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    I wish I could remember how I found you, maybe Steve G., maybe Billmon. you are still here and still wonderful. Thank you for the time and the commitment and thank you to your family for allowing us to share your life-all of them.

    Before you abandon us, I really want you to come to NYC and give us your impressions!!!

  • Time to cue the old video with Mitt challenging the validity of “blind trusts” being not so blind.

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    Unfortunately, this month is the least desirable to be in NYC due to heat and humidity and we have had a long hot summer (for NYC). I would reccommend staying out of the subway system for the vacay trip. The platforms feel like its 120 and by the time you get where you are going, you just feel damp all over. I have to use it to go to work, but walking or a cab is preferable. (Exception-the Shuttle between Grand Central ((a must see))and Times Square. Times Square is fine and pretty amazing today and very tourist friendly, unless you are bothered by crowds.

    A good way to get aquainted with the city is to take the tourist buses. You can get off and on when you want and if you want to explore an area further, you just get off and catch another bus later on. My girlfriends and I did a half day to Brooklyn a few years back, and it was so interesting to see another borough.

    I second the idea of a Circle Line tour and/or the Staten Island Ferry (its free) and you can see the Statue of Liberty without the hassle of security to board the tour boats to Liberty Island (although Ellis Island is a must see some day). I also strongly second the High Line.

    There are so many inexpensive places to eat, such as breakfast and lunch at the bodegas, lots of good Irish Pubs (Brendens on 35th between 5th and 6th) and for good reasonably priced meal-Savilla in the West Village right off Christopher Street-a nice Spanish traverna.

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    OMG, Harry Reid would never have started this “he said-she said” unless he knew there was “smoke”. Romney wants to be KING, and to rule the subjects who have no right to question. Or in other words, he wants to enhance his resume by adding “served as President of the United States from XX to XX”. What is frightening is to think of what the bullet points under that tenor would be.

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    I now think that Mitt believes he is special, that he would be royalty if we had that kind of thing-so he is going for the next best thing-President. He is not interested in the work of it, just the being of it, with all the accompanied bowing and scraping by the staff or donors.

    GWB, on the other hand, went along with the plan, made no bones about not being interested in the work, and really just wanted to stay on perpetual vacation, away from policy or bowing from the staff or donors.

    Of course the result of a Romney presidency will be even more devastating than GWB’s, as Romney will want to hang around so he can “feel the love” from his donors when they want something.

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    Best ever movie line Tbogg. I think we are a generation behind!!

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    Thank you TBogg and other male responders for caring enough for the females in your life to stand up for us. I wish I could say we girls don’t need any help, but looks like we do, more and more every day. I no longer need birth control, because I am old enough to remember when there wasn’t any. And we do not want to go back there.

    I have seen a lot of progressive changes. When I was working and got pregnant, it was when pregnancy had just won the designation of being a disability which meant my company could not fire me when I became pregnant and had to let me come back to my job after the “oh so short” six weeks with my baby, not offer me a job 2000 miles away somewhere to satisfy the requirement You have no idea how hard corporations fought to give pregnant women who wanted their babies- nothing!!!.

    To say it is a slippery slope to no real public rights is not a joke.

  • There is information out today that Paterno is a really weird guy, from a former assiatant coach from 1987, who says it was expected that all the coaches, assistants etc.., although not players, were expected to take communal showers after each game. To be apart of the program, you did not go home to your family to shower, but had to take a communal shower or not be considered a team player (Paterno needs a shower after standing on the sidelines?). So maybe Paterno was living vicariously through Sandusky??