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  • You took our statements about our ethical behavior and our integrity seriously? Srsly? You suckers should have known better, we’re Repilgickin’s.

  • Any “religion” that would tell poor people they must not use condoms is evil. All relitions should shrivel up and blow away in the wind. All spirlituality should be a person relationship between one’s self and God.

    All religion is rotten. Anyone who tells you they know God’s will or what happens after we die is lying to get money or power. They don’t know any more than you or I. They are all liars & hucksters.

  • So says you. Just because you or the stupid Pope believe something doesn’t make it so.

    Tell me why you are such a bigot?

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    I believe you are mistaken. There is only one Chambliss. If multiple Champlisses had opinions your version, Chambliss’ would be correct.

  • The whole point of scouts is for kids to play military. When it sinks in that DADT was repealed, scouts around the land will be “scouting” for gay mambers to join their troops so they can be like the real growup military.

    And besides, like DADT, we all should be judged on our behavior and character, not cheap, lasy, hateful stereotypes.

  • Jews are their own worst enemies in many cases. Illegal settlements, squelching all debate in the halls of US power.

    They really should hire new PR people, some who can explain how badly they make themselves look to normal Americans. If they keep this up they will not have the vital support they believe they should get from my nation at a time of crisis.

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    I do not own stock but was amazingly pleasantly surprised at the recent version of Sudafed. It is listed as one pill last 24 hours and I will testify. Quite pricey but the sinus relief is so worth to me.

    Also re Idris Elba, I had seen him over the years but after my first Luther I kept going, I know him from somewhere but where? After months I realized. I re-watched an early AbFab where Patsy and Eddy attempt to hire a couple of male prostitutes. And sure enough, the credits proved once again my visual acuity superiority over my fellow humans.

  • Chicken Little-ism is the Repiglickin’s bread & butter. They cannot give up the conspiarcy theories and victimhood, or like whales they will die. Other than the BS, they got nothin’.

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    We need to do away with all legal restrictions to women’s reproduction decisions. We need to trust women and their doctors, and kick the government out COMPLETELY. Repiglickin’ arguments against women are based on a tissue of lies.

    Get the government out of all healthcare decisions. What does Rand Paul not understand about liberty? Fecking eejit hypocrite.

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    Hello Pam dear,
    When are folks clamining to be Christians going to begin acting in accord with the teachings of the Christ character from their bible? Ever? Never?


  • How is a gas explosion a miracle than cannot berationally explained as anything other than the hand of God? Eejit.

    And the club owner and the strippers are no doubt thanking God, or their lucky stars, or some such, that they will soon have a new and improved strip club via property insuarnce.

  • When groups pedal hatred, of women who want to make healthcare choices that do not align with their beliefs, of families that do not look like theirs, of immigrants and others, they should not be surprised that black people do not run into their metaphorically open arms. Hatred is hatred. Why should anyone trust Repiglickin’s?

  • I would like to have heard if Bryan the Blond Buffoon has ever witnessed a gay exorcism. And does he often buy snakeoil? Does he get his snakeoil wholesale, or make his own at home in his garage?

    And he isn’t worried about more and more states passing marriage equality? Yeah, right. And if got some extra-super magic snakeoil to sell you. Guaranteed to cure white head hair and buffoonery.

  • Kevin, I agree with you on everything. However, we knew we were in for a painful ride when way before Obama was elected when my beloved Nancy Pelosi stated that no one would be held accountable for torture. It’s not just Obama who’s to blame. The entire nation is to blame. The Repiglickin’s relish the least hint of “weakness” on Obama’s part. Half this nation is a bunch of cowards still cowed by 9/11.

    It’s still too soon, apparently, for this nation to discuss security policy sensibly. Give Obama a break, he read the tea-leaves and unfortunately did what was needed to get re-elected.

  • It is appalling how we must fight every day against our government bending towards fascistic tactics in intelligence gathering, the police, everywhere they can gain power they try to do so.

    An unfortunate and unavoidable byproduct of democracy? Or is this time and place different?

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    They have the nerve, the chutzpah, to complain about fear? How about being in the military before repeal, when bigotry was if not encouraged given a not and a wink? And being outed resulted in dismissal.

    But living IN FEAR FOR ONE’S LIFE! What phony, lying, hypocritical detrimental sacks of puss those faux Christy Repiglickin’s are.

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    I did it Tucker! I did it. Bring me my new gun and meet me in the alley behind the Tucker Carlson Porn Shop at midnight. Come alone.

    Tucker “The Walking Talking Turd” Carlson and his website are obscenities every day of the week.

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    Just a first step. And better than any previous administration was able to do, to help us compete with the rest of the civilized nations.

    No whining.

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    The ACA will help our nations “job creators” better compete with the rest of the civilized world, who all have single-payer (Medicare for all).

    Nothing could be more important than than, including the temporary high unemployment rates caused by the Bush decade debacle and Republican policies, all of which have been proved to be disasterous.

    You really want another four years of George W. Bush on steroids? Willard Mittens Romneybot.

    Of course more needs to be done. Even with ACA fully implemented in 2014, 26 million poor will still be without healthcare. We need to fix that small “loophole”. Hopefully at least some will still be alive over the years it will take.

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    Sorry, fail. “Right on” always meant “Right on target”.

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