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  • >This left some low level clerk with no legal background to do the declassification labeling.

    How soon people forget the Philippine spies in Cheney’s office…

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    A very educated man, the President. I toast his wisdom in calling it honey ale…and in brewing his own. And a wise politician. For it is these little things that other politicians shy away from that will get him re-elected. If only there was more substance to adherence to the Bill of Rights…for the president has always come across as a beer-man but has forgot a lot.

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    Now if only someone would arrest Rumsfeld for war crimes we could get to watch Woodward again try to avoid testifying for the prosecution…

  • Yep. It’s disgusting. Good for Wikileaks.

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    Thank you for this analysis. The NYTs is dead to me and has been for years. The people who run it should be removed and permanently banned from the profession of journalism. They have no sense of what is right and wrong, except where their ego is stroked. “Yes, a little over to the left…yes…yes! Thank you. Of course we won’t print that…even though it is the truth…thanks again, please come back when I need my ego scratched!”

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    There is no logic—it’s policy that USG is trying to force upon American newspapers. Strangely, American newspapers believe that it is better to not tell their readers what is happening if USG asks them not to. There is no critical thinking involved. In fact, there is a lot of the opposite type of “thinking” going on. The newspapers, alas, are contributing to the isolation of the US public from how and why the USG’s functions and how USG policy makes American diplomacy more difficult throughout the world.

  • Good point, EW. Good point.

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    Let’s hope that the rest of the press doesn’t also remain quiet.

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    There is a reason Rumsfeld’s relatives in Germany have disowned him. Showing bureaucratic documents indicating Rumsfeld wasn’t willing to go on the record about some of the policy decisions he made and tried to have it both ways while doing it the worst way, isn’t going to fly…except in corrupted US legal system.

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    That’s the interesting question—has BofA participated in a conspiracy to break the various telecommunication, libel, and anti-cyber stalking laws in various jurisdictions? It looks like they were thinking about it at the very least…

    EW, thanks for posting this one.

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    Wow. A novel legal argument!

  • If the CIA did have sources within the opposition, they sure wouldn’t mention it in a public Congressional hearing. Seriously, any US intelligence service is not going to compromise a source or a movement by talking about intelligence assets in open session.

    This does not negate the fact that the CIA may not have provided timely analysis in the case of Tunisia and/or Egypt. Personally, I think the the Egyptian analysts were pretty much aware that Egypt was in a dicey place and has been for some time. The question was ‘when’, not ‘if’. And, as pointed out, there may well not be an effective “index” of what might set off a revolt/series of protest/coup to topple a regime that is rotten…one may have to wait for someone to get the snowball rolling downhill. The big question is…did CIA know how steep the hill was and how much snow was on the ground?

  • Looks like someone is punishing the prisoner without due process…

  • Secret rules on the rights of prisoners issued by government officials who wish to remain anonymous? Sounds very much like tyranny to me…

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    Thanks for keeping on this. Basically the government is lying to itself and us on this one. Sickening!

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    Great–he’s got a lame political bone to throw the Dems when he’s negotiating with the Republicans. This is not a real issue that he cares deeply about but a political chip to be cached. I can’t wait to see him announce that he’s got the Repubs to go along with allowing actual legal review by the third branch to go forward against terror defendants in exchange for (once again) extending the estate tax relief right before the next election. Feh.

  • That’s “moral leadership” for ya.

  • Why is it not surprising to see whether or not the Obama administration will claim that the US Government still retains the right to prosecute a suspected terrorist in US Federal court rooms? This is regrettable and telling.

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    Wait–so Assange is promising that if some Saudi radical terrorist kills him that these US intelligence assets names will be released?

    *shakes head in wonderment*

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    The weird claim by the Nigerian authorities that somehow because something is done in the US or UK that that makes the same sort of behaviour legal in contravention to Nigerian domestic law needs to be explored more firmly by Nigeria’s legal system. Sounds like they’re trying to accept a bribe and don’t care whether it is legal or not…

    This, unfortunately, seems to be how the US and UK seem to be furthering their modern idea of “how the law works now”.

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