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    You said it, Allan. *_* Well, I’ve had enough surgery to know that it’s good to get it over with — if and when you are able to, that is — and it’s even better to do it when you have the kind of support that enables a swift recovery and so forth. Thus, kudos to Jane’s sister for providing important assistance at a crucial time. Speaking of timing, the way things are currently um, “progressing” lately, perhaps it’s just as well if we all warm our collective paws at the “cosiest” spot we can locate until everyone “recovers” from this year’s holiday season(?!)

    So get that there hitch out of your gitalong, Ms. Hamsher…(alas, I suspect I’ll probably have to try to manage with mine for just a bit longer).

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    Kevin: I, too, am extremely saddened to read the above statement describing what apparently was the unexpected passing of your father. Relatedly, about a year ago, I lost both a good friend and my natural older sister under virtually the same circumstances (and I still miss them both very much, of course). Thus, please let me now take the opportunity to suggest to everyone who is 50+ (and can comfortably do so), to please take all good measures to take the best care of your heart that you can, get timely exams and so forth.

    IMO, nothing says “beloved Dad” quite like a photo of one who gladly folds himself into a big ‘ball’ so that he can fit inside the kiddie pool for a fun splash with his son. Thank you for sharing this understandably treasured image with us, Kevin, and I’ll keep it mind whenever I visit FDL.

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    “one of my many ass-parking spots” you see, I am already there…:^)

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    Ahem. ;^) Last I read, Time and Gravity were busy slugging it out back around the corner in some dark alleyway somewhere (probably in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood). Meanwhile, I would like to suggest that sometime during the week following the Landrieu-Cassidy runoff (on December 6th, correct?) let’s duke it out, um I mean let’s engage [...]

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    That was ‘supposed to be an angel emoji, but I guess the wing got ‘damaged’ somehow. Oh well. At any rate, I did the best I could do for the ‘(pla)net reset cause’ by deactivating my prepaid phone device for the day. And I am trying to ease back into the proverbial writing ‘saddle’ again, which in turn only makes me wish I really did have wings to fly away on (albeit not the bio-engineered kind, or worse). Sooo-o-o-o…let’s try that emoji one more time, shall we then?


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  • Our public library here received the “Capital” book Saturday and I quickly snatched it up, but somebody else contacted the library and requested it, so I was a “good sport” and relinquished it to them. It’s just as well, since I read where FDL is rescheduling the book salon discussion for another time. I’ll watch for that new date and I’ll place a hold on the book; in the meantime, NYT and other papers are posting up new articles daily, and also please be aware that a petition is circling with regard to a publisher’s requested take-down of the English translation of writings by Marx and Engels due to possible copyright infringement (? – sorry, I only briefly scanned the posted information about this, but it’s out there. I think I saw it while looking at #piketty on Twitter). Anyway, I’m trying to get back on this “FDL blog-comment-posting horse”, and I’m having difficulties with both time constraints and some sort of writer’s block trouble that I didn’t use to have in previous times…so please bear with me as I try to work my way back into the proverbial saddle again without falling on my tush or worse… ;^) I feel I need to find a way to write here that is more than the usual comments but less than a full-blown diary posting, and that is what I’m attempting to ease my way into if at all possible. Until later…

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    Hi,Pups – I’m glad to see that this thread got some decent feedback and replies (I must say I miss scarecrow and some others, however). Indeed, I hope to turn up on FDL a bit more than usual this next week and share some things. One thing to share is comments re. Texas State Senator [...]

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    Hi, cassiodorus. I sure miss the “Progressive Blue” blogging site — please let us know if it might be resurrected anytime soon. IMO, discussion about marxism (and thus “marxist theory” re. capitalism and political economy), if done “correctly”, takes much preliminary research and so forth to truly grasp all the issues and do the subject [...]

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    Thanks for posting this, danps. I hope to come back to it with the “fair warning” that I may go a bit off-topic with it, but I’ll try not to stray too far (I think my moderator “cred/karma” is still good here ;^). For now, I might suggest that perhaps we can find a way [...]

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    Hi, Everyone. Thanks, RF for posting this article. Several years ago, I drove through Ludlow late one night on my way to the west coast, and I was deeply affected by the experience. Perhaps I’ll try to write a bit more about it later. Additionally, the Popular Resistance website has posted something regarding an International [...]

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    Hi, everyone. This is just a brief comment to let all who recognize my “handle” from earlier times that I’m still able and willing to post. Additionally, if I can, I’ll TRY to formulate a response to this thread that I can post sometime tomorrow. Most fondly and cordially, TTA

  • Well, it’s about time. <3

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    Hey Jane: “JC” here says to “take more dips” in the Lake. Now, I’m not skinny and I don’t do ice dipping, but does your lake have a beach area like Hippie Hollow Park on Lake Travis near Austin, TX, where I used to hang out oh, so long ago? Say, perhaps Kit OConnell knows [...]

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    Because I didn’t start viewing this until it was nearly over, and in the spirit of the day, I’ll pass on submitting comments. Perhaps I’ll be more prepared for the next “Fireside Hangout”, however…

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    OK, since this seems to be the prevalent thread for posting Valentine’s Day messages today, I now submit here to FDL the email message I sent out earlier this a.m.: Love is the best thing that ever happened to anybody. Today and always, may love be the pervading (and pervasive!) force in your life. JW [...]

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    I’ll be looking forward to it, Kevin. Bradley Manning, you can borrow my “affinity blanket” any time you want — hey, I’d even sing “Janis” for ya (not!). Meanwhile, everyone please do what you can to spread the word about this event, and you know I’ll keep doing whatever I can. <3

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    Hi, Kit: I believe I’m long past due ringing you up on the “celly” (another stupid Whit saying — I’m just racking ‘em up here of late, I’m telling ya). What can I say except I suspect you also know what it means to be way NNW of New Orleans (here I go again). Later, [...]

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    Thank you for writing this, masaccio. Frankly, I’m sort of having difficulty trying to read about Obama right now, but I’ll try to come back to this if I can.

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