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  • Frankly, we are all better off the less air time Jane Harman gets. My former congresswoman and a supposed Democrat was chair of the House Intelligence Committee when Bush’s Illegal spy programs were going on. She is personally responsible for the New York Times’ sitting on the story of Bush’s illegal programs because she convinced the Times not to run the story before the Bush -Kerry election. This, among her many other failures, led directly to Bush’s reelection. It was also instrumental in keeping illegal spying from being a major issue during that election. For this act, she was stripped from her Chairmanship by Pelosi when the illegal spying story eventually broke. Justin should be congratulated for what he did because keeping Harmon off the air was a service to is all.

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    That New Yorker story is complete bullshit. First, the claim that only Iran’s skilled technicians could make the concave copper plates used in these IEDs is insane. Making a plate out of copper is so simple that cave men did it thousands of years ago. This is why the time in history between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age is called the Copper Age. The claim that “only Iran could make these copper plates” is laughable.

    Second, the people killing our troops in Iraq were Sunnis and the people we installed as the government in Iraq were and are still Shiites allied with Iran. Iran is also a Shiite country. So to believe the New Yorker’s bullshit story, you need to also believe that Iran’s Shiite government was arming the Sunni insurgents who trying to overthrow the Iraq government that was strongly allied with Iran. That’s insane, especially when the very last thing on the planet Iran would ever want is a Sunni ruled Iraq. Iran arming Iraq insurgents is crazy talk.

    The “Iran was making IEDs” story was Bush era propaganda that only an idiot would believe.

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    Spot on.

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    The unpaid for Medicare drug benefit undercuts your theory. There the GOP drastically increased the deficit to funnel billions to drug companies. Deficits sure didn’t matter then.

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    Oh dear. The GOP never cared about the deficit. They don’t want the taxes of those who fund their political campaigns to go up. They don’t want the government spending that profits the funders of their political campaigns to go down.

    Everything else is fair game, as long as they think it will help them win elections.

    How Obama could believe the B/S they say, instead of what they actually do, is beyond me. Same goes for Majority Leader Reid. What a bunch of boobs.

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    I am so tired of people refering to the “Obama tax cuts” passed during the Dec. 2010 lame duck session of Congress by the Dem controlled House and Senate as “Bush era tax cuts.”

    The Bush era tax cuts expired last year. Stop with the bullshit.