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    So, have been watching the corporate msm and have seen nothing, zip, zero about how it was the actions of the rethug/teahaddist economic terrorists that caused them to lower the rating.
    Not. A. Word. From any TV or newspaper that I have seen. that I have seen.
    Page 4 of the report states plainly that it was the rethug/teahaddists who caused the downgrade.
    So how come no mention, and better yet, how come no one is calling anyone to task?
    We as a nation are kept ignorant, granted the majority of adult americans are lazy sheeple, easily led by propaganda, but still, shouldn’t there be someone telling the truth?
    Damn, I am so glad that I have the ability to leave the country, and places that I can go.
    The future of the US appears to be a theocratic dictatorship.
    I can not even think of anything to say about that.
    However, I am quite sure, having been reading this blog for quite a few years, that many of you will refuse to vote democrat.
    So, are you all stupid enough to give the 2012 election to the rethug/teahaddists?
    Are you all nothing more than rethug/teahaddist fifth columnists?
    You do fulfil the ideals of a fifth columnist.
    Do any of you know what a fifth columnist is?
    You all appear to be rethugs in progressive clothing. Why else try so hard to make it easier for the rethug/teahaddist economic terrorists to win?
    Not only sitting on your hands come election time, but activly campaigning against people who do support democrats.
    That is what a fifth column does.

  • Remember this.
    For rethugs/teahaddists. Their politics shapes how they see reality

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    its never gonna happen. Why? Because the fix is in. Over the last 30 years the corporate oligarchs have bought senators and congresspersons from both states and federal govt they own the msm, the courts, congress, and the executive.the rich have their own system of “justice”. Didn’t youall learn that when OJ was found not [...]

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    you all are nothing more than a bunch of nitwits. Because Obama is not doing everything you want you will just sit on your hands. You think that Romney will get the nod? not a chance in hell. what if its Bachmann? Or Palin? or how about Perry? While I could live with Romney, there [...]

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    I lived for several years in Korea. There, the first 6 grades of school are free. During this time kids learn to read and write-99%+literacy rate in Korea(of course their written language is one of the worlds easiest to learn-all spelling is phonetic-the written language itself was constructed a looong time ago by a ruler who was tired of the fact that you had to have lots of education to be able to communiate in writing, so he sat a few of his people down and said make a written language that everyone can learn. Which they did. That date is a national holiday in Korea.
    Back to education. We currently have at least a 30% national HS drop out rate every year. Our HS grads have to take remedial classes in math and english in order to take college programs. I call it the dumbing down of america.
    One problem is that all HS emphasis is on going to college, not on skilled trades where you don’t need a college degree but can, in many cases, make really good money
    Example, I am a master plumber. I only worked at it part time due to my job with the FedGov, yet I made more money doing that than I did working for the US.
    Getting back o Korea. Afer the first 6 years of govt paid education, it is up to the parents to pay(or get scholarships) to continue education, whether it be in skilled trades or in a college track.
    Considering that, Koreans today have 56% of their age group graduate from college every year. More than any other country in the world.
    99%+ literacy, 56% graduate college, a red hot economy. Bleeding edge science. IMO they are doing something right. Of course, the kids put in long hours 5.5 days of school every week. Only 2 months off, 1 month in summer, the coldest month in winter. Compare to US. less than 6 hrs school a day, only 180 days per year. We have gone way past the agricultural model for school wherein we had to let the kids out of school to plant, take care of and harvest crops. But we keep up the same model.
    Despite rethug claims that we are #1 in education, we have fallen a long ways from that. and if the rethug plan for education continues, we will quite soon find ourselves as nothing more than the basket case of the world, just like Africa is today.
    If doing something means privatising HS, then lets do it. Test the kids-like they do in Germany-to find out where their strengths lie, machinist, plumber, brick layer, mechanic, etc etc. or if they should continue on to college
    Not vouchers, but real private HS that actually teach academics aiming towards a career that the student shows the most ability(here in San Antonio the school district that I live in has a health careers HS where kids get a big jump on the various fields of medicine) rather than sports. IOW, no major in football, or bball.
    In India, kids are celebrated in newspapers for their academic achivement rather than like the US where it seems that all we care about in HS is sports and the stars who are playing.
    So instead of major universities giving out free scholarships for sports stars, they give them to the students with the best GPA.
    A dream I know. But if nothing is done, then we will continue to fall further behind and corporations(much as I hate them)will once again hire amcits rather than go to other countries to find people who are qualified(as a recent corp did here. Had 4000 good paying jobs, no american qualified to fill them, even college grads)

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    Just a thought. we know that excessive lead can cause mental problems, right? And we know that the govt forced Big Oil to stop putting lead in gas about 30 years ago. So, I wonder, all those years that people, both young and old(I grew up in a small town without lots of cars, in [...]

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    I give my current rep-whom I did not vote for and who now(he did not make much mention during the campaign)appears to be a teahaddist. francisco “quico” canscco R 23rd dist Texas-an F-. Here is hoping that redistricting takes him away from my house but then again he did vote for Ryans plan so maybe the entire district will kick him out.(I wonder, if the election were held today, would Ciro Rodriguez be reelected?). But he also seems to be very particular about who gets notified of his town halls. I sent him one mildly critical email, since then I have not gotten any information from him, emails or even a mailed news letter. Interesting, no? Sure hope that I do not need any help from my congressman over the next 2 years. Here is also hoping that he gets kicked out next election

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    I am not surprised at anything the Fumbling Bunch of Idiots do. They were totally wothless during my entire employment in the FedGov(I never worked for the FBI, but unfortunately had some interactions with them), that they remain so is not surprising.
    Because they depend on “informants” to make cases they are oh so easily duped by crooks.
    Remember Boston!
    The F B I is beyond help or hope. BTW, they take all the credit for catching bank robbers, THAT THE LOCAL COPS ALREADY CAUGHT.
    Same old same old.
    A good book about the F B I is called NO LEFT TURNS. It is a very good book. Puts J Edgar right where he belongs

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    why? Because it is the plutocratsd who own congress and the executive branch. No matter what party is in power, be it the demothugs or the rethucrats.
    It should not be a surprise to discover that the rich walk whu=ile the other 98% of us go to jail.
    We are quite far along on our slide into the 3rd world.infastructure has gone to hell-see the program on sunday nite 9pm CDT on the History Channel called Inspector America. Prepare to be totally disgusted with our pols who have not done any maintainence for the last 40 years and see how america is falling apart
    Education has gone to hell, new college students have to take remedial classes. I saw an employer on local TV discussing why he hired 4000 people from other countries rather than hiring americans. Call center he was asked? Reply, Nope, engineers and other high paying jobs. COULD NOT FIND AMERICANS WHO COULD DO THE JOBS. and that right there says it all. Welcome to the USA, the 3rd world of the 21st century

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    I do not believe that mccain is capable of lying on this issue. It is not about politics, it is about torture. He understands it because he was tortured. But even in NK and Vietnam along with China-the originator of torture by govt waaaay back in the day-have moved away from physical torture, and like Russia did back when they were still the USSR, they have moved on to much more reliable mental torture. As we did back before the back to physical torture movement got its start in the junior secret agent movement within the bush administration.
    Still, mental torture-as I call it-”worked” quite well in the USSR when all they needed was a “confession” As did physical torture in Vietnam where the POWs were not really tortured for information but for an ideological reason. Same happened in Maos China. Torture to gain an ideological confession of sinning against the govt.

    Physical torture, the way we did it as junior torture masters, was always doomed to fail. The reason being is that some torture happy idiots got the junior g man idiots in bush to approve moving the SERE torture program to prisoners-we got the idea from NK during the Korean war of the 50s(and no one except “our boys” does this any more because there are a lot more effective ways to torture people without leaving any evidence.

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    We have too damn many intel agencies doing the same thing. Not just the CIA and the DIA. There are lots of very specialized intel agencies in the military. The CIA buys its intel-and gets caught buying cons quite often. As does the DIA- Spending mountains of cash to get intel, does not make much [...]

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    I found out the same day-I was stationed in Germany at that time.

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    way back in the 60s and 70s I was around nuclear weapons, worked on BUFFs(B-52) for 1 thing. And worked on F-106 A/C that carried nukes. At that time all of the dependents kept packed suitcases in their cars and every family had an evac plan. Back in the early 70s(I am not going any [...]

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    too true.

  • timr commented on the diary post President Obama Makes a Fair Trial of Bradley Manning Impossible By Declaring Him Guilty by KevinZeese.

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    While a platoon sgt in Korea in the late 1970s I was charged in the death of a KATUSA-Korean Augmentation To US Army-if not for one hell of a good lawyer,(found to not have been involved at all in the art 32 hearing)(the unit CO and the 2lt-my plt leader, decided that I was guilty, [...]

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    and anyway it DOES NOT MATTER! as long as 1 parent is a US citizen, the child is also. No matter where born.(my son was born in Indonesia, and my wife was not yet a citizen, nevertheless, my son holds a US passport, issued the day he was born)

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    are all of you who sat out the 2010 elections happy now? You glad that you “punished” Obama by not voting?
    I am seeing lots of comments saying how bad Obama is and how none of you will support democrats in 2012.What in the hell are all of you thinking?
    Do you want the rethug/tea party to win in 2012? Do you really want a rethug house/senate/WH?
    You want the Authoritarians to take over? Geebuses, you people are more fukin dumb than the fukin sheeple rethugs.
    Oh yeah, and while I am thinking on it. I totally wasted my time in WI going door to door on the court election. 34 fucking % statewide voted. Jesus fucking christ, why did I bother to come up from Texas and spend my time and my retirement pay on so many useless fuks. Well, you all in WI made your bed by not getting out the vote. Now you will have to live with it. I will not be coming back to help in the recall elections. Going by the % of people who bothered to vote, those being recalled will win. So, are all you non voters still punishing Obama?
    Come 2012 the rethugs are, going by you useless bitching idiots here,(and on other liberal sites) are going to lose massively in 2012. While the rethugs keep their base riled up, the puking democrats are doing what? Not a god damn thing.
    So, sit on your hands in 2012 and “PUNISH” Obama by not voting, then watch as the US turns into the worst country in the world. As for me, if the 2012 election turns out like I think it will, my wife and I will be joining one of my kids in a country that values science and does not pander to thugs. US, a third world country with a corporate military. Run by Authoritarians.
    Don’t get me wrong, I will fight like hell to get people to vote in 2012. And I will vol. to work for any dems that run against a rethug.
    But if the dems lose the senate and the WH. I will also be gone, I am to damn old to be kowtowing to Authoritarian rethugs who will turn the US into something very like mississippi.

  • we can but hope.

  • voters of all ages have been ignoring the right to vote for many years.The reasons are many, but apathy, IMO, is one of the big ones.
    The future of the US is dim. I am damn glad that I am over 60. I will not have long to suffer thru the ignorance and stupidity that is over running the country.
    Luckily, my 4 kids have all emigrated to other countries. And yes, I talked them all into moving.
    When my wife and I become totally disgusted with the US we will simply move in with one of our kids. Singapore, Korea, Canada, Norway.4 countries that are all doing much better as far as education and medical care goes than the US. Yet our sheeple will continue to shout out meaningless slogans insisting that the US is #1. Number one in stupid and crazy, yep. Other than that, not so much. The oligarchs rule, Authoritarianism is getting bigger while the rethugs are out to destroy education and what is left of the middle class(union members have, over the years, voted for rethugs due to 1 issue voting)
    But do you really believe that voters will turn out in WI on tuesday? Really? Talk does not necessarily translate into action.
    We have a local vote here in May. I have already sent for the absentee ballots for my wife and myself. The last local elecion had less than 5% actually voting. Which is why we got so many lunatics on our local school boards and city govt.
    Its really sad just how far the US has fallen over my lifetime. We have gone from CAN DO(JFK), to WE ARE SO VERY AFRAID.(rethugs & faux)

  • seeing as how the tea baggers are, for the most part, Authoritarian followers, they will either ignore what the rethugs say-because they already know what their leaders say OR, they will rationalize in their tiny brains that what they ment was the opposite of what they said. IOW, they will not change because they are locked into whatever their chosen leadership tells them.
    Really, check out Authoritarianism. Way too many studies. Proof beyond doubt that rethugs and tea baggers are nothing more than fascists.

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