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    There is no possibility of grace in the face of willful dishonesty and cruelty to others. I had many discussions with a humble and genuine Mennonite Pastor and we agreed that the path we face is paved with mistakes that we must learn from and change the behavior that caused these mistakes,transgressions, etc.It’s really very simple ‘ Be the best example you can be’ Although it is not our place to judge others’ Being human it’s difficult to not’ ! If we don’t judge how can we know the difference between good and bad ? We cannot overlook this awful coverup by men who are supposed to be leaders and examples of what is supposed to be the path to God . As a youth in Catholic school I requested to be placed in public school because of the abuse and cruelty of Nuns . One example of a humiliation I was forced to endure. I made a request to go to the rest room and it was denied. I defecated in my trousers and was made to stand in a far corner of the room. I can’t imagine anything more humiliating and it had the result of constant never ending ridicule from the other children.The tragic really tragic part of it was that up until that nasty ,vindictive Nun shamed me ‘ Needlessly ‘ I got along well with others. It was many years before I was able to trust Religion again.As an adult I became a member of a fundamentalist Church until I was convinced they were a collection of hypocrites with no interest in others except to indoctrinate them into the fold and then tithe and give until it hurt,home school children and treat woman as chattel good only to serve , obey ,bear children and keep quiet.Very little outreach except to preach to others a mistaken version of whats right.These people have a very high opinion of themselves as being the chosen of God with disdain for everyone else.Being ‘Chosen’ and ‘Saved’ allows a lot of transgressing . My point is that organized Religion corrupts! It’s up to each of us to help each other ! All this nonsense in Govt. with the attempts to disenfranchise a large portion of this Country is in a word Evil and most of this evil is a direct result of so called Christian’s meddling in things that are in direct conflict with what they claim to believe .They are so in for a rude awakening !

  • It’s time these corrupt bastards were hauled in for criminal activity.There has to be something to nail them with .Graft is criminal ,tax evasion is criminal.Collusion between corporate interests and a judge should be if the judge acts unethicaly.What the hell? Why can’t we do something.The outcry from Americans should be deafning ! They should not be above the Laws they are charged with deciding ! It’s supposed to be an honest and unbiased Court.If they can decide a non Human is a Human I wouldn’t be surprised at anything they did.When is a corporation a person ? At conception “oops” that can’t happen ! No such thing as intercourse between two consenting corporations

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    The entire orchestrated it’s one big farce they all want one thing,Whatever they can stuff in their own pockets and the bottomless pockets of corporate greed. Occupy movements and the harsh treatment they endure (In most of the Country) is proof positive.The teabaggers with guns and threats were treated like Heros .This pack of GOP thugs won’t be satisfied until the plan to destroy this economy for the working American Men and Women is complete!Simply put they want everyone on their knees begging for crumbs.Your right’s are no longer relevant !

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    The apathy is disgusting !Admitting the 99% are right would make them traitors to an imaginary sense of superiority.I’ve seen it in family when a successful endeavor give’s them an air of “Look at me I’ve arrived” I’ve always wondered why people with money think they are head and shoulders above everyone else ? Truth is,I’ve always found it amusing that wealth produces a class of people blind to the reality of human nature.Yes there are exceptions and I applaud them.Whats worse are those who are the 99% and won’t admit it!

  • I think the revolution has already started.The reaction of the authorities has already shown disdain for the needs of Americans.This has been brewing for years.Many of the Politicians who think like Bloomberg made a giant mistake , they exposed themselves for what they really are “Bloodsuckers” who sold their souls for money.The good ones are reacting as they should with peaceful Americans,Peacefully.

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    Jim I think it’s great that a teacher is doing something extra for “Her” students! I cannot express my distaste for anything Republican these days other then to characterize them as loathsome individuals , lacking in morals and human compassion !I have no choice except to lump them together,if I was a Republican I would [...]

  • Eclectablog,we need more posts like yours .I shake my head in disbelief when I listen to a conservative supporter ! I live in a Senior Comm. and I hear more and more Seniors pulling away from the GOP .I’m pretty outspoken and I’m getting a lot less flak the past 2 months or so . [...]

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    People wake up ! These GOP Governors are doing as much as possible to bring devastation to the working Men and Women .The GOP Lamebrains in the Capitol aren’t doing anything to create jobs ,it’s one big Republican effort to bring us to our knees and say ” Uncle ” Keep them poor and you [...]

  • I’m afraid I wont be able to sleep tonight ! You have me in hysterics I have a few myself and its like talking to a brick a nasty brick at that.

  • 4Cdave you hit the nail on the head.It would be nice to be wrong about it .But it smacks of deception !

  • I’m 74 and about the only thing I’m interested in would be the demise of the GOP in its entirety .I’m frustrated that barely any one but Bloggers are writing about these GOP hacks and the policy of poverty for everyone but the despicable and greedy Corporations and so called Politicians!It’s this Country’s working Men and Women who contributed Labor and as consumers the wealth they’ve accumulated, it makes me sick to think about the scheming and backroom deals these corps. and phony Politico’s brokered.The really sad part of this is the American Public is mostly in the dark about the evil plans for Seniors and the disadvantaged.Death Panels don’t even begin to describe The Republican Agenda.I won’t fade quietly ,I vow that.

  • Actually there is nothing tricky about it ! It’s a death panel waiting to happen.I for one could not afford to pay for private health ins.for my wife and I ! For me it’s a death sentence ! Along with extreme heart problems I will most likely be on Dialysis in the near future the cost of care just for me would be prohibitive. (which means I will not be able to afford to go on Dialysis)I would like the Media to take seriously the effect this will have on Seniors who most likely will live much shorter lives because of the so called conservative agenda!!! It has become clear that the GOP has nothing to do with the well being of the American way of life,It’s Children,Mothers,Fathers and Grandmothers and Grandfathers are simply fodder for the enrichment of the Filthy wealthy and The bought and paid for Faux Politicians.My thoughts on how to resolve this are simply that many people are going to die in this Country before any real awakening ; Even that might not mean anything because by that time the plight of the American Worker could force them into subjugation.

  • It is sickeningly clear that were being sold down the river by the White House Dems. I think it’s time we begin to groom a Democratic Fighter for 2012.If there is one? This Country’s Democrats, in power in every State and the US Govt. could take a lead from the Wisconsin Demonstrators ! Strangly they seem to have ignored Their Brothers and Sisters .I wonder where the support from the Democrats(So called)in the White House is ? We need solidarity or without a doubt the Repugnants will create a Fascist Govt. Which they have demonstrated is their goal and they have initiated a takeover of many States most flouting the Law and the will of the people.

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    Wallbanger I’m surprised at the Un-American comments? The GOP has become the Party Of The Corporation,For the Corporation,By the Corporation.How anyone can think that Big Business wants to treat American workers fairly or that they shouldn’t pay a fair share of taxes is deluded.The GOP has overstepped it’s authority in every way possible and how anyone could think they have our best interests at heart baffles me.I have Children and Grandchildren that would be oppressed if this agenda of destruction continues.I for one will fight for Equality and Liberty until my dying breath.I’m a former Marine and a Senior.I wish you the best and hope you see the light.

  • Think you can talk this Man into running for Pres.Please read the Post at Veterans Today on the prolific grifter John Boehner it’s long but revealing about Boehner’s grifting ways.

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