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  • I’m not sure I understand your “trade” scenario since increasing your deductible is not of any benefit to the insured. The insurer wins both halves of your scenario. First, no payout for the covered expense. Second, future payouts lowered by the increase in the deductible.

  • Why do you believe that same-sex marriages need to be treated differently than opposite-sex marriages? Certainly common law marriage should be available to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. But, so should civil marriage. It’s not an either/or proposition for same-sex couples anymore than it is for opposite-sex couples.

  • do you mean to suggest that the government should stop providing the 1,100 benefits that it currently provides to married couples. For example, a widow who never worked in her life should get no SS benefits because she shouldn’t qualify based on her husband’s SS benefits. Or, a child who loses both parents while a minor should get no SS survivor benefits. etc, etc,etc

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    Could we please stop calling this a failed science experiment since no science teacher assigned the project to the student and the student didn’t conduct the “experiment” in a science classroom. Calling it a “science experiment” without actually explaining the details of what took place and where makes it sound different than it actually was. [...]

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    yes, I think they did threaten to go to Australia. But, then I think they found out that Australia has the dreaded government healthcare.

  • To quote Al Franken from his pre senate days….. Brian Brown is a big fat idiot!

    He says, “to try and compare in any way the attempt to redefine marriage with the Civil Rights movement is simply false.”

    Since he calls the movement for racial civil rights “the” civil rights movement instead of “a” civil rights movement, he is implying that only rights based on race are “civil” rights.

    Then he goes on to claim that children have the “civil right” to have both a mom and a dad.

    He doesn’t seem to understand that women’s rights are “civil” rights. Or, that Civil Rights legislation was written, not just as rights based on race, but on race, gender, religion, etc. Even Caucasians have “civil rights”. Civil rights are not in limited supply and only available to racial minorities. Every human being is entitled to civil rights and to be treated equally under the law.

    And, finally what he doesn’t understand is that the movement for the rights of the LGBT community is about more than marriage equality. It’s about ENDA, it’s about access to housing. It’s about including sexual orientation and gender identity to existing civil rights laws.

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    ” and in Washington “balanced deficit reduction” is basically the code word for cutting entitlements.”

    No one needs to “cut” entitlements. Just make reforms.

    For social security, only one reform is needed, ELIMINATE THE CAP on FICA taxes.

    For Medicare:
    1. allow for drug price negotiations
    2. change the system to pay health providers for outcomes instead of procedures.

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    I’m still patiently waiting for Ms Marcus or anyone else who supports this or any other cuts to SS to explain how it has any effect of the deficit, the debt or the budget. Any cost savings made to SS must stay in SS and CANNOT be applied to the deficit or the debt.

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    I don’t believe that Grayson will stand firm this time anymore than he did last time. And, I believe there will be a “Grand Bargain” he will be asked to vote for. Obama wants one. He already moved to $400,000 on taxes and offered up cuts to Soc Sec to pay for that change even [...]

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    Yes, but won’t it even be more exciting if the Congressman elect comes back to tell us why we should trust him this time to not fold on Entitlement programs when he folded on the Public Option?

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    That’s kind of like being willing to make changes to programs like Medicare that actually lower costs without affecting benefits ( calculator vs slide rule or drug price negotiation) and not being willing to lower the federal government’s Medicare costs by cutting benefits and transferring those costs to individuals (switching from eating ground beef to [...]

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    You got that exactly right. The Dems had the Repugs in a place they should never had been able to recover from after the 08 election. But, they way they royally screwed up with the Healthcare debate, dragging it out forever with dems fighting against dems and then throwing away the public option allowed the [...]

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    First, why would you suggest raising the FICA tax rate when we could just eliminate the income cap instead and start collecting FICA on all the income over $110,000 that isn’t currently taxed? This would be much fairer than making people who make less than the current cap pay more while those making over the [...]

  • I realized that. I don’t agree with them…. but, that is their position.

    It is my position that had the government NOT borrowed the soc sec surpluses and paid some sort of interest on it those same Rs would have complained that the money was just sitting there idle and not earning anything…..

  • The Rs that I speak with claim to me that Soc Sec effects the deficit and debt because the government has to borrow money from China in order to pay back the money it owes to Soc Security because of the fact that Soc Sec is not currently bringing in enough revenue to pay its current obligations. They want cuts to Soc Sec so that current revenues will be able to fund current obligations and then the govt will NEVER have to pay back the old Soc Sec surpluses that they borrowed.

  • Hold on there Batman…. How did they sneak in another lowering of the Revenue number without ever getting even one concession yet from the R’s? Revenue started at 1.6 trillion. Then Obama lowered it to 1.4 in his second offer. Now I see you report it here as 1.2 trillion. And, still nothing from the R’s.

    If Boehner waits long enough, Obama will end up offering another tax-cut instead of demanding any revenue.

  • If I recall my history right, the reason a constitutional amendment was REQUIRED to get rid of slavery is because slavery was written into the constitution in the first place. There isn’t anything in the constitution about marriage pro or con, straight or gay. So, no constitutional action is necessary to get us to marriage equality.

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    Yes, social security is self-financing and not part of the budget. But, these guy are trying to make sure SS can run completely on the current FICA intake so that they never have to pay back the 2 trillion + tat was borrowed and spent on other things. That’s why they want to cut SS. [...]

  • I keep seeing this kind of comment about the effectiveness of the Amendment 1 campaign. But, the comment never actually includes what the writer feels was wrong with the campaign or what should have been done instead. It doesn’t help to complain without providing the details.

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    There isn’t any amount of “research” a voter is able to do because of vote by mail that the voter couldn’t have done in any voting environment. All you are really saying is that receiving the ballot in the mail “prompted” you to do the research. Sample ballots including all candidates and issues are available [...]

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