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    Have to agree with Barcode 1 on above comment. This is however just the latest example of DC intransigence, something to distract us, and maybe, just maybe that is the purpose. Give the public theatre, a modern day equivilant of the Roman Circus, complete with coreographed opposing groups battling for victory. Being successful at that [...]

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    Good points from both the above comments. Don’t ya wish sometimes that you could slip back into ignorance like all those rah rahing Obama or believing that Romney would be better. It’s hell paying attention in the midst of a flock of sheeple. Sounding a bit elitest here, smarter than others, but that is far [...]

  • Informative post, thanks, I think, the listing of the reserves located around the world (and you didn’t even mention 3 of the continents) is terrifying in the potential impact on our environment. Mark’s comment on the access to water is cogent in the US with 60% of it experiencing drought conditions. Hopefully other countries will [...]

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    Interesting: I finally get to a point where I can not only locate posts but read and post comments, and what do I find? the first commentor admits ignorance of the intent of the post (something about remaining silent and being thought ingnorant rather than typing a reply which removes all doubt) Then, it devolves [...]

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