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    Labor Department stats are out, and not good. The Dow closed down well over 400. It’s just not gonna get better by itself, people. The question that has guided my life, and especially my political life has never been more important than it is today:

    What are YOU going to do about it?

    When two “you”s get together, it’s a “WE”. When WE come together for a common cause, like say the preservation of our Democracy, things happen, and nations change because their people change. Now is the time. Liberty is looking to us, her torch raised for those of us needing a reminder.

    That’s just how important today is.

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    Evening/Morning all. Thanks for the HJ clip. It soothed my tired and battered soul after a day in the pits. I’ll be back. :)

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    The American people are sending their Congress a message. What we have witnessed, in an ever-increasing presence, is political terrorism in ways, and at levels never-before seen. As we have learned more about how messy democracy actually is, the more concerned we have become. But, this?

    The American people did send their new elected leaders to Congress with a message, but this was NOT it! The message sent was:

    “No more politics as usual. Work together to solve the problems our people are facing.”

    What we have gotten IS different politics. The Tea Party has terrorized the American people. The Republican leadership in the House has caved ever so much more than President Obama. Facing a constant firestorm of disruptive, distracting non-issue legislative gridlock, and “Ransom” demands, the American public is much more than sickened.

    Democracy still lives, and it still works. There is, however, a rising groundswell against the party politics that refuse, en masse to work for the people of this nation, but rather their own aggrandizement and the next election. Any who doubt or disagree with this would be best served to put their ear a bit closer to the ground.

    The likes of what we witnessed with the completely manufactured Debt Limit “crisis”, for none other than to extract impossible demands from a few, at the expense (as we now see) of the many millions, will have consequences to our continuing economic free-fall, set BACK into motion as a direct result of the Tea Party’s intractable refusal to consider the good of the country.

    But, Democracy lives still. I support our President. I do not completely agree with him. He represents the very best hope of the very real and immediate future of the nation I have loved, defended, and participated in for the whole of my life as a citizen.

    The Tea Party wishes to not amend the Constitution. They wish to remove it. The Tea Party does not wish to make government smaller, they wish to completely eliminate government, and publicly say so. Candidates wish to pilfer the Treasury, remove regulations and those agencies which are tasked with the making of them; suggest States secceed from our Union, while eliminating no less than 8 Amendments to our Constitution, while instituting 3 new and prohibitive Amendments; believe that Corporations are people, with all the rights of citizenship (except of course, following our laws); cannot tell the difference between a Birthday and a Death Day….

    There is a point at which it will be the American people, reasonably said to have begun in Wisconsin, who will collectively shout “ENOUGH!”. They will do it universally, unanimously, and peacefully. Why?

    Because this is America. We are Americans. Democracy lives, and the Lady still shines her light in the Harbor. We may have difficult days ahead, but will remember. Oh, yes. We will remember.

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