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  • Heck… State’s website even reads:

    Recognizing that information sharing is an essential component in the fight against serious crime, particularly terrorism…

    Criminal justice purpose shall include activities defined as the administration of criminal justice, which means the performance of any of the following activities: detection, apprehension, detention, pretrial release, post-trial release, prosecution, adjudication, correctional supervision, or rehabilitation activities of accused persons or criminal offenders. The administration of criminal justice also includes criminal identification activities.

    I guess that only relates to governments… in this case Spain. But I’m guessing the USG has a similar agreement with Yemen. And even if they don’t, one would think that State would *try* to be consistent.

  • This conjures up images of Bowe Bergdahl. The O Admin line was “doesn’t matter what he did, we don’t leave a man behind.”

    And now we’re going to war because of the tragic murders of two journalists who were, presumably, acutely aware of the danger in their missions (entering a war/conflict zone).

    So while I’m strongly opposed to this current war push to reinvade Iraq and expand it to Syria, the Admin seems to be fairly hypocritical by ignoring this guy (even if he is a really bad criminal).

    And isn’t this a primary reason for having embassies / consulates… to share information about citizens?

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    If O really wants to end the control of the IS, then there would need to be an alternative gov’t… other than a Maliki / Shia gov’t, presumably. After all, many reports say it was the corruption of the Maliki gov’t that led to Sunnis accepting IS as a legitimate gov’t.

    So to me, it stands to reason that prior to any invasion, the USG should end the policy of “one Iraq.” O could focus on IS better by allowing mutliple *stable* states to arise.

    I only know of one publicly stated downside: Turkey & Kurdistan. But considering that Turkey is effectively helping IS, why should the USG continue to be concerned with a new state called Kurdistan?

    I firmly believe that people must feel as though people are self-governed. So let it be.

    But of course, the profiteers (such as Pelosi on Maher last night) continue to push the false narrative that the issue is “Iraq.”

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    Michael Brown, like all premature deaths, was a tragedy. And now Eric Holder is showing that he agrees. From the St Louis Dispatch:

    The full resources of the Department of Justice have been committed to the investigation into Michael Brown’s death. This inquiry will take time to complete, but we have already taken significant steps. Approximately 40 FBI agents and some of the Civil Rights Division’s most experienced prosecutors have been deployed to lead this process, with the assistance of the United States Attorney in St. Louis. Hundreds of people have already been interviewed in connection with this matter.

    Yet Holder never could find the people necessary to staff Schneiderman’s W$ investigation unit?

    Understanding what happened in this — and every — death is important. But this really shows Holder’s true interests.

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    Boehner and the House GOP are suing the POTUS because they don’t have the cojones to impeach him. Well, Iraq is a perfectly good reason to impeach him. But they won’t. They’d rather yell and scream than take action.

    But hey, they’re well fed VIPs. And *that* is the important stuff!

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    I know you mentioned this last week, but I feel today also needs to be remembered…

    Aug 2, 1964: US Ships enter Vietnamese waters, Vietnam attacks US Ships

    Aug 4, 1964: US ships outside Vietnamese waters, but in Gulf of Tonkin. LBJ lies to Congress that America was attacked a second time… this time while in international waters.

    Aug 7, 1964: For several days, LBJ, McNamara et al. perpetrate their lies about being attacked in international waters… full well knowing that American Ships were *not* attacked. The idiots and failures known as Members of Congress vote (with only two dissenters, both Senators) in favor of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution… and America’s undeclared 50-yr war for resources began.


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    Gareth Porter: LBJ shouldn’t be held responsible for the Vietnam War. Blame McNamara!

    Alternate headline: LBJ wasn’t a warmonger. He was a dumb fool with poor judgement.

    Porter sounds like an apologist who — like MSNBC a couple months ago — wants LBJ to be remembered for Civil Rights… and we should all just forget about that little tiff in southeast Asia.

    Setting the record straight is always important, but Porter appears to want to excuse LBJ for the deaths of millions, including 58,000 American soldiers. He even suggests that LBJ didn’t have a backbone when his advisors demanded unwarranted war. Yet this is the same LBJ who is revered by so many for his ability to bully Senators with his massive hands in their faces… and make endless deals.

    Absolutely pathetic.

  • The War on Whistleblowers is truly horrible. 50 years ago (Aug 4, 1964), the Gulf of Tonkin incident (a big lie) occurred. Connecticut Magazine explains how my dad was the whistleblower on LBJ’s lies. At that time, my dad was in real fear for his safety. But LBJ didn’t indict / arrest him. I have no doubt that if it happened today, Obama would have my father in prison right now.

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    I haven’t seen the TPP mentioned here recently:

    The 12 countries involved in the talks effectively reached agreements on 12 of the 21 areas under negotiation, including labor and quarantine. But negotiations on four areas — import tariffs, intellectual property, the environment and reform of state-owned enterprises — have been shelved. These four areas are the biggest sticking points for reaching a TPP agreement.

    It is also becoming increasingly difficult for the U.S. to make a political decision in the TPP negotiations ahead of mid-term Congressional elections in November.

    Is this good or bad? It sounds to me as though a lame-duck Congress could be more dangerous than usual with lots of corporations people in the market for new Board Members… and lots of ducks looking for Board Memberships… ugh….

  • Perhaps in 2016 we’ll get someone who doesn’t begin his/her Presidency by “looking forward.” Perhaps we’ll find someone who upholds the rule of law and demands accountability?

    Haha… yeah, right.


  • I read somewhere that one of the laws that changed in the past one or two decades was a law that allowed banks to buy all commodities. So they did. Not only did they purchase each type of commodity. I think G$ bought pretty much entire markets… then started shipping the commodities among their own warehouses… and charging for storage on top of the increased prices due to reduced supply… that they had purchased and hidden.

    They belong in jail.

    They = W$, Corzine, Holder and his cronies… though I’d be happy by starting with the impeachment of Holder.

  • It could be theater. Or he might have a game plan in mind.

    Game plans are important. It’s why Glenzilla has been letting this story drip for a year… he knew that one big story wouldn’t have the impact of repeated stories… rather, everyone would’ve forgotten about Ed Snowden along time ago… or at least everyone, except for Clapper et al… who would still be hot on his tracks.

    I’m happy to give Grayson, Wyden and Amash some time to sort thru how they want to approach this. I’d be surprised if they haven’t already been calling their contacts in the IC… while trying to figure out the best approach.

  • SARs are used by banks too. I forget the precise rules, but it’s something along the lines of:

    1) $3,000 or $5,000 *cash* requires a report be sent to some USG agency for review;

    2) banks probably have their own internal *cash* reporting thresholds that are lower than the $3,000.

    IIRC, these rules relate to the Know Your Customer rule.

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    If you’re interested in the benefits of renewables, there’s value in speaking to conservatives on acceptable terms. Talking about the climate is DOA. I take a different tack. A consistent talking point of many seems to be intentionally misleading. For example, I often hear people equate the cost of coal power with rooftop solar power . And that [...]

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    Those were different roles in different countries… probably from around age 18 to 29.

    As for me, I don’t think this is a turf war or some sort of game being played. I think Snowden is a straight-up whistleblower. He saw the abuses and decided that he rather face death than live in a world without freedom… and of course, it was with the backdrop that there may be a moment in time where there is no turning back… so his efforts (including the information he could gather and judgment based on that information) were time-sensitive.

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    I watched the BW interview (tv & tubez). IIRC, Snowden said he was military, CIA, NSA et al… he’s a trained spook… despite denials from James “I didn’t lie” Clapper.

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    I hope The Snowden Effect has arrived. As I’ve mentioned before, the NSA doesn’t seem to care too much about the will / intent of:

    1) The President
    2) The Congress
    3) The American people; or
    4) The US Constitution.

    However, Clapper has not yet created Skynet. He still relies on people. And those people are his Achilles Heel.

    If Clapper loses the hearts’n'minds of his rank’n'file, then the 4th Amendment may win.

  • Ideally, someone should be held accountable for partially blinding the PAPO. But in a world of tradeoffs and budgetary constraints, this priority is telling. Or, perhaps I missed this part of O’s 2012 SOTU in which he stated “I’ll hold W$ accountable, right after I find Borup!”

    All kidding aside, the PAPO deserves justice. But this really speaks volumes about Obama’s coddling of W$… though that’s quite obvious to anyone who remembers Jon “Obama’s top bundler” Corzine.

  • It would be great if our next POTUS decides that looking “forward” is not enough… and that even *former* officials need to be held accountable.

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