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    Obama can veto the pipeline legislation, if he chooses. He hasn’t threatened to do so yet, though.

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    Dangerous situations like walking while black, chatting while Mexican, or sleeping while homeless?

    When laws are unjust and society is unfair, how can you support the violent enforcers of that system?

  • Yes, actually, it is about race. It’s also about class — rotten systems can be oppressive in multiple ways — but one of the main purposes of the current system is to maintain white supremacy on the streets of the United States.

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    I don’t see why critics say Obama didn’t focus on the economy in 2009. He made his famous “pivot to the deficit” to cut spending during a recession and make sure no further stimulus was remotely possible. That hurt workers and caused a tremendous amount of suffering, but it did stuff the bank accounts of wealthy stock and bondholders. His focus just didn’t benefit 99% of us, that’s all.

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    Well, if you don’t like Webb and you don’t like Clinton, there’s always Elizabeth Warren. Right now she’s touted as a leftist; back then she was a … Reagan Republican.

    From wikipedia:

    So, yeah, when people ask where the “moderate” Republican politicians have gone, the answer is into the Democratic Party leadership.

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    Looks like after the midterms, the knives are out among the DC Dem. establishment. Lots of anonymous back-stabbing going on it that article, and I’d expect quite a bit more in the coming weeks.

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    I suppose it’s more comforting to think that Wisconsin voters are stupid than that Walker’s opponent, Democrat Mary Burke, is a poor candidate. A millionaire Harvard MBA who worked for her dad’s non-union business, and campaigns as a non-ideological candidate who is vague on most issues, Burke for some reason is having difficulty inspiring the Democratic base to get out and vote.

    But at least she’s not like that millionaire Harvard MBA Mitt Romney! I mean, what kind of party would nominate such a person for office?

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    I found myself enjoying Hyperion but finding Fall of Hyperion dull; Endymion fun but Rise of Endymion boring; Ilium neat but Olympos ridiculous. Good starts, awful sequels.

    And at the end of Olympos you sees signs of Simmons’s hatred of Islam beginning to show. It’s been more blatant elsewhere; he basically calls for a crusade/genocide.

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    While you put forward some good ideas for increasing turnout, I’m not convinced that’s the major problem facing us. Nor is it a lack of comity and bipartisanship. When both major parties have agreed to protect Wall Street, fight numerous wars, cut back on people’s benefits, and shred the Bill of Rights, I don’t think giving politicians even more public backing or motivation to compromise is a wonderful thing.

    Looking to fix a busted capitalist system by making some minor improvements in voting procedures is like using recycled metal to build new oil refineries. You’re focusing on the wrong thing.

  • Jail is for the little people, as DSWright said. Remember one of the reasons so many of us are still going there — Hunter’s daddy Joe. The Vice President is one of the biggest anti-legalization advocates in the Obama Administration. (He even coined the term “Drug czar.”) From a 2012 article in HuffPo about the drug war:

    …Joe Biden continues to guide the administration’s hard-line drug policy. “The vice president has a special interest in this issue,” Sabet says. “As long as he is vice president, we’re very far off from legalization being a reality.”

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    Thank goodness there’s nowhere in the US with “bad infrastructure, serious poverty, highly inadequate health care systems, local funeral traditions, and government corruption.” We have an “adequate disease response system” which has worked so well in the past, for example with HIV/AIDS. /snark

    I’ll grant that the mass media are hyping Ebola in the US right now (while mostly overlooking the catastrophe in Africa), but I think Jon is being far too sanguine in dismissing the possibility of epidemic here, if not with Ebola, then with the latest strains of enterovirus or influenza, to name just two.

  • The strategy is a failure only if you assume that US rulers want stable Arab democracies in the Middle East.

  • It’s not the end of prohibition, but this is a start. Now if Brown seriously wants to correct this injustice — and at the same time alleviate the horribly overcrowded California prisons — how about commuting the sentences of those already serving time to what they’d be if this law had been on the books all the time?

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    Not a bad summary, but do you really think that the people in charge are bumbling? (Would you call Dick Cheney a bumbler, for example?) That seems a more charitable assessment than that they are malevolent, or greedy, or power-hungry — that they see the disaster ahead and figure they can make a profit off [...]

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    EJ Dionne praises the debate over the first Iraq War (on resolutions that were largely a courtesy to/by GHW Bush, who had already sent half a million troops to the region.) He writes:

    The arguments, a prelude to votes on resolutions endorsing military action, were almost entirely free of partisan rancor and the usual questioning of adversaries’ motives…. Far from leaving the country torn and bitter, the debate brought us together.

    In other words, it was the ideal Village debate: civil, bipartisan, and totally symbolic.

    He continues:

    A post-election vote accepts that politics is what it is. We can get all moralistic about this. We can sermonize that politicians should always vote their consciences and should never, ever think about their own fates or the fate of their party. But to say this is to demand a degree of selflessness from men and women in the political trade that we never ask of anyone else — with the exception, of course, of our soldiers in combat.

    Those poor politicians! Will no one think of *their* feelings? Only a true Beltway journalist could have written a column like this.

  • Orman is an ex-Republican (since W’s reign) who’s flirted before with the Democrats. He hasn’t committed to caucusing with either major party, presumably to see who bids highest. He’s a big business man, a deficit hawk who says he’s socially tolerant. Apparently he’s sympathetic to the wing of the Kansas Republican Party that despises Tea Party Gov. Sam Brownback, though the Tea Party senatorial primary candidate is the one who’s beaten up Pat Roberts so far.

    According to this article in the
    Baltimore Post-Examiner:

    Even before Taylor’s departure, Orman had already won the backing of the moderate group Traditional Republicans for Common Sense. – See more at: http://baltimorepostexaminer.com/greg-ormans-independent-rise-whats-right-kansas/2014/09/04#sthash.wfOcxqdg.dpuf

  • In fact, Michael Gordon, who teamed up with Judith Miller to proclaim proof of WMDs in Iraq, is now one of the star NYTimes reporters on the “Russian invasion”.

  • Step 1: A review.
    Step 2: A commission.
    Step 3: Legislation that makes things worse.

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    As you say, it’s the status quo that’s sick. You can’t have healing until you first remove the cancer.

  • So ISIS/ISIL are the new Nazis? I thought Assad was the new Hitler. Or Qadaffi was. Maybe Putin? It used to be Saddam Hussein, the last time a US President ramped up the war in Iraq.

    Given the non-stop propaganda from every cable news channel and newspaper, I can understand why people argue, “Sure, every other time we said someone was not just horrible but worse than Hitler, and so we had to go to war with them, it turned out we were wrong and/or exaggerating — but this time we really mean it!” However, after all the times we’ve been lied to, a little skepticism about official government and news reports may be warranted.

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