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    Some people say, that if a Corporation operates in a criminal manner on two continents then it is operating in a criminal manner on others. Some people say that would mean that Roger Ailes is an operative in a criminal enterprise.

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    As a former Catholic, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Receiving marriage/child rearing advise from the never-married-childless is routine in the church.

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    Recently, the federal court in Washington, D.C., held that the DC Anti-Slapp statute is not applicable to a complaint filed in this court. Logically then, Dean and YCR filed a new case in this federal court and sought to voluntarily dismiss the case before Judge Zeldon.


    ?! It’s a logical decision only if they admit that it was a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP). The Anti-SLAPP statute may not be applicable in Federal Court but there is a prohibition against lawsuits filed in bad faith and there is a sanction mechanism called Rule 11 that applies to that conduct. Stay tuned, they are likely to get smacked again. It really couldn’t happen to nicer folks.

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    I had a brief exchange on Facebook with an old wingnut friend. He put up a post complaining about the “leftist media” was bringing up this old story and how it’s so long ago it doesn’t matter. I pointed out that while the story is old, Romney’s present day response demonstrated a seriously flawed character. I then asked him if he ever assaulted and bullied someone like this when he was younger. He said, “No.” I asked him, “How do you know you didn’t? Maybe you just forgot?” He stopped responding. I suspect it’s because the only response to that question is, “It is not the sort of thing you forget.”

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    one of these little ones who believe in me…

    Looks like there’s a loophole for the Orthodox Jews.