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    This article raises important issues that aren’t getting nearly the mainstream attention that they deserve. I was assuming the pharmaceutical issue would come up in the other installments. The issue is real, and needs research and discussion but unfortunately many of the people talking about this are not terribly rational. In my experience the well [...]

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    The Carmen Ortiz article was truly appalling. Trying to seize a independent motel because of a half dozen small time customer busts over years. I doubt there’s any rundown motel in my Maine neighborhood that doesn’t have a similar record. I hope the local prosecutors have a shred of decency which Ortiz obviously doesn’t.

  • Twenty hours of honest work from all capable people would be plenty to ensure decent conditions for everyone, if we eliminated the useless work that so many of us are forced to do. And no, your guns don’t make you may enemy.

    And yes, antidepressants do make some people crazy.

  • tomk commented on the diary post The Kulluk Unified Command HQ as an Indicator Shell Alaska Has Its Head Up Its Ass by EdwardTeller.

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    McClatchy has had some coverage and this article has an interesting tidbit about information editing concerning debris.

  • tomk commented on the diary post The Demand Driving Sex Slave Trafficking by abynormal.

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    The third statistic you cite caught my eye as obvious bs. Here’s a link with info on the scam organization propagating this (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). It’s not helpful to bring obviously fake stats in an effort to raise awareness about an issue. Con artists have been spreading hysteria about sex slavery [...]

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    You can leave out the meat and add ginger and cumin, cardamom, turmeric, etc. Carrots and tomatoes also go well with lentils. Veggie bouillon isn’t always easy to find in the supermarket but it’s probably there somewhere, or you can easily make your own with onion skins, carrot bottoms, ginger peelings and so on. Just [...]

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    Surprised they didn’t get a cat in there, the only reason to make a wad of paper. I happen to be in the middle of Steve Martin’s novel, An Object of Beauty, which is an entertaining and occasionally profound look at the NY art scene. He is incredibly talented but this isn’t one of his better efforts.

  • tomk commented on the blog post Privateers and Public Education: They Want the Money

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    I agree with this article but I do think there is a crisis in public education as articulated by people like John Gatto and Leon Botstein that needs to be kept in mind as this battle is fought. While a good public school can be a wonderful and liberating experience for many students, especially those with academic aspirations, it can be traumatizing and soul crushing for many others. We do need to support alternative educational acitivities both within and outside of the public schools. The current reform efforts, though, are rotten, as are so many of our institutions.

  • Thanks, great article, but I do take exception the stereotype of road crews that stand around. I’ve done that work, and the standing around is often accompanied by catching one’s breath. The human labor is a necessary adjunct to the machines, and is often done at a frenzied pace which observers don’t often notice, but which is not sustainable.

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    Could you elaborate on the context and possible meaning of Tbogg’s comment? I feel like I missed something. Thanks for your excellent work.

  • Someone commented that the purpose of of hate groups was raking in the cash, which ironically is one of the things SPLC is known for. I used to donate regularly until I saw an article in Harper’s about 10 years ago that detailed their fraudulent fund raising tactics. Only 4% of the 37 million they rake in goes to legal work for victims of hate crimes. I know they are generally on the right side of issues but their tactics can be heavy handed and there is no excuse for the incredibly low percentage of donations that actually go to real work. The SPLC is not the enemy and of course it’s beyond ridiculous for Tony Perkins to blame them but they are also a deeply corrupt and misguided organization.

  • Resignation, I’d say. Plenty of people have seen what’s going on. Yves Smith, Bill Black, Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges are just a few. We won’t have any kind of social recovery until the financial system is reformed or self destructs. Obama lost any hope of being a great president with his choice of financial team, We dirty hippies may be childish, idealistic, and ignorant of the realities of politics and policy but we can at least try to understand what is actually happening and work towards a world that isn’t a Hobbesian nightmare, a dictatorship of consumerism ruling over an enforced passivity.

    I do appreciate your appearing here and getting into it with the not so gracious host, I think honest debate is so important, but I don’t terribly much daylight between the parties on economic issues. The financial industry is so out of control, it’s a parasite that is sucking the life out of our lives by degrading both values and social equality.

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    Thanks for a great article. Here’s an older but still relevant article on the SPLC from Harpers. I know some good comes out of their work but it seems like the organization is a direct marketing enterprise that feeds on people’s fear.

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    “Well, if we look at the Pew study we see that the median household over age 65 has $170,500. Just so everyone understands how rich these people are, that number counts all of their assets. This is every penny they have in a retirement account, bank account, the value of their car and the equity [...]

  • tomk commented on the diary post Jared Polis (D-CO) Boxes DEA Head on Medical Marijuana by Teddy Partridge.

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    I agree with your sentiments but I think it’s important to note that it is what we choose to do with substances that is dangerous. Heroin is very similar to pain killers that are needed by many. Meth is almost the same as the adderal prescribed to millions for ADD. And LSD was a very [...]

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    It’s After the End of the World-Sun Ra

  • tomk commented on the blog post ABC’s This Week Continues the Dumbing of America

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    A sad thing is that I’m not sure we’d be much smarter or better informed with 100% Krugman. He’s oblivious to the incoherence of mainstream economics and refuses to acknowledge the reality of pervasive fraud and criminality in the financial world. We can learn more from Bill Black and Joseph Stiglitz and Yves Smith.

  • Here on the coast of Maine self-employed people can get a mortgage loan from the local savings and loan, though they pay slightly higher rates because the loans stay in house. The bank has a small store front office, and employs about 6 people, the highest paid of whom is still in five figures. All their loans and deposits are local, and the board is a cross section of real working people in the community. They have never had to foreclose and they’re still making loans.

    In reference to the bickering above. It’s pointless to turn this into a partisan issue. The blame is with both parties,and with all of those who enabled and benefited from what was so clearly fraudulent activities within the FIRE sector (finance, real estate, and insurance). Banking and insurance should be run as utilities.

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    Here in Maine we don’t have a lot of options. The local community station has Democracy Now, but if I’m driving I usually listen to NPR. They’ll occasionally have a show that features someone like Chris Hedges, and the BBC news isn’t nearly as objectionable as ATC or Morning Edition, which have become almost unlistenable. [...]

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