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    Fuckin’ A, CH.

    (Not very pithy, I know, but what they hey).

    But this embarrassing fiasco could have been avoided had Obama set out, like even the most craven political hack, to reward his friends and punish his enemies. Not the other way around.

    I marvel at the human mind’s ability/agility to embrace what ever stupidity flows from the leader’s lips.

    It’s been said that every generation must relearn the lessons of the past (with a h/t to Santayana) but, for Pete’s sake, must that always be so literal?

    I feel as if we’re — as a species — repeating kindergarten again and again, milk and cookies courtesy The Twilight Zone

  • I messed up the blockquotes but, hey, you know ….

  • The Brookings Institution has already suggested if Venezuela granted Snowden asylum the US could cut off a “prime economic lifeline”—the “sale of its heavy oil to the United States.” (The suggestion came from the Diana Villers Negroponte, the wife of John Negroponte, the former British-born American diplomat who played a key role in the dirty wars in Central America.)

    What a great and unbiased insight from Negroponte’s wife.

    Were I Venezuela, I’d choke the US on it’s sudden lack of petroleum.

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    Friedman is the personification of Beltway (or, as Krugman, et. al., put it, VSPs) “thinking” that relies not a whit on economic reality, much less actual data points that would rip asunder his sorry theses. That this fellow is given column space is one of the great mysteries of the universe — which is to say this [...]

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    the current obsession with the idea that, somehow, the UN (!) is going to force suburban Americans to crowd into dirty, icky cities with the Blah’s and the other whatchamacallits is more than usually cuckoo.

    I first read about this two days ago and wondered, like you, exactly what these guys are defending (apart from UN Secret Plans to Thwart Suburbia and Eliminate Whiteness).

    One of the funniest — which is to say, most pathetic — things I heard leading up to the election was from a woman in my office who muttered, in response to why she was a staunch GOPer, “I hate being told what to do.”

    Which is why, naturally, she embraces an authoritarian party.


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    CH, thought I’d drop a note letting you know that, for some inexplicable reason (technological, I’m sure), I’ve been unable to post comments at your site for some time.

    Anyway, Hello!

  • Yes, support certain troops.
    These other guys are more like Webelos, maybe.
    Santorum’s favorite topic — homosexuality; he must’ve been positively squirming when that question came up.

  • I’d simply add that these guys don’t generate their wealth in a vacuum. There are myriad levels at work here, from infrastructure (paid for by taxes!) to people who do the actual work.
    And that’s assuming there’s actual work being done; product being produced; as opposed to moneylenders who thrive, survive and profit from “lending,” “transacting” and all other such neato terms describing usury.
    In sum, wealth generators are generating wealth on a foundation that’s a continuum — what we used to call a “society.”