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    We forget, this is the price of success. The current paradigm on the left, with democrats is one which suited a party built upon having a foot on its throat holding it to the ground. The liberals, progressives, centrists, radicals, anarchists, socialists, communists, civil rights activists, environmentalists, and pacifists joined together to build and gather under that big tent. Which is itself probably an antiquated Grand Old Party symbol/metaphor with baggage.
    The other problem is defining progressive. First we had a PR problem in which Grover Norquist not only successfuly branded the nazi youth, erm, ahem, young republicans as anti-tax (Drink Pepsi everyday at 3, 7 & 11 – Coke, it’s the real thing) but also damanged the dem brand as soft, opposite of the republicans (ergo tax and spend) and defined liberal. So first, democratic strategists took back the word progressive, and started using it in place of liberal. But then who gets to define the very word progressive. Because in order to find success, with foot firmly on neck, it was decided everyone would give up a lil to win big. Somewhere in there, teh real socialists, and the “real” progressives (whatever that means) lost their voice entirely, were told to be happy with what they got (24 hour news channels, spam email, personalized though, no public option or single payer, thrown in jail for being activist, pepper sprayed, threatened with fines, levies and jail if you didn’t buy in, and then told you were no longer democrat or progressive, they took that away too) and shut up and toe the line. Or else! Or else we’d be left with the threat of Romney on steroids, teh Koch bros, fox news, the tea party.

    Well, OK, sorry for the rant, crying, whatever. But I do think there is at least more than one kind of progressive, and that the term needs to be better defined. I do not think there is a current viable option within the current system which adequetely addresses the needs of what I would define as progressive, which others would probably define as a mix of socialist, communist, libertarian, radical, anarchist and possibly UnAmerican. I would find its roots in radical Americans like the slave revolt leader Denmark Vesey, like the radical commie deaf dumb and blind girl, Helen Keller, who’s story needs retelling (would be a true miracle) or Patty Hearst, Jello B. Afra, Steve Jobs, the Rosenbergs, World B. Free, the solid gold dancers, Joe Mama, a host of other less notables.

    There is a rich tradition in the word progressive. It should aptly be applied to the New Deal. There is a supposed connection between the New Deal, Great Society, and today. However, the word progressive itself has an even longer tradition in American society, stretching back to Emerson and Thoreau, Whitman stretching forward to Ginsburg, to the likes of Ani DiFranco, Edward Snowden or members of Occupy.
    Many of the concessions made by progressives during the New Deal era, whether for national security, Hoover’s war on drugs or Communism, or the creating of the military industrial complex, the post-war years in which the domino theory takes hold, the Marshall Plan is secretly used to support Socialism in Europe over Communism, creating the paradigm in which the CIA works with the State department to use debt and debt forgiveness, soft power, to create military alliances, puppet dictators in banana republics, have not only come back to haunt us but have created the entire functioning of our current world order.
    We can neatly just blame that all on Republicans, the Bushes were so central to it all, toss in Nixon, Cheney, Reagan, you’ve almost got a cabal. But democrats sold out their values, looked the other way, to get what they wanted, all in the name of national security.
    Unless we look back, try and find some more pure form of progressive politics from that era, maybe we just need to scrap the term, maybe we need a new one, or maybe we need to take FDR off the pedastal and view him as the real person he was, same with Clinton. I don’t mean fox news bashing, I mean looking without squinting or looking away from harsh truths we’d rather avoid. Put them in a context which has them fairly right compared to some others in a longer arc of history.

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    The Pirate Party would be the best option. First, it is established. The hardest part of anything is starting. Secondly, if there is going to be any future divide, it is most likely going to fall on a faultline involving big brother/security state issues. Thirdly, OWS itself is dead, not because it was wrong, or [...]

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    I am utterly fascinated by this period. Fortran and Cobal and punch cards. I don’t always think newer is better. I’m amazed by what Von Newmann did. I still use some versions of Alan Turing’s original “machines” as Java VM (virtual machines) or VM ware. I think we need to look backwards to go forwards. [...]

  • Dear Zee Roooshahn proletariat, er, people You are not so special, oh vhat vhat? You wants to be “exceptional” like zee phony fake Amerikanskis? You are not so special. Don’t go getting any fancy ideas about the microwave ovens and zee electric toasters and the great Freedom of the press big fancy New York Times, [...]

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    There are 65,000 ports which can be open or close, like what 2 to the 16 I think. For all we’re worried about “security” half of it is a shell game. What do Google and Facebook get out of their relationship with the NSA? After all these are people who know the value of information [...]

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    This all still seems to me to be about Grover Norquist. Starve the beast. We’ve got a debt ceiling looming and there are three options, in the long run, to cut social security, medicare or defense. The timing of Syria is like George Bush’s trifecta, suspicious. Northrop Grumman has a gravy train. What everyone can agree on now, more so than two weeks ago is, we can’t possibly cut defense now. The weather gets colder, people drink more beer, watch more football, get more conservative. The stock market knows.

    Sure sure, I was up in arms in 2006 and 2007 long before the crash. Ya I want to see someone pay. But I’m uncomfortable aligning with the tea party on anything. And I really want to know what are we going to do about the trillions of bonds bought by the Fed. Most people do not talk about it. They talk about jobs or prime rate or how the housing market seems to be ticking up or the war in Syria. And those that talk about it are all inside baseball, oh sure, well, we’ll just unwind the position. Like it’s been done before.

    It seems there is a relationship between keeping down the yeild curve by buying debt, the amount of “bad” bundled mortgage debt the Fed will keep on its balance sheet, and the corporate junk bond and municipal bond portfolio hedge funds. Such that there is only so much cushion or elasticity the Fed can soak up without adversely effecting the rest of the bond market. And where it would seem like if the Fed starts to unwind its positions, then that would leave more liquidity for muni-funds. But unwinding the position is money tightening, someone has to buy them, Pimco, whomever. And as bonds have become more liquid in nature, being traded instead of held to maturity, as the price drops and yeild rises, those holding older, unmatured bonds will in effect lose money.
    My point is that what we’re seeing happen in Detroit has the potential to happen all over the country. While at the same time the market could stay bull, we’d have more xurbs w/starbucks with fendi bag SUV driving yoga moms and waves of town, city, village, township bankruptcy as their debt becomes unsustainable, is downgraded and eventually defaults.

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    Let’s not forget the sequester, and the looming showdown. It is national defense and the DoD budget or Medicare and Social Security, if not now, eventually. Is it a coincidence the Free Syria Act of 2013 (H.R. 1327) sponsored by Engel (D, NY) is cosponsored by Mike Rogers? (Available for view at thomas.loc.gov the Library [...]

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    Oh Puh-lease. Kerry: Hmm, well, um, so now we see, the circle is complete. I was once the… Meatball: Oh, oye veigh, say-ve vyor jyokes fhor lay-ter, you mvight joost needs them then. Ha! Kerry (not sure where he’s going): Uh…OK? awkward pause Kerry (resumes): So! at the same time Meatball: So… another awkward pause [...]

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    Here’s a little one everyone missed, grab bag odd. 500 mint Chevys going to auction, a dealer who never sold them, some from the 50′s with no miles on them. You have to think they’d fetch a pretty penny in Cuba.
    You know, when you read the Walsh report on Iran Contra, it is often the very odd and bizarre tangential threads that lead to the no that couldn’t possibly be true we wouldn’t do something like that moment in which you realize how screwed up our own government really is. Nixon burgers! Get your red hot Nixon burgers!
    I don’t know, I’m not saying the CIA right now is selling Chevys in Cuba through some Cubana expat Miami humanitarian foundation created as a front by Marko Rubio, selling them for Cuban cigars which they then trade to the Mafia in Vegas for laundered money, all to fund Al Qeada in Damascus. No. Cause selling crack on the streets of Compton, bought by mercs for hire from South American drug lords for weapons shipments disguised in humanitarian aid from the US congress, all to be laundered through German and Israeli arms dealers through Afghanistan to fund an effort to sell nuclear weapons to Iran for hostages, something like that could never happen. Besides, they’re probably using NSA bitcoins which they stole by breaking encryption and mined by creating botnets in the US and Europe via the flame and stuxnet virus.
    Still, I do wonder what the going rate in Havana in Cuban cigars (which are cheap there) would be for a mint ’58 Bel Air and what the going rate in Vegas would be in mafia laundered money for that many Cubans. Hmm, checking Bloomberg, no, nope, no conversion chart. I’ll have to wait for it to update and check back.
    Uh-oh. Lambrecht is down to 30 cars! Going like hot-cakes! Bet Ollie North and G. Gordon Liddy and their old CIA chums Cuban Brigade #2506 are at it again!

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    I have a bit of a problem with the apples and oranges argument taking philosophical and scientific ideas and applying them to politics, but overall, in spite of myself I really enjoyed this post. Part of me says it is a sneaky round-a-bout, a way of defending Obama’s “pivot” and flip-flopping and outright equivications at [...]

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    Oh please, the space race was a Nazi plan, devised before Berlin fell, to put rocket scientists into both Russian and American agencies and have them duke it out for years. The V2 from the Blitz was originally intended to be a rocket launched from Germany, but they couldn’t get the weight to fuel ratio correct w/o it burning up. It becomes the ICBM and of course through Von Braun the Saturn. Of course, they weren’t only doing rocket experiments, the East Germans continued experiments with steroids. We still have not fully declassified the medical experiments done by the CIA, though. The steroids experiments came out of Nazi torture experiments, horrible Holocaust experiments with ice baths, which were themselves continued by the Soviets I believe, involving hypotherma with pilots landing in frozen lakes. Off to Siberia with you! They did far more interesting things with dogs than just send them to space though, resurrection of the dead! See the amazing severed living dog head! And we were doing a lot of cancer/radiation testing on animals, which involved surviving nuclear blasts. Of course, we did it on mental patients, prisoners, pregnant women, as well. Why do you think we invented the IQ test? Russians started the space race! Ha!

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    From an 19th century perspective, Peter the Great might as well have opened up Russia to Napoleon, and thus set in wave a motion which would eventually free the serfs and lead to communism. There are always unintended consequences. We can’t look at the map of the world today, after Napoleon and try and impose [...]

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    There is a new triangulation, not Bubba’s use of bluedogs in the House, but rather amongst teh electorate. Triangulation itself was a buzzword back when spooks on TV had to “triangulate” cell phone tower signals to track da badguys. So 2004. We broadcast our signal to the cloud with twitGPS or squareAPP today, saves them the trouble. I do worry about all those lonely men with mussed hair wearing phone headsets sitting in front of glowing screens though, or the actors who portrayed them actually, now out of work or waiting tables presumably, in the Valley. But maybe they’ll find work in the rush of biopics on Snowden that I’m sure must be in production for basic cable.

    But the new triangulation of the body politic involves race. It is racialist in nature and therefore taboo. You can’t talk about it. I guess I just did. But only to say you can’t. Which doesn’t really count. Not really.

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    My shrooms have come back, some kind of crazy box of rain miracle. But then, perhaps it had something to do with global warming, a Fibonacci sequence of local rabbit breeding, changes in the acidity of the earth, acid rain, Jerry Garcia’s ghost, who knows. Which got me thinking, about, curiously enough, Strunk & White and style. Which is where my head has been the past few weeks before I removed it from the ground, Hmm huh, Ostrich looks around like Conan O’Brien immitating Trump. Anywho, I’m wondering ‘Karl Rove-like’ or simply “Rovian” but other than that, and I never grade blog-posts or rate them, even where you can like or whatever, 10 out of 10, 11, 12 stars? So quoteth Paris Hilton, “Loved it.” Indeed!

  • That seems like sort of Apples and Oranges. Google has a cozy relationship with the White House because of the DARPA contracts. The DARPA contracts relate to self-driving cars, drone optics, and google glass (which started as Google Goggles for the DoD) and the then easy exchange of executives. But Apple, Microsoft, Samsung all lost out as well. IBM and Intel, among tech giants have the longest standing relationships. IBM having sold off its hardware division to China’s Lenova, which was state-sponsored, followed by later allegations of Chinese spying cooled their relationship, but they still have contracts. But what you’re talking about is access, and a friendly ear. Bezos will now have a megaphone to shout directly at WaPo power readers about same sex marriage and lower taxes, but that doesn’t grant him any kind of access to the White House. Why di800d Google get the jump on everyone else? Geeks fascinated by war toys? If you look at the cost over-runs from the wikileaks documents on Afghanistan alone, let alone the pull-out costs, you’d think someone with Bezos’s experience and acumen with cost parameters and data metrics could have brought it in cheaper. In the long run he’ll influence policy. But looking at Amazon’s stock ticker on a day to day basis is the wrong way to go. Google shot up to $800, just like Apple, just like Cisco. I don’t think he has any desire to become a bubble. If anything he wants to reinvest and write off losses. Maybe he bought it because it loses money?!?

  • Bezos’s worth is $25 billion, he paid for the Post in cash, $250 million or 1 percent of his Amazon stock. That means Bezos has basically never lost a dime, he’s either liquid or in equity. Of course the pie has grown and he’s had setbacks, including the fall from grace with the bursting of the dotcom bubble. But on some level he has a midlevel bschool business manager mentality, akin in some way to Buffet. He doesn’t want the Post to lose money, duh, we get that. But this came as a shock to many, most notably at the Post itself. It was not isolated, it relates to the sale of the Globe, but also to the purchase by Allbritton’s stations by Sinclair. There is tremendous consolidation going on in the media industry. In that it also relates to Penguin Random House. Bezos is competing with Netflix, with Apple, with Walmart, with everyone. Or no one. You think he wants to be out front? He loves writing off losses. He’s always reinvesting and opening up new fronts. No one is talking about the recent article after the quarterly write down about why they took a write down. They decided to try and get into grocery delivery on the West Coast. That was one of the hallmarks of failure of the dotcom era. But it is an investment, even if it is a loss. I think the cloud business and cloud storage is going to change. Tablets and TV are going to change. People are still going to eat and buy groceries. This is a beach head for eventual testing of grocery delivery on the East Coast, if the LA and Seattle operations pay off. I imagine he’ll take a loss on selling Kindle Fire’s to existing WaPo physical delivery customers to try and cut their readership loss rate and keep it above 400,000 in the long run. And then he’ll eventually have a fleet of newspaper trucks making delivery routes into rural Virginia and urban Washington and stops at 7-11′s. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out where he’ll go with that. As for WaPo, twenty years from now, print will be dead, and some Amazon cloud storage TV service will stream the WaPo brand to your brain in your flying car.

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    Turk refugee. Ain’t been in here in a while. Heard ya’ll were crashing and burning. Wanted to get in before it all went down.

    Meh, the Americans is just a revisionist historifiction to either bring back Blondie or make SDI seem like it was a billion dollar waste so we can throw another billion at it. Or is it trillion now? And how many people as sweet lil Keri killed, while still managing to get the kids to school. Damn, who knew when she was just an emotional undergrad at NYU that she’d grow up to- oh wait, confusing reality with…oh I do so often get the two confused, but.
    I’ll go with Ipswitch with Caine.

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    new meaning to the term, Gonzo journalism.

    In the spirit of cooperation inspired by OWS, with the move to Current, the turks invite you all over for some late night FDL.