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  • This poll is almost worthless.
    Of course most Republicans will say they want to be more conservative. The result doesn’t surprise me in the least.
    What I want to know is how many Republicans will vote for a republican congressman who votes to support a fiscal package that includes both spending cuts and higher taxes on the 2%, and elimination of certain deductions.

    This liberal v conservative debate does nothing for me. The framing is meaningless, and does little to get political deals done (although it does sell newspapers). I want to see more polls that are specifically tailored to issue positions.

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    Even Wyatt Earp in the wild west days made them all check their guns in when they came into town.

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  • Obama folds like a cheap suit. Why should we believe he will negotiate this deal any better than the previous ones.

  • This is a no brainer.

    But I had also thought it was a no brainer that the party that passes a law requiring Americans to buy health insurance would suffer grievously at the polls!

    So what do I know.

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    So…. to Win in Afghanistan, we just have to get our kind of leader in charge – like Karzai! – -Problem Solved? No… To win in Afghanistan we have to develop the army and get rid of corrupt Afghanistan leaders! — Problem Solved? No… In order to Win in Afghanistan, we have to develop democracy [...]

  • Democrats should be thanking their lucky stars that the courts appear willing to strike the worst part of the HCR act – the mandate.

    It was always bad politics. And, unless the GOP gets some major quid pro quo, they are happy enough to let the Democrats try to defend it in the next election. Remember, with control of the house, the GOP is in great position to block any attempt by Obama to remove the worst parts of the HCR act.

    Any guesses what the GOP may want from the Democrats to agree to remove the albatross?

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    If Obama wants to be the mediator – in – chief , then mediate this!

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    The FBI ought to be commended here. Those who think, “what if he had only been able to get a job” or some such scenario dont properly weigh the what if, instead of the FBI, the militants had beat the FBI to the punch. I have no problem with what the FBI did here.

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    Video Please!

    Or is it too pornographic to record. Like Wizzer White said – “I know it when I see it.”

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    Until Obama understands and has confidence in the American political system, he’s on a route to defeat.

    The American political system is set up as an adversarial system. It anticipates that whoever is in power will take the ball and run with it HARD! and won’t give up until he’s faced with an insurmountable obstacle. At that point, it anticipates that the man in power will do one of two things. Cut a deal for the best he can get at that point, or yell bloody murder that the opposition is standing in the way, and preserve the issue for campaign fodder.

    It’s self correcting. It’s a system with compromise built in.

    Obama doesn’t see this. He’s stuck on the idea of “consensus”. He looks for a program that both Republicans and Democrats can get behind. This is a loser on so many levels.

    He needs to get his head on straight, go for it without fear of going to far, and run with the ball as far and as fast as he can go. If he lets the American people know what he’s doing, he has nothing to fear. There’s an important distinction between compromise and consensus, and Obama hasn’t learned it yet.

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    A simple solution to getting rid of bad debt: repeal the changes to the bankruptcy laws, and enable bankruptcy Courts to order mortgage cram down. Easy. Fast.