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    “i am the dean, my hands are so clean, at this moment, i am stapling.”

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    i see a nonstatutory review is possible.

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    i’d like to see how this defense plays out in court,

    can a citizen sue the prez?

  • If Obama gets another 4, and we presume Rs win the following election or two, that’s like eight to twelve more years of a Republican WH

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    Obama’s justification for the use of force without congressional approval simply FAILS.  Read how he tried to explain his unitary executive action:

    At this point, the United States and the world faced a choice. Qaddafi declared he would show “no mercy” to his own people. He compared them to rats, and threatened to go door to [...]

  • Finally, with all the US-led covert operations in Yemen occurring, you have to wonder how they could have so easily overrun towns in the south and taken over munitions factories.

    I think that I read that the US had pulled all of its people of the streets. Citizens got mad when they learned about secret bombing by US.

    We’ll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours,” Saleh told General David Petraeus, then head of US Central Command, on January 2, The Guardian said, citing the leaked cables.

  • I am not buying this spin.

    First, this incident is by no means singular. The explanation above seems to submit to the PC view that there are “bad apples” making everybody else look bad. To say, “No matter how good a system you have to prevent problems, it can’t be 100 percent perfect,” is to turn a blind eye to the long list of similar atrocities. All these incidents really point to a bad system not just isolated bad actors. A bad system is undoubtedly the product of commanders that tolerate and likely promote these bad behaviors among troops.

    Second, within this incident itself, there is the glaring fact that the whole base camp new about was going on, and let this bad behavior continue. And then there’s the fact that when initially alerted to these crimes, the military command did little correct the situation.

    I’d like to see someone do a good review on all the atrocities we’ve seen in Afghanistan, and analyze how the command structure has either been negligent or even complicit in attacks upon the civilian populace. That person is likely to uncover some disturbing realities about how our military brass has conducted this war.

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    sorry about links,

    polished up and reposted my ramblings here:

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    this is a total tangent, but the whole war powers controversy is just a little too convenient considering that there is a behind the scenes push coming out of the obama administration to amend the war powers act in a way that increases the influence of president in matters of war.

    Here is an article on a meeting president-­elect obama had with the war powers commission… struck me as peculiar, why would he be meeting with these people???


    basically, this is an ongoing, behind-the-scenes push for new War Powers legislatio­n that would force congress to approve of the Presidents military actions in 30 days, rather than having the President withdraw from military action after 60 days w/o approval. this new legislatio­n is dressed up like an improvemen­t, but really puts congress on the hot seat, having to decide whether to force the president to disengage or not…

    check out the players in this war powers commission:


    i just picked one, and start reading about what they’ve been doing since… check out this a lady named Anne-Marie S/aughter, who was on the War Powers commission that met with president-­elect obama, and then who was subsequent­ly hired into Obama’s state dept. she convenient­ly quit last Jan, and was recently doing the media circuit as foreign relations scholar at Princeton in effort to talk up and promote the No Fly Zone.

    here S/aughter is on March 9th talking very forcefully about the need for a No Fly Zone… she is debating Ha/ase, president of FRC… the debate seems almost scripted, as if they’ve been working on it for a while.

    here S/aughter a few years ago, in a COAUTHORED piece with Ge/b, emiritus president of FRC, talking up benefits of new War Powers legislation


    this is just one person on the war powers commission, that i just happened to start looking at. She’s been actively involved in trying to promote “improved” war powers legislation, Obama meets with the commission, then subsequent­ly hires S/aughter as a think tanker, she quits and then comes out as media pundit pushing no fly zone earlier on, that’s just a strange series of events…

    AND NOW LOOKY – how convenient there’s a war powers controvers­y now…

    kucinich likely pulled off something very clever in calling for an impeachment, we were seeing a lot of republican­s raise the constituti­onal issue of obama’s actions, and kucinich comes out with the impeachmen­t proposal…

    think about that, have you heard any republican­s echo kucinich’s proposal?

    i haven’t yet. of course, i dont watch much TV, just internet, so maybe i missed it, but i keep searching and i haven’t seen a republican yet jump on kucinich’s argument, which logically is a fairly strong one. obama did take military action in a conflict that does not threaten US and he did so without congressio­nal approval. that is against the letter of the law.

    my question is: why are republican­s who are supposedly interested in “destroyin­g” obama’s presidency – as the narrative goes, not running with this argument, and trying to at the very least disgrace him?

    that just doesn’t add up, it seems like they would… they are the ones who first brought up the constituti­onal issue, so its not like they don’t buy into it or think its politicall­y uncouth to discuss it, but they are not following it to its logical conclusion­, odd, could they have some other purpose for questionin­g obama’s war Powers?

    the more you delve into this, the less it seems that any of these events have been spontaneously unfolding.

    the no fly zone doesn’t seem like an option of “last resort”

    and it doesn’t make any sense that obama would not follow the letter of the law given the prescient brain power in his administration that saw this coming, and were arguing for the no fly zone from the beginning, the controversy seems manufactured.

  • the goal is to deconstruct the master narrative,

    not construct it.

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    but Dems are not offering an alternative…

    they’ve delivered Reaganomics 3.0, point by point

    -cut taxes
    -cut domestic spending
    -increase defense spending
    -continuance of deregulation, eg TBTF
    -monetary policy for big banks, not mainstreet

    that’s not an alternative…

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    “We’ll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours,” Yemen President Saleh told General David Petraeus, then head of US Central Command, on January 2, The Guardian said, citing the leaked cables.

    secret bombing inside other countries is always classy

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    all of our problems are rooted in FED policy, and all of Obama’s policies are aimed at supporting Bernanke’s bigBanks first policies.

    keep in mind 3 out 4 jobs are small business ones, in other words, small business is our job creation engine, and there are plenty of reports showing how the lack of lending to main street is restraining job growth.

    why isn’t there ample lending? FED policies

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    O is basically relying on wealthy and large corps to create jobs. Meager gains will be touted as a huge turnaround, while many, many continue to be marginalized.

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    tax cuts will have little affect on unemployment, and we’ll see the poverty rate and income disparity continue to increase

    2010 midterms confirm the bad mojo that results from not fighting for campaigned positions.