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    Yes, you are right. What is he going to do if part of his base decide to stock up on liquor on Monday night and decides to party Tuesday night of the election week? He has demonstrated an excellent ability to demoralize part of his base. What is the term “punching the hippy”? And I [...]

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    See, Lawrence was in the room when those big time decisions were actually being made (like those “free trade” bills that destroyed America’s industrial base and created all those low-paying “service jobs” for blue collar Americans) so his life experiences gives him the right to pontificate and tell we dirty and uninformed masses to quiet [...]

  • I have been very lazy today and wasted the afternoon on the internet and checked the Huffington Post and the non-selection of Elizabeth Warren has not yet appeared on HuPo’s Front Page. A post about the legal troubles of Shaq O’Neil has appeared, but nothing about the travesty of Ms. Warren’s non appointment as the chief of an authority she created.
    I don’t know if this is a media blackout or some Obama fanatic editor sitting on a big story.

    If the establishment Republicans somehow hoodwink the Tea Partyiers and nominate Romney or Huntsman, Obama is finished in 2012. Sometimes, I think that Obama will refuse the Democratic Presidential nomination, like Coolidge turned down the Republican nomination in 1928 because Obama knows the “You-know-what” is about to hit the fan. And join Clinton on the corporations’ gravy train for protection their interests.

    It is so disgusting. The Republican Party think that the American public are sheep to be sheared by their contributors and the Democratic Party has been brought by corporate interests and Wall Street seem to agree with their meaning of government.

  • Nothing on the Huffington Post on the betrayal of Elizabeth Warren by Mr. “Hope and Change” this morning. As the late George Frazier of the Boston Globe would write: “Disgusting!”

    What’s up with MSNBC? Their on-air commentators just roll on their backs and let President Obama rub their tummies. Lawrence O’Donnell can be scathing about politicians’ misdeeds, but he sounds like the worst Democratic hack and spin doctors disgusting the debt ceiling crisis.

    I live in Massachusetts and I don’t know how popular Senator Brown is. I don’t think he is unbeatable. He recently voted against a Clean Air bill (screw you, you poor slobs who live in the congested cities) and a steady stream of negative ads linking him to anti-union activities of the Koen (sic) brothers, Gov. Walker of Wisconsin, and assorted flacks for Big Business might do the trick.

    I voted for Obama and I am so disgusted with him. Is Alexander Cockburn recognized at this blog, but he described President Clinton and President Obama as two of the most unprincipled and amoral politicians chosen to lead the Democratic Party. I have reached the point where Obama appears on television and I change the channel.

    I hope a protest candidate appear at the Democratic Convention in 2012. I would like to see Russ Finegold appear as a protest candidate.

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