies will not make huge profits and Pharma and the For Profit Hospital system will have to be regulated regarding what they can charge. By stripping all the controls in the Swiss plan, the Dems made this law unable to fly even as weakly as that particular National Health Care system. This is a Dodo that deserves to become extinct.

  • Call it the effect of the Grandfather. But when my grandfather got very serious and told of things he had seen himself, before recounting things that people he would trust with his life had told him… along with the stories. Well. (And Grandpa was a devout Mormon, christian as the day is long and true to his germanic stock, He was not prone to either visions or imagination.)

  • Considering most of our mining procedures today, it is not good in the bigger picture regardless of where it is done. This is wrong for far more then the sheer greed and usual lack of respect or concern for the land on which we have to depend for our lives, and our future. I get your point, but the location DOES make it worse, because it is 1.) protected land, 2.) land that is covered by treaty, and 3.) the reason the only reason this is happening on this land is that our political system is so corrupt that elected officials are willing to ignore all that, along with the disrespect for the Apache rights and sacred beliefs.

  • From things they wrote and told us, I’m quite sure the founders would be rolling over in their grave at the choices, decisions, and dare I say it, the sheer corruption of 99% of our politicians. And for all it is sad to say, I’m pretty sure they would do a few rolls at the sheer stupidity of the public for letting it happen rather then reviving tar and feathers.

  • National defense is not important to most of our Congressional representatives, regardless of party. Otherwise they would have gone after torture and those who wanted to do it decades ago. They would be fully funding the troops, not the MIC.

    This is all about making money as a government contractor.

  • I think the Senate should find a way to get a rider on the rider that only the Apaches get to approve the parcels of land that will be swapped. And that first parcels that must be offered shall be the personal holdings of the Arizona congressional delegation, the mining company’s property, and the property held by any financing company that lobbied for this.

    Just a way to make it clear that if you are going to immorally and what should be illegally take away things important to someone else, Your things can be taken away, too.

    (Although I think the real likelihood is that this project will become one of the most cursed in the history of mining, both physically and spiritually). For instance, I’m betting it will be a rare piece of equipment that makes it to the ‘site’ intact. And call me cynical, but I’ve seen enough to figure that many people who work there will find their peace disrupted and their health compromised beyond what even that nasty a job might entail. You do not mess with the sacred spaces of the Southwestern tribes in my experience without paying a price. That price may not be valued in our crash market based society, but it is still there.

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    Call me wild and crazy, but considering the adulation given Elizabeth Warren for proposals that look like milque toast in contrast to this, I say cut the guy a break. No I don’t think Bernie Sanders is perfect or that the suggestions in this piece are not worth consideration. I just think the confrontational and [...]

  • Funnily enough, I was able to navigate the exchange in NY enough to find out that not one of the plans on the exchange was listing its network anywhere on the site. And that going to them outside of the site didn’t get the information either. Calling the nearest hospital to me in NYC confirmed that they were NOT on any exchange plan’s network as late as mid December (there were multiple calls during the course of the sign up period). I was also smart enough to recognize that emergency care OUTSIDE the network was not covered. Why do I have a feeling that all the people who were happy and able to find a plan that you know are either woefully ignorant about what those plans actually cover or are strictly a part of your imagination or both. (BTW, I was around when a friend was finally able to hit the exchanges. He was sure I was exaggerating about how NOT helpful it was. He has multiple degrees, speaks multiple languages, and can actually explain actuarial tables for the math impaired. He gave up and called an insurance company he knew his doctor had an agreement with. He actually thanked me for telling him to find out which companies his doctor took, since keeping that doctor was very important to him.)

    No, the original targets were not reduced because of the lack of Medicaid expansion. They actually started dropping almost immediately upon passage of the bill, before the Supreme Court let the states opt out. Please check your history. I was following that because I was very well aware that most people cannot afford to take 8% out of their budget in order to pay an insurance company, especially not when they will be expected to meet more costs on top of that to get actual health care. Anyone who was watching the ‘two Americas’ got that the subsidies were woefully inadequate in order to make the difference to actually hit their original targets. Which is beyond sad since even they were not ‘universal’ coverage. (And yes I know they admitted that).

    If you think continuing double digit insurance premium increases are ‘bending the cost curve’, you really do think the American public is stupid. They are not. They may be susceptible to propaganda, such as the sort you have been pushing, but if they continue to get hit with reality they lose that quickly. it is the same thing the Dems are facing with regard to the recovery. The reason most Americans do not think there has been a real recovery is because for them there hasn’t been. They see the numbers everyone throws around, thinks they will see some change, gives it a chance, and then just realize that none of those things apply to them. Truth is the biggest recovery that most Americans have had in the last six years is NOT health care, but the Saudi/OPEC drop of oil prices that has seen the money they spend on gas and oil drop measurably.

    But you keep pushing that it is average Americans stupidity that tells them paying 8% of their income for an insurance policy where even the free stuff is not free and they need to spend another 3 to 5% of their income for actual coverage is the reason this flaming piece of shit is not popular.

  • Oh, and I should add, that it wasn’t advertised, but anyone who knew anything about Insurance companies could have told you that they would make getting actual care for those pre-existing conditions more and more difficult to impossible even as they couldn’t kick anyone off for it. Same result except they still get to keep the premiums this way…

  • Excuse me, but what planet do you live on? No, it is not doing as well as billed. I give you two things – that right now health care costs are not rising at the same rate as before, although in some places insurance costs are still rising in double digits, and not being able to be kicked off for a pre-existing condition is good. I will also give you that being able to keep your kids on your plan until they are 26 is good and works.

    But as I just pointed out INSURANCE costs are still growing above the rate of inflation, and in some cases the same double digits they were rising at before. The numbers of the uninsured that are now insured are NOT being met, unless you want to take the advertising from the time it really kicked in and NOT the advertising when they were passing it. Hell they had to keep lowering the numbers who would get coverage from the exchanges and still had to falsely add in the those who took dental policies to meet the final one. You can quite obviously still go bankrupt from medical expenditures, and that isn’t even considering balanced billing. We won’t have verification on that for awhile, but I’m pretty damn sure that the Dems claim that this will end medical bankruptcies will come back as ‘liar, liar pants on fire’ once it does. And I’m pretty damn sure the recent news that more Americans were forgoing health care was not on the ACA agenda when it was passed, so a lot of that health care costs rising slowly thing is going to be flung by the wayside, because the problems involved in forgoing care are going to haunt us in the future as much if not more as it has haunted us for the thirty years I’ve been hearing about health care reform. And let’s not get into the patently false advertising about the ease of finding an insurance policy that worked for you at a price you could afford (there are three lies alone in that statement).

    Here’s the thing, if you had said it was working as well as its liberal critics predicted then I would give you the point. But it is certainly NOT working as well as advertised.

  • I read an article today about how Obamacare is working. Funny I could have designed a plan in my sleep that would have accomplished everything they say it did, do it cheaper, and have the plan liked by more then Insurance, Big Pharma and Private Hospital top management. But you see that is the problem. I want people to like their health care system and to use it and get the health care that is their right. The people behind this, the people who voted for it, and probably even the people who write dreck like that article want a cut of the big mandatory set of profits that ACA provided to the people who will get rich form this corrupt piece of garbage.

  • “More than 7 in 10 current Marketplace enrollees can find a lower premium plan in the same metal level—before tax credits—by returning to shop. ”

    Dear God, the HHS thinks everyone is stupid and so does Jon. I’m beginning to think the thrashing I took earlier today was deserved. He is part of the problem.

    Sure the premium may be lower, but is the deductible higher? How about the co-pays? Does the lower premium plan cover the drugs you need, or are they off plan? Is your doctor, who knows that a cold will be aggravated by low level asthma and to go straight to the albuterol before your respiratory system becomes so inflamed you can barely breathe without several costly visits in their network? IOW, if every plan in a ‘metal’ category had the same network, the same drug coverage, and the same deductibles, out of pocket maximums and co-pays then going on the health exchange and picking a plan would be a piece of cake and people would do it. Oh, sure eventually things like customer service and how fast they actually pay the bills they are supposed to pay would kick in and people might pay a little more for a plan for those non-health care and health-care cost things, but pretty much it would all be like buying that canon camera you want – Newegg is a better deal then Amazon. But it isn’t. And to indicate that people are stupid or lazy because they could have a lower premium plan without considering that that is only one small component of the mess that is insurance and ACA insurance plans in America is out right dishonest, insulting and beyond contemptible.

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    I didn’t get much sleep last night, but you can tell what my sincerest hope would be. That slip is bright pink and neon orange.


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    As many people have pointed out, Obama was focused on the economy, it just wasn’t the economy as a whole. And most certainly was not the economy of the people who came out and voted for him. It was the economy of the same people who are now working like mad to get Hilary Clinton arrested. They might need another TARP, more freedom for the FED to put trillions in to their coffers or a Geithner to make sure the runways are foamed because they crashed their planes (and destroyed the ‘economies’ of vast numbers of the American working class who don’t get any help whatsoever).

    I realize that your focus is on Health Care Reform but you need to get over this idea that Barack Obama or the Democratic Leadership gave a shit about health care, or about anything they used to get elected. They give a damn about fund raising bundlers, and retirement jobs as lobbyists or lucrative seats on various boards. People having decent jobs, a living wage, and the ability to be in an accident without going bankrupt are not their concerns at all.

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