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  • It’s not the end of prohibition, but this is a start. Now if Brown seriously wants to correct this injustice — and at the same time alleviate the horribly overcrowded California prisons — how about commuting the sentences of those already serving time to what they’d be if this law had been on the books all the time?

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    Not a bad summary, but do you really think that the people in charge are bumbling? (Would you call Dick Cheney a bumbler, for example?) That seems a more charitable assessment than that they are malevolent, or greedy, or power-hungry — that they see the disaster ahead and figure they can make a profit off [...]

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    EJ Dionne praises the debate over the first Iraq War (on resolutions that were largely a courtesy to/by GHW Bush, who had already sent half a million troops to the region.) He writes:

    The arguments, a prelude to votes on resolutions endorsing military action, were almost entirely free of partisan rancor and the usual questioning of adversaries’ motives…. Far from leaving the country torn and bitter, the debate brought us together.

    In other words, it was the ideal Village debate: civil, bipartisan, and totally symbolic.

    He continues:

    A post-election vote accepts that politics is what it is. We can get all moralistic about this. We can sermonize that politicians should always vote their consciences and should never, ever think about their own fates or the fate of their party. But to say this is to demand a degree of selflessness from men and women in the political trade that we never ask of anyone else — with the exception, of course, of our soldiers in combat.

    Those poor politicians! Will no one think of *their* feelings? Only a true Beltway journalist could have written a column like this.

  • Orman is an ex-Republican (since W’s reign) who’s flirted before with the Democrats. He hasn’t committed to caucusing with either major party, presumably to see who bids highest. He’s a big business man, a deficit hawk who says he’s socially tolerant. Apparently he’s sympathetic to the wing of the Kansas Republican Party that despises Tea Party Gov. Sam Brownback, though the Tea Party senatorial primary candidate is the one who’s beaten up Pat Roberts so far.

    According to this article in the
    Baltimore Post-Examiner:

    Even before Taylor’s departure, Orman had already won the backing of the moderate group Traditional Republicans for Common Sense. – See more at:

  • In fact, Michael Gordon, who teamed up with Judith Miller to proclaim proof of WMDs in Iraq, is now one of the star NYTimes reporters on the “Russian invasion”.

  • Step 1: A review.
    Step 2: A commission.
    Step 3: Legislation that makes things worse.

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    As you say, it’s the status quo that’s sick. You can’t have healing until you first remove the cancer.

  • So ISIS/ISIL are the new Nazis? I thought Assad was the new Hitler. Or Qadaffi was. Maybe Putin? It used to be Saddam Hussein, the last time a US President ramped up the war in Iraq.

    Given the non-stop propaganda from every cable news channel and newspaper, I can understand why people argue, “Sure, every other time we said someone was not just horrible but worse than Hitler, and so we had to go to war with them, it turned out we were wrong and/or exaggerating — but this time we really mean it!” However, after all the times we’ve been lied to, a little skepticism about official government and news reports may be warranted.

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    And don’t get me started on Kos.

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    Here’s Digby, for example:

    Obviously, things could spin completely out of control. They usually do once the switch on the fighting machine is turned on. But for now, Obama’s keeping it together. We’ll see what happens.

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    From your link to the blockade wiki:

    In March 1993, Israel imposed an overall closure on Gaza with newly built checkpoints; and, from October 2000, Israel imposed a comprehensive closure on the Gaza Strip. When the Al-Aqsa Intifada broke out in September 2000 Israel put trade restrictions on the Gaza Strip and closed the Gaza International [...]

  • I bet this complicated Rube Goldberg system can be improved by adding another part! Surely the best solution to technocratic neoliberalism is implementing a better formula. *sigh*

  • So I guess this is funny because he’s suggesting the warehouses be built in Central America? Because we already have such warehouses in the US — ICE detention centers such as the one Jeh Johnson visited last week in Arizona:

    After touring the recently opened center, he said staff told him that some of the immigrants told them they were surprised to be detained.

    “This facility … represents proof that indeed we will send people back.”

    But without more beds, the department says immigrants caught entering the country illegally will continue to be released while awaiting their deportation and asylum hearings. Right now, they are detained only if there is a place to house them.

    The Obama administration has requested emergency spending of $3.7 billion to open more detention centers, hire more immigration judges and take other steps to deal with the border crisis.

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    Also Turkey, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan and Yemen.

    Great military powers fighting proxy battles in a region of delicate alliances and long-standing grudges. What a brilliant way to mark the centennial of the start of World War I!

  • Isn’t New York’s WFP basically a way to capture disaffected Democrats and redirect their votes back to the Democratic Party? At least at the leadership level?

  • I don’t see why you’d suggest that Petraeus is blurring the lines between government, finance and industry. For shame! Why, even as I type this, the great general and financier is … attending the secretive annual conference of the Bilderberg Group with other fine members of government, finance, industry, academia and the media — people like [...]

  • Those interested in more information about the CIA station chief, Gregory Vogel (whose name has been public information for four years and is widely known Kabul) can read more at the Moon of Alabama link.

    Vogel was involved in Afghan death squadrons and has hired thousands of Afghani locals as CIA thugs — sorry, “Counterterrorist Pursuit Teams” — who for some reason are unpopular among the citizens.

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    A vote on a crappy, minor reform bill after only 1-2% of Snowden’s NSA documents were redacted and published. Imagine what might have happened had all the documents been disclosed.

  • Yes, thank you President Obama for ratcheting up conflicts like Syria and Ukraine to the point of all-out World War III, but not (yet) actually pulling the trigger. You are officially 0.06% less evil than the far-right neoconservatives.

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    You gotta love it when progressives use “welfare” as a slur word.

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