• Watched ‘Inside Job’ (on financial crash of 2008, NOT 9/11…though I’m still not sure this is not all tied together), anyway…great view with Matt Damon narrating. Really gets to the specifics of how these Wall Street, Corporate Bank and Government Financial Officials are all criminals and should be tried and hung for what they did. However, they all walked away free and rich beyond your wildest dreams and ‘We the People’ got fucked beyond belief. And the kicker…some of these fuckers are still running things. Shovel Ready Job Idea: Build some gallows in front of Wall Street and hang them or cut their heads off as they go to their $500 lunches!

  • Imperialistic military making it’s country go broke. War Profiteers are the only ones that benefit.

  • Meanwhile…..we continue to use our tax dollars to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan (after we pretty much destroyed most of it) and soon Libya (in the process of being destroyed). Frickin’ crazy people in charge. Just get out and if you have to invade and occupy someone, try Mexico..that place is about to blow up and they’re on the back porch not 6000 miles away.

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    Thanks for the welcome everybody (so far). I’ll just sit back right now and get the feel.

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    Good Morning All.
    New Here. Got so tired of the idiotic right wing comments on sites like Yahoo, USA Today, CBS, etc.
    Ready to hear from people with some sanity for a change.

    Have a good day!

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