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  • There is something disturbingly wrong about the coverage on mainstream TV news stations.

    Unfortunately, most Americans get their news from television, and on CNN & MSNBC there is really very little news, way too much biased opinion. CNN abdicated its journalistic mission in favor of the Malaysian Plane.

    No TV station covered the outrageous collection practices of taking tax refunds to pay for old debts of long dead parents. Barely any gave significant notice to the Pulitizer Prize awards or have presented any unbiased analysis of what’s really going on in Ukraine.

    But now that they have a video of al quaeda gathering, here comes Mike Rogers to remind us we really aren’t safe and the Snowden leaks have contributed to al quaeda feeling joyous.

    So I’m not surprised that even on MSNBC, torture is avoided for discussions about Chris Christie and other Evil Republicans. Disturbing.

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    From what I know about the Mafia, they are usually ultra careful about discussing their crimes, particularly with people they have no business with.

    Again, I must say, I can’t think of any civil rights activist who would believe that becoming a paid informant for the FBI was a real strategy for racial justice. Can you? Being an FBI paid informant is not something that inspires trust among people who fight for human rights.

    Yes, there is probably some agenda. How often does the FBI release pages of unredacted documents in response to FOIA requests?

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    I won’t deny that the timing of all this documentation–without redactions!– suggests an agenda.

    But Sharpton’s ascendancy is not due to his civil rights pedigree. Talk to any longstanding civil rights activist for views on Sharpton’s “deals” for civil rights causes. Like Comcast.

    And name any civil rights activist who truly believes that informing for the FBI brings justice for black causes. Name any Occupy protester who believes “cooperating” with the FBI will help their cause.

    We all know the template for How to Cultivate an Informant: Catch them in a prosecutable crime, then offer them immunity from charges if they play ball. It’s an old template but one that still works. The FBI used a lot of paid informants during the civil rights era. It’s how the CPD executed Black Panther Fred Hampton in Chicago.

    Martin Luther King died a pauper. He didn’t go out and make deals with Corporations to earn money for himself and a few jobs for a few black people.

    One has to ask re Obama: why choose Sharpton when there are so many revered civil rights workers in this country?

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    What bothers me most about all this cyber spoofing is that it actually is an invasion of a sovereign country. Invading a country’s digital space is akin to sending soldiers with weapons over borders.

    What’s even worse? Creating illusory worlds that people think are real. Here we are getting into mass cognitive dissonance and social engineering. What happens to people when they can’t distinguish between illusion and reality? Or when they prove so naive that they can be manipulated into overthrowing a govt?

    This is some dangerous stuff, and I’m surprised the APA hasn’t come out against it.

  • n 2010, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), best known for overseeing billions of dollars in reconstruction money in the successful campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan,

    What successful campaigns?

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I don’t think this is so hilarious. Why are govts manipulating people?

    Jay Carney insists that Congress debated this program and oversaw it, but Patrick Leahy claims he knew nothing about it.

    Why would anyone trust American technology if it’s going to be used for social engineering?

  • In addition, I think those who have struggled to understand this issue, at least from the questionable Kiev activities that resulted in a coup, believe that Putin is probably right to protect his interests and his borders from Nato aggression and NSA surveillance. Those Govt People who have been hectoring Putin the most are probably more upset that Putin gave Snowden asylum and suspect this provocation in the Ukraine is a sly way for the Empire to Strike Back.

    But the problem with polling is that most people aren’t that well-informed on the issues. The polls, therefore, simply measure how effectively propaganda has shaped public opinion. Or they measure other beliefs in play that shape views toward a current event.

    This poll reiterates the view that Americans are fed up with war and conflict with Foreign Powers. And probably the frustration over finding money for a tiny country while the govt turns its back again on the economic misery of its own people by pleading bankruptcy. Ukraine gets billions, Detroit, the unemployed, the foreclosed upon… nada.

  • The CIA is modeling a tactic that police departments use all the time against ordinary citizens. When the police assault you for no good reason, they’ll immediately arrest you and charge you with a crime to cover up their own crime.

    This whole incident is priceless and I’m thrilled about it. Intelligence Forces have essentially overthrown democracy and we are witness to a Coup of Epic Proportions.

    Now I want to see Mike Rogers or Peter King go on air and insinuate that Feinstein is a terrorist or just unstable.

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    And to think, Obama and the Dems could have passed a single payer system if they wanted to. They had the votes (no one here buys that “you need 60 votes in the Senate to pass anything” BS), but chose instead to pass a GOP bill hatched by the Heritage Foundation back in 1994 that even Republicans didn’t support.

    This is shrinking from the power that Obama voters gave him. Middle of the road, centrist, compromise-type leadership usually produces something more people hate than love. While I can see forging a compromise in some things, you should be firm in Core Values & Promises to Voters who elected you. He had the votes for single payer, he had the votes for a public option at the least. And absolutely no effort to bring down costs of medical care. NONE.

    In order to use one’s policy, one has to front $6-12K in deductibles before the insurance company starts paying 50% of your costs. I might sign up only because if I fall off a ladder and break my leg, I know that the doctor will send me for a $5000 MRI and send me to a $500 a visit therapist. In other words, for many people, no matter what plan you choose, it’s all treated as catastrophic cuz you’re not going to the doctor unless it’s an emergency.

    Obamacare: It’s better than bankruptcy. That should be the slogan.

  • “The AP has learned that the US government is thinking about deploying a drone that might kill somebody somewhere. Details are being withheld so as not to interfere with ongoing counterterrorism operations. According to officials who aren’t authorized to discuss the matter, the somebody targeted could be someone that is known to somebody in the US. When pressed about the country this person might be operating from, the official who leaked this information could only confirm that the country is located on the planet Earth.”

  • The Chicago Police!! Really. They did the very same crap during the Democratic Convention–Mayor Daley’s “shoot to kill” order. They are a shady, brutal bunch.

    And the Chicago Police assassinated Fred Hampton, head of the Black Panther Party. And not one was ever prosecuted for it–although it did lead to the election of Harold Washington.

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    We all know that if a black person or poor person bought over 3 grams of coke or crack, that person would be sentenced to decades of hard labor in prison. He’d be convicted as a FELON and upon release would not have the right to vote & probably couldn’t get a job. In addition, I can’t see the cops observing the purchase, then, in an attempt to preserve the purchaser’s dignity, declined to arrest him on the spot but headed over to his house to make the arrest after having a little chat.

    This is the same Elected Official who pushed to drug test poor people applying for welfare benefits. Taxpayer money is also used to pay Elected Officials–let’s drug test Congress.

    We all know this is unequal justice.

  • The cost of health care is just too high. Having to take on a new bill that eats up $5K of your income when you are barely holding your head above water is impossible. In addition, if you do get sick, you know that you’re going to pay $6-12K upfront in deductibles. And these days, you can spend $12K in a NY minute if you need health care. Just walking into an emergency room costs over $1000.

    My son got suddenly sick last winter with that mysterious stomach ailment. In severe pain, he drove to the ER. They gave him drugs, an MRI, and he spent the 4 hours he was there on a gurney in the hallway. His bill–over $10K! Fortunately, he had insurance from his job, but that’s not the point. An MRI will cost you $5k alone, and doctors are urged to use that pricey equipment over x-rays. Then, you go for a follow-up and doctors want to order another MRI–they don’t want to use “the old one.”

    Someone thought partnering with insurance companies was a good idea. We bail them out the same as we do with mortgage bankers. People are just being drained of their monies.

    “Obamacare…it’s better than bankruptcy” is the real slogan.

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    We are all slaves. The reason all these corporations are making so much money is because slavery is still legal. There’s a growing pool of illegal immigrants who’ll work for nothing and not complain. And now Americans are in the same boat. 100k jobs added–yeah, in hotels and the Dollar Store.

    I’d vote against everybody in DC; the problem would be, who to vote FOR. That’s the biggest way to suppress the vote, when you don’t have anybody to vote for.

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    This is all sad. Did anyone actually think that Insurance Companies were going to be decent partners with reform? They aren’t any better than Wall St Bankers. If the Dems had had any real fight in them, they’d have pushed for Real Reform–Nationalized Health Care. What we got was a big pay-off to insurance companies for policies that for most people would be too expensive to use cuz you have to pay $12K up front! Break your leg, you’ll pay for the ambulance and $10K for emergency room services, which will include 100 xrays plus a $5000 MRI, then $5000 for therapy, this in addition to the $400+ monthly premium.

    If the US is one big group mandated for insurance, where are the effin discounts? Why aren’t prices lower? Instead insurers, doctors, hospitals see a terrific opportunity to charge people to the hilt!

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    I’d like to know who was in charge of this. If I spent half a billion of my company’s money launching a website that didn’t work, I’d be fired…maybe even prosecuted.

    Obama says Apple wouldn’t shut down just because its website didn’t work. But Apple isn’t fining me if I don’t buy its product and it loses money if it can’t serve its customers.

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    I also wondered about that, especially in those Red states that don’t want their citizens to have health insurance. But no one in the media is pursuing that possibility.

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    Yeah, I caught that, too. You have people who’ve probably visited that site 100 times to see if it works.

    They boast about applications, but just what do they consider an application? Is it an attempt to register, or what?

    What bothers me is the disingenuousness of those in the administration trumpeting the website. Here they pay American high tech companies millions of dollars to collaborate in the spying program but engage some Canadian firm to build a website. Given the money they pay to their collaborators, the govt probably could have gotten this built by homegrown experts at a discount. $500 million for a botched site is scandalous, really.

    Having to pay $700 monthly premium for a family of 3 with a $12K deductible is outrageous. You’d have to be making some pretty good money to afford that and a house & car payment as well. We’ll see a lot of people sign up for health care just in case they have a heart attack or fall off a ladder. Otherwise, they can’t afford to use it.

  • I bet Miranda was watched from the time he left Brazil and all while he was in Germany. I bet there was intelligence on his plane. I bet they are using 3rd party contractors to hack into Guardian & Greenwald’s communications & have snatch & grab and sneak & peek teams ready to go…like the crew Nixon assembled…the Watergate Burglars.

    Jason Bourne to Guardian National Security Reporter: “You don’t know these people. They’ll kill you if they have to. You must have found something, something related to Treadstone.”

  • They must have been surveilling Greenwald, Miranda, & Poitras–probably even the Guardian.

    Clearly neither the U.S. nor the UK is really interested in having an open debate. These people must be really concerned to do something so brazen and ultimately so stupid. There must be some huge secret that they are afraid will get out.

    Very frightening.

  • As someone who remembers all too well the damage COINTELPRO caused on activists during the civil rights era and social protest decades, I cannot believe my ears when I hear these TV Hosts embrace mass govt surveillance. If they are talking about Snowden, they’ve made that choice. After all, it’s their program, or is someone forcing them to talk about Snowden’s attempts to get asylum?

    There is no reason for Snowden to come home so that he can be thrown in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. I wouldn’t. It’s not like he’s fighting for better schools in New Orleans or against white and colored bathrooms in Mississippi. Snowden’s issue, as we have discovered, is global–the U.S. Govt is spying on everybody on the planet not so much because of terrorists but to get advantages in financial markets. People all over the world are upset about being spied on and most thank Snowden for letting them know that their computer is not their friend.

    MSNBC has gone to the dogs–the official Media Partner of the White House. Want stature, an invite to the White House, an in with those in power and rewards that blossom from that connection–become an MSNBC TV Host or Contributor–the only requirement being that you have to depict Republicans as Monsters and Obama as Infallible. He’s proposing to cut Social Security & Medicare–hey, it’s not him, he was forced to do it by Republicans. Not enough racial diversity in his cabinet? Hey, have people forgotten Valerie Jarrett? I could go on and on. Their is a reason the ratings of MSNBC are plummeting–a good reason.

    As for the bourgeois MHP, all I can say is, Cornel West was right about her. Tool for the plutocrats.

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