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    Agree you won’t see the American media telling us anything but Saint Ronnie Ray-Gun’s stupid speech and spending on defense brought the Communist states down.

    But I still content that the American Revolution is our best guide.

    Economic boycotts against the corporations, such as the East India Company, were non-violent and a central pillar in the success of the Revolution. The Stamp Act Congress of 1765 led to the repeal of the hated Stamp and Sugar Acts. The patriots put much pressure on everyone, the poor and the rich, to join in these boycotts. Everyone suffered without tea and sugar together for the common good. And they were enormously successful.

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    You should be reviewing the real American Revolutionary War (not the Teabagger’s ignorant fictional replacement).

    Washington was in the same boat: the farmers had muskets, but the British were the ones who imported and controlled the gunpowder and ammo for muskets and cannons. As many have pointed out, without the ammo the farmers might as well have thrown rocks.

    So what did General George Washington do at this critical junction of American history?

    Washington instructed the patriots, many working underground, to steal as much as possible from the British armories and ships, which were secretly brought to Washington. And burn the rest of the supplies. Without Washington’s decisive and successful order, the American Revolution would have been lost.

    However, must more likely –given the 24/7 365 days a year radical-right propaganda of Rush LImbaugh and FOX in all US military installations and commissary around the world– is a Seven Days In May senario.

    “Seven Days in May” is actually true, based on the right-wing anti-Communist political activities of General Edwin A. Walker and Air Force Chief of Staff, Curtis LeMay, an advocate of preventive first-strike nuclear option. President John F. Kennedy was deeply concerned about this. A similar radical-right coop almost happened during the depression to take down FDR’s New Deal.

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    Thanks for pointing out that these people are psychopaths.

    Don’t forget amoral.

    According to Michael Hare in Wikipedia’s entry on psychopaths, “many psychopaths are superficially charming, and can excellently mimic normal human emotion; some psychopaths can blend in, undetected, in a variety of surroundings, including corporate environments.”

    Yet he states that these are only one percent of the population, which brings us to: Dyssocial Sociopaths.
    “These individuals would not normally be a sociopath or psychopath, but found themselves involved with, relating to, and loyal to other sociopathic or psychopathic individuals. This loyalty influenced their own development or belief systems and they became sociopathic due to assimilation of beliefs.” Thus was born the radical-right Tea Party.

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    This is what the Republicans and corporations which control the media want for all Americans: They want Americans to have no memory of a better time; and be grateful for the greatly reduced crumbs your masters might condescend to throw your way -if you beg nicely.

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    And taxes in general.

    Capital gains – which is money from gambling on Wall Street, along with Hedge Funds are taxed a much lower rates than your small income.

    Taxes during the depression and WWII went way up for the rich- and America improved and became much more equal. SInce Reganomics, loving the rich has tanked the economy and destroyed the middle class. The best thing to do is tax anyone with over a million dollar income a year at sixty-percent. or more.

    ANd why do we let multi-national corporations who gut American jobs and send them overseas get away with it? Because the rich want to steal from the rest of us, and make the poor to go away and die. WHich is what gutting Medicare and Social Security is all about.

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    John Bruner in his brilliant book “The Sheep Look Up” described the decline and fall of America back in 1972.

    Gibson called it the only “The Sheep Look Up” shows the reality of today: terrorists are the only ones fighting back while drastic unregulated environmental pollution is killing most poor people, and insane fantastically wealthy corporations and rich people with private armies to protect them do even more damage. Civil unrest due to drastic oppression leads to total social decay.

    The title of the novel is a quotation from the poem Lycidas by John Milton:

    The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed,
    But swoln with wind and the rank mist they draw,
    Rot inwardly, and foul contagion spread …

  • (Reuters) – Greed in the nuclear industry and corporate influence over the U.N. watchdog for atomic energy may doom Japan to a spreading nuclear disaster, one of the men brought in to clean up Chernobyl said on Tuesday.

    Slamming the Japanese response at Fukushima, Russian nuclear accident specialist Iouli Andreev accused corporations and the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of wilfully ignoring lessons from the world’s worst nuclear accident 25 years ago to protect the industry’s expansion…

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  • There is no reason to trust the professionals or nuclear scientists at this point. They are liars and traitors against humanity

  • Thanks to bobash for your comments as well. You make a lot of sense.

    Perhaps at least some of us – me anyway are getting a touch overheated. But where there is smoke there often is fire. And think about the worry of the people in Japan. And there is clear reason to be very angry and concerned to the point of distraction with issues like this.

  • Sorry, I and many others are beyond very upset about all this. Please accept my apology as my comments were not directed to you personally and I wasn’t reading your post closely enough.

  • Must disagree.

    it is not rational, based on history and observation, to believe anything the media or the Japanese government or the US government or the US military or the nuclear industry says.

    They said this could not happen in the first place, correct? Therefore they are all liars or fools. Either way, in this case, there is no reason believe what they are saying today, either.

    If you believed what the USSR said about how “harmless” Chernobyl was in the weeks after that accident, I can’t help your gullibility. None of these authorities have any shred of credibility whatsoever.

  • Margaret is right about the obvious lie “nobody could have predicted.”

    Which is why I have this to say to that two-faced Barack Obama:

    Dear Barack, please do not expect me or other liberals to “thank you” once again for your actions against the democratic party and liberals by rolling out your criminal support for the lying, corporate-welfare nuclear industry yesterday. Barack, you think its so safe for others to live in the shadow of a perfectly safe nuclear plant. So until such time as you and your family join all the nuclear industry CEOs and all so-called nuclear industry scientists in living full-time on the grounds of these perfectly safe nuclear plants, I know that you are a liar responsible for obvious and serious crimes against both humanity and the environment.

    I will never forgive you Barack, or Chuck Shermer, the traitors in the democratic party, GE and the rest of the greedy, lying nuclear industry, none of you possess the intelligence or morals or humanity to be in charge of a toaster, let alone decide for Americans who don’t want your nukes.

    Barack don’t ask me to “thank you” again, jerk.

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    “Uranium is the raw material of a power-elite who has taken Mother Earth’s every living creature hostage.”
    — Petra Kelly

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    Let me say that groups like the old Clamshell Alliance against the Seabrook NH nuke, the Union of Concerned Scientists and many others have been saying this and trying to stop this nuclear madness for decades. But decades of far-right GOP/ US Chamber of Commerce brainwashing has reduced the typical American’s intellect to that of [...]

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    “As a doctor, as well as a mother and a world citizen, I wish to practice the ultimate form of preventive medicine by ridding the earth of these technologies that propagate disease, suffering, and death.”
    — Helen Caldicott

  • Sorry, msmolly but I completely disagree! Now is the perfect time to blame ALL of these plutocracys disgusted as representative governments – Japan’s and the US- and the industry shill scientists who have traded life for a culture of death and destruction which puts human life last and profits and rich people first. Otherwise, you [...]

  • Sorry got cut off: “Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated murder. First of all, when you license a plant, you know what you’re doing–so it’s premeditated. You can’t say, “I didn’t know.” Second, the evidence on radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt. I’ve worked fifteen years on it , and [...]

  • And Wasserman was right.

  • When Obama decided to give billions and billions to the dead US nuclear industry was when I decided he was just playing liberals for suckers and cares more about the rich than give a damn about human life or democracy. Obama is revolting whore, and a tool –and playing you for a fool! “Licensing a [...]

  • “If nuclear power plants are safe, let the commerical insurance industry insure them. Until these most expert judges of risk are willing to gamble with their money, I’m not willing to gamble with the health and safety of my family.”
    — Donna Reed

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